How to Optimize Local Search for Competing with Big Sites

Have you just entered the SEO world and wondering how to survive in this cut-throat competition? This article would guide you through a right way.

As an entrepreneur of a small business or a website, it’s apparent that you might wish to get searched on the first page of search results. However, local and small businesses find themselves in the disadvantageous position as compared to big brands. Because they have already established themselves in the market with their huge budget and robust branding strategy. Unlike websites of big companies, small sites find it arduous to compete with them.

Nonetheless, there is still a way out for competing with big sites? Take a glance into these 4 ways through which you can run your business that big sites may often miss.

1# Play with targeted Keywords

How to Optimize Local Search for Competing with Big Sites - Point 1While targeting keywords for promoting your business, make in-depth research on the list of keywords which are not targeted by large enterprises. At times big companies are not willing to target that effective keyword or are unable to use it or refrain to chose it due to various issues. Study those keywords and strategize to use it to your advantage. But, ensure to check that the keywords you are searching are based on your business’s niche.

When you get hold of effective keywords, use it in your content draft. Unique keywords have higher chances of attracting a potential audience to your site. This technique can be applied to the long-tail keywords, comparative keywords, and editorial keywords.

right keywords

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2# Specialize in a specific Niche

How to Optimize Local Search for Competing with Big Sites - Point 2Focusing on a particular niche of the business is one of the most significant factors that can help them to get visibility in the search results. If a small business focuses only on a single area rather than multiple niches, then there are more chances to stand out in the market compared to others.

It is observed that big websites are usually busy dealing with multiple areas and therefore miss out on a single core USP. Concentrating on a single niche is always better than handling multiple subjects. This way you can make efforts on the area which would effectively rank you well in the search results.

For example, if you’re planning to start with an e-commerce website to sell sports-related products, then focusing simply on football shoes would work wonders in its digital marketing.

On the flip-side, specializing just on a single product may take away the limelight from other products which are a part of your brand. But, guess what, you can position yourself as the best brand for football shoes.

When you achieve your desired goal to be ranked on the first page of a search engine while specializing in a particular niche, your website will receive its visibility. Now that people know you, it would easier for you to sell other products effectively.

Niche Highlight Focus Stand Out

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3# Create Powerful Content

How to Optimize Local Search for Competing with Big Sites - Point 3In order to shine, it is essential to be unique. Something new or creative will always help you to stand out of the crowd.

Big websites have already created their benchmark in the market. So it is obvious that even if they create average content, they will be able to pull in the traffic. Here, small businesses can turn the tables by creating unique and powerful content. In this way, they can mark their presence in the digital world more effectively.

For creating something different you don’t need to make an extra effort; simply check the content of big businesses and curate a better version with a specialized niche. Investing in creating unique content for a single area is more valuable than spending money for an entire business. It would greatly help you in optimizing local search results effectively.

Content Marketing Tactics Graph Strategy

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4# Make your website Mobile Responsive

How to Optimize Local Search for Competing with Big Sites - Point 4Optimize your site in such a way that it is responsive to mobile devices. This will not only help you get recognized but also will assist in increasing conversions. As a matter of fact, 74% of the users are more likely to visit the site again in the near future, only if the website is mobile responsive. This way you can drive better traffic to your site and rank well in search results.

Without investing massively, the site can be optimized as mobile-friendly which can prove to be beneficial for improving local search results.


Now when you know surefire ways to achieve your goal, then consider points mentioned above and optimize your local search accordingly.

This article is written by Joseph Payne. Joseph is the marketing manager at Blurbpoint Media, SEO and digital marketing company. He is passionate in helping small businesses and startups grow online.
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