How to Use Geomarketing to Increase Conversions?

Geomarketing is one of the most effective tactics used by companies to recognize their targeted audience and boost conversions. Identifying the exact geographical location of customers helps businesses to design a special marketing campaign for their targeted consumers. The data collected from geomarketing also helps companies to study customer behaviors along with their buying habits. Geomarketing is extremely beneficial for businesses to drive traffic, create leads, increase conversions and generate sales.

Geomarketing involves two different aspects:


  • Geofencing (wiki): It involves taking the help of GPS information to target audiences only within a specific region or location.
  • Geotargeting (wiki): It includes demonstrating content to customers on the basis of their country, region, state, area, zip code, and other specific data.
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Who can apply Geomarketing?


The businesses which have unlimited access to local data are the ones who can reap strong benefits of marketing. In this modern world of digital technology, any small or large business can use geomarketing by sticking to the right strategies. Through geomarketing, you can get access to a large database of customers including social network clients, mobile users, internet users, and retail customers.

Geomarketing helps you to collect the following vital information:


  • Location of prospective customers.
  • The list of regions where competition is dense.
  • Locations that are driving higher traffic during a specific period.
  • The response of customers to marketing campaigns on a local level.
  • Geographical areas that have less business potential.

Geomarketing leads to high conversions:


Geomarketing evaluates important data which is very useful from a business point of view. It mainly includes customer behavior, interactions, purchases, and sales. Conversions are nothing but positive responses shown by customers which are assessed to check the performance of the marketing campaign run by the company. Higher conversions can be achieved using geomarketing as it lets a business to monitor and track local data with utmost precision.

Here is a list of effective geomarketing practices that will help you to achieve better conversions in less time:

1. Define your goals:

Point 1No matter what kind of business you are running, it is very essential to set your goals in advance. You need to design an exact roadmap on what you want to achieve through the Geomarketing campaign. Some of the common goals involve –

  • Creating brand awareness amongst customers.
  • Driving higher sales from a specific region.
  • Running a local event to boost subscriptions, signups or attendees.
  • Targeting higher customer traffic from a particular locality.
  • Generating leads from a specific area.

2. Timing of your campaign:

Point 2Using Geomarketing you can gather location data and customer behavior to time your campaign precisely. Running geomarketing campaigns at the right time will make them highly relevant which will eventually drive higher conversion rates. Most of the businesses make a mistake of running a geomarketing campaign aggressively without considering the time factor. This eventually affects their promotion budget as they end up spending a high amount for fewer conversions.

3. Understand your audience:

Point 3Just like any other business promotional strategy, you need to know your audience very well while doing geomarketing. You can take the help of modern tools such as Google Analytics to see the overview of the region from where you are getting higher traffic. You can merge this vital information with details with existing details you have about prospective customers before formulating a geomarketing strategy.

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4. Personalization:

Point 4The role of personalized marketing is extremely vital in geomarketing. Customers tend to get attracted to offers that are based on their earlier purchases and actions. You can run a personalized campaign considering what people have purchased before in a specific region during a particular season. After viewing personalized offers, customers are tempted to reply to those on an immediate basis as they find your brand more trustworthy than other competitors.

5. Use of Location intelligence:

Point 5Location intelligence is one of the vital aspects of Geomarketing which is helping businesses with precise and useful information. It is highly reliable when social network platforms or other algorithms fail to provide defined results. Location intelligence relies on effective tactics to collect regional information and convert it into valuable data. It offers the perfect representation of data in the form of competitive analysis and error detection.


6. Promotion or offers based on location:

Point 6Using geomarketing, a business can run promotions and offers for a particular location. For instance, you can run a campaign when there is a holiday in a particular state due to a local festival or event. Customers respond to promotions that are catered to their community-based events and they prefer making purchases in order to celebrate their favorite festival.

7. Consider seasonal variation or weather changes:

Point 7Geomarketing lets you design your marketing strategies on the basis of a specific season. It allows businesses to feature summer products in warmer weather thereby getting maximum conversions through their marketing campaign in less time. Most of the companies even take advantage of a sudden change in weather conditions by referring to customer behaviors in earlier instances.

8. Privacy Management:

Point 8In this world of globalization, customers are also conscious of their personal data. For businesses, the real challenge lies in collecting information from customers without tempering with their privacy. Experts recommend following utmost transparency while running any form of geomarketing campaign. This will not only increase trust about your brand amongst customers but they will also prefer to share their personal information with total confidence.

9. Exploring Hidden Fields:

Point 9Geomarketing also lets you dig into the locality where you have strong competition. By using Geo-conquesting you can launch discounts and coupons targeted towards the specific audience where competition is extremely high. In reply to your campaign, your competitors may also come with another aggressive strategy and this is where you need to be more proactive. You need to have plans ready to tackle different kinds of situations to influence your targeted audience by beating the competition.

10. Product display considering location:

Point 10If you are selling products or services at an international level then you need to consider cross-border choices while creating a product bucket list. Every country or state has its own culture and the preference of customers varies according to the region. The products which are getting huge demand in a specific country may not influence the audience in another country. You need to create a different set of products or services for the different regions to achieve a better conversion rate on your marketing campaign.


11. Sticking to proper pricing:

Point 11If you are dealing in international markets and selling products to the worldwide level then you need to give work on your pricing strategies very judiciously. These strategies mainly involve doing research on the purchasing power of your targeted customers, tax structure and exchange rates. It would be very frustrating for customers if they can’t see the price of the product they want to buy in local currency. Eventually, this tactic will make a significant difference to your conversion rate and you will able to boost your sales in a dramatic way.

12. Running Shipping offers:

Point 12If you are running an e-commerce store then geomarketing will help you to push marketing limits beyond your imagination. You can come with customized shipping offers considering the location of prospect customers. The shipping offers can be in the form of discounted rates or free transportation on bulk orders. In order to win the trust of customers on your brand, you can also come with an idea of free return and refund policy for a specific region.

13. Target young customer base:

Point 13Today, most of the young crowd especially millennials and generation Z respond to location-based promotional offers very aggressively. They even prefer receiving personalized messages about a certain product after researching about it on search engines. This is kind of a niche audience base which you shouldn’t miss out. It will not only help you to enhance conversion rate but you can achieve a significant level of publicity as they prefer to share content with their colleagues.

14. Focus on increasing user interaction:

Point 14If you are running a website or online business then geomarketing helps you to interact with your customers in the most effective way. With the help of geomarketing, you can determine the exact location of your visitors. Once you know their country or region, you can interact with them in their local language. This way you can make them feel comfortable and they will express their thoughts to you without any hesitation. This way you can offer personalized and quick service to your customers and they will love to deal with you for the longer term. Most of the companies also try to teach different languages to their staff so they can interact with their overseas clients in an effective way.

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The Bottom Line:


Geomarketing has revolutionized the world of online shopping to a significant extent. Today, it is not only allowing companies to hone their marketing tactics but it is also helping customers to get an exciting and affordable shopping experience. Though applying all the effective techniques of geomarketing is a challenging task, you can get the best out of your strategies by doing thorough research and proper planning.

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