11 Great Ways to Make Money Through Your Phone

Technology and smartphones have changed the nature of work and have turned employment from an initial tradition of desk work to a digital workspace. If we see a broader picture of society every individual is now addicted to spending hours using mobile devices daily. 

Did anyone consider that simply by using your phone you can easily make some handsome amount of money? In the market, there are multiple methods by which money can be earned by using a mobile phone in a very effective way.

How to make money on your phone?


In this blog, the best approach is enlisted on how to make money from the phone. To be precise, the approach and methods do not provide any guidance for being rich. But seeking their potential, they have been aligned together in one symmetry to give readers the best potential knowledge on how free apps make money. Let’s begin:

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1. Putting your old stuff on sale


If you have any old stuff like clothing, books, furniture which you want to scrap or can do without. Many mobile applications can be used for selling such kinds of stuff and earning some extra penny. Let’s dig into it.


The Decluttr app is popular for selling technical gadgets like mobile phones, games boxes, DVDs, etc. All orders from this app get free shipping and prompt payments for the items that are sold.

The X factor of the application is its feature of scanning an item’s barcode for getting a quick estimation of the value.


Poshmark is an exclusive app that pays postage on enlisting items for sale. The listing is free on the app, but it charges a certain amount of commission when a sale is triggered. On items below $15, an amount of $2.96 is charged and above $15, 20% of the total sale amount is charged.


The Letgo application is popularly known for turning stuff into living. Designed specifically for local market sales so the sales here need to be arranged with the buyer. Hence no payments can be accepted through the app.

2. Using Amazon for trading old stuff


There is another exciting method for the free app to make money from the phone which requires selling belongings that are not needed anymore. With this approach, cash cannot be earned but can help you in earning gift cards.

Amazon provides a great platform for trading in electronic items such as videos games, mobile phones, accessories, and much more.

The functionality of trade-in is really simple. An immediate offer is received for an Amazon Gift Card or extra credit for purchasing a new device only if the item is eligible. Amazon charges no fees and covers all the shipping costs.


3. Popular investment applications


While stretching yourself for extra earning, one should also gear up for making wise decisions to set yourself ready for the future too.

These days’ investment applications are making a boom in the market. They are facilitating its users with various benefits such as:

  • Without giving anything up auto savings are done.
  • Investment trades are being done for free.
  • Investment over the entire portfolio is done automatically.

By selecting a few correct applications at right time and in right place, you can design your investment system that grows your value as you get older. Let’s check the few apps:


If you are a beginner in the investment world, then Acorns is the right door to knock at. The application allows the user to invest as small as $1 per month which can’t even be noticed that money is missing. Its highlighted feature is that the purchases are rounded off to the next dollar and the difference is invested automatically. The users get extra cash towards their account if shopping is done via Acorns partnered websites.


As the name suggests that the application is more oriented toward finical products such as trading stocks, funds, shares, and many more. These products can be traded easily from a mobile phone. If you are handling your account on your own then there is no commission imposed, hence if considering using your smartphone to track funds movement at the ease of a smartphone, go and use Robinhood.


This application is a mixture of investment and savings. Personal targets or goals can be created and by using the Betterment app you can create an investment plan which is more personalized toward the set targets.

Depositing amounts and funds tracking can be done easily from the app. Moreover, if you are interested in an investment account and want to plan an automatic monthly deduction then the Betterment app is an exotic option to go with.

4. Real estate investment


With the word “Real Estate” one gets thoughts related to big loans or possessing billions in the bank account for investing in the real estate market segment. This approach now tends to be a “Myth”. Now by investing small amounts, you can take advantage of the real estate investments from the phone.

The reason behind this is that such kinds of applications crowd-shared the cost of real estate among various users. Here you get an opportunity for financing a portion of the property with many fellow investors, instead of financing a whole sole new space. The investment returns are shared based on the amounts being invested. Some of the best applications that are worth looking at:


Considering the investments that are required ideally in real estate markets, Fundrise application requires a minimum investment of $500. This application is really simple to use and is well known in the real estate sector.


The main objective of the DiversyFund application is to provide a platform and guidance to the users where they can invest like the richest people in the world. Here also the minimum investment amount is $500, and users can design a portfolio from a variety of real estate options.


5. Participating in brand testing


Markets are customer-centric, and every brand needs to run frequent programs and initiatives to identify customers’ thoughts for maintaining them in the market.

Companies will also pay you many times in terms of cash bonuses or rewards for sharing your thoughts. For example, UserTesting Company is well renowned for helping the brands for getting valuable feedback from the consumers.

Statistics according to its website states that participants can easily earn an amount of US $4 for submitting a 5-minute user test and similarly $10 for a 20-minutes user test. The participants can even earn $30-$120 for live interviews.

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6. Selling pictures on FOAP


If you are passionate about incredible phone cameras, then this passion could pay you off well. The users may sell their photos easily on FOAP by uploading pictures directly from their phones.

The application is completely free for use and one photograph can be sold and resold as many times the user wants. For every sale 50% of the share is kept by FOAP, for example, if a photograph is sold for $10 then $5 would be kept by FOAP.

This app is also frequently browsed by various big companies for a stock image. To justify their need, they create “missions” and you may also submit photos to their respective “missions”.

If your submitted work gains attention or is as per their needs, then you may get paid evenly higher.

7. Be a customer service representative


Smartphones technology has opened gates to explore many opportunities to earn at the ease of your comfort. One of the finest roles that can be performed easily by sitting at home is of Customer Service Representative.

Companies like Upwork, U-Haul, and Delta Airlines recruit people to work virtually from their homes. For grabbing such jobs, you may have to wait as it is difficult to get these positions vacant soon and requires onsite training for some time.

8. Survey filling


The mobile application market has given tremendous opportunities to all smartphone users to earn some handsome amount of money by utilizing the phone to the fullest. One of the smartest ways to earn from a mobile phone is by rendering your valuable time in Survey Applications that offer you high returns in exchange.

The working model for such applications is simple as they work with big brands and organizations which require information from specific market segments or audiences for various decisions related to marketing, forming strategies, product improvements, etc.


Survey applications get paid by these brands or organizations and further, the remuneration is paid to the actual users. Some survey applications which surely help in making some decent amounts of earning are:

Survey Junkie

One of the popular apps which are profound for surveys is Survey Junkie. You just need to create a profile and the application algorithm matches the surveys you can answer. Virtual points are given on every survey that the user answers. These virtual points can be cashed to gift cards.


The Swagbucks application not only pays you for taking online surveys but for also all other activities that the users do online such as viewing videos on YouTube, reading articles from news outlets, etc.

9. Running an e-commerce store from the phone


Managing an e-Commerce store with your phone, isn’t this sound cool? Instead of sitting hours in front of a monitor to manage your e-Commerce store, Shopify provides you with a mobile application that is well versed with all the essentials that are required for managing your e-store from your phone.

With Shopify, you can easily add products, handle the inventory, complete your orders, communicate with your customers, and can keep a close eye on the revenue levels. Shopify app gives you a platform where you feel connected all day with your business.

10. Earn by freelancing


Freelancing nowadays is a prominent term which is popular among people for earning extra money on a full-time or a part-time basis. It simply requires setting up a profile and you can keep the track of the workflow and new clients by using several applications on your phone. Few applications which can be checked:


Upwork is a popular freelancing application that is widely used for connecting numerous freelancers with potential clients. A few steps to complete and you are all set to hit the market. Some percentage of client revenue is charged by Upwork.


The working approach used by SolidGigs is different than Upwork. Similar to the freelance marketplace the application acts as a supporting hand for your team. They find the best projects or requirements which match your work criteria and email them to you.


Fiverr works on a different work model which facilitates earning money from a phone as a freelancer. Here all freelancers posts service packages that they want to offer and clients browse the Fiverr forum to find the best package matching their requirements.

11. Earning by walking


Did anyone think that simply by walking you can earn money? On daily basis, we walk certain steps either to commute to offices or for a morning walk. Technology and developers have combined this exercise in a handy app named “Sweatcoin” which is designed for converting every step taken to sweat coins.

These coins can’t be transferred to bank accounts though can be converted to physical products or services. Currently, there are 300+ brands associated with Sweatcoin at present and new partners joining the team. This is the phenomenal approach for saving money while being fit.

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Dream about maximizing the earning potential from your phone


Technology and Smartphones have widened the horizons of the market and it’s a pool of various opportunities. It’s you who have to decide to take the right step to a better living by making the utmost use of mobile phones.

Smartphones are not just limited to taking selfies, calling, or checking on your friend’s social media handles, it’s way more than anyone could have dreamt of. To make money consistently and maximize it you need to select the right applications (from the iOS or Android App Store) and draw the right strategy for how free apps make money from your phone.

Author-Image-Gaurav-SharmaThis article is written by Gaurav Sharma. Gaurav is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company. He has 4 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

Disclosure: Some of our articles may contain affiliate links; this means each time you make a purchase, we get a small commission. However, the input we produce is reliable; we always handpick and review all information before publishing it on our website. We can ensure you will always get genuine as well as valuable knowledge and resources.
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