How to Upgrade your Laptop for Quick Performance?

If your laptop is not performing at its best, then buying a new one is not the only option you are left with. If you are doing heavy tasks on your laptop, there are many excess files that are affecting the performance of your laptop. There is a need for upgrading hardware and software so you get expected performance from your laptop.

Before buying a new laptop there are some updates that need to be done in both hardware and software of your old laptop. Sometimes it happens that with small updates your laptop performs just like a new one; we have mentioned some of them below. In some cases, you won’t be able to upgrade your hardware, for instance, if you own an Ultrabook because most of them have soldered RAM and other components as well.

Software Updates for increasing laptop performance


Sometimes there is a need for doing software updates for increasing laptop performance. There are some garbage programs that are running in the background even if you don’t need them. So, what you have to do is remove these useless programs. There are many other updates that are needed for removing speed-lack from your laptop. We have discussed most of them below.

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Uninstall the apps which are not in use

The very first and important step for upgrading the laptop is, remove the apps which are not in use.  The unused programs consume storage as well as resources from the CPU.  To get rid of these applications what you have to do is remove the junk so the CPU processing power becomes fast and also you will get free space.

Remove the animations

The second step for increasing laptop performance is to kill the animations. Although the animations in your laptop provide a cool look, they utilize the resources for many other purposes. There are some steps that you have to follow for removing these unnecessary animations.

  • Go to “View advanced system settings” on your laptop.
  • Select setting option in the performance tab.
  • Now select the option “Adjust for best performance” so these animations will become turn off and your resources will get free from them.

Run Malware Scans regularly

One of the big reasons for your laptop’s bad performance is malicious programs. There are some programs that are automatically getting installed without your intention. To make secure your laptop from these programs there is no need to worry. What you have to do is just run malware scans regularly so your laptop performance will not be affected. Try not to ignore threats. Because these can fill up your laptop resources with junk files. You may not need to upgrade your laptop very often if you run the scan regularly.

Try to shut down your laptop quickly

Most of the times you have to wait a lot for shutting down your laptop. The reason behind this delay is that there are several programs which are running in the background which can’t close automatically so your laptop is trying to close them. If you want to shut down your laptop quickly, save your entire work and force shutdown the system.


Disable unnecessary startup programs

When you turn on your system there are some useless programs that are running in the background. These programs possibly affect the speed and performance of your laptop. You have to follow the simple method to disable these needless programs. Just go to Task manager and then select the tab Startup. So now you can see all the programs which are running on your laptop when you turn on your laptop. Go through all the programs and disable those which are not in your use. The performance and speed of your laptop will automatically be maximized by this action.

Select the best browser for Internet surfing

For web surfing try to ignore heavy browsers, they can affect your laptop speed as a whole. There are many light browsers available, use them if you don’t want to affect your laptop performance. The widely used browser nowadays is Google Chrome, but it utilizes your RAM more when you have opened too many tabs on it. Microsoft Edge lacks some of the features, but the best part is it is light and fast. So, by using this you can do web browsing fast and also the overall speed of your system will not be affected.

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Try to update laptop drivers regularly

If you want that all of your hardware parts work properly, then there is a need to update your drivers properly. Drivers play a vital role in giving your laptop hardware a new life. What you have to do for updating your laptop drivers? Go to the official site of your laptop manufacturer and check whether your drivers are updatable or not.

Reset your laptop

The last option left with the user is to reset the laptop. The system reset removes all the data and programs for your laptop and brings in the condition just like a new one. Also, when you turn on the laptop, the OS goes to the stage seems that it’s the first time of starting the laptop. There are many raw settings, programs, and viruses that get removed by reset. It depends on the model of the laptop; some systems resume more time for resetting while others take less.

Hardware Updates for increasing laptop performance


If you want to enhance the laptop performance and speed you have to upgrade hardware also. There are many hardware parts that need to be upgraded so than your laptop performs like a new one. I am talking about hardware such as RAM, storage device, etc. Their upgrading leads to the best performance of the laptop. We have discussed some best hardware update options below.

Upgrade your storage device

Upgrading the storage from HDD to SSD puts a great impact on the speed and overall performance of the laptop. When it comes to new generation laptops they come with a built-in SSD. But the old one lacks this. So, if you are using an old generation laptop that is surely housed with HDD. If you are facing speed problems, you have to add an SSD in it.

In this situation, a question comes in our mind that why SSD? So, let sort out this confusion. SSD makes all actions faster in your laptop such as booting up and the shutdown process. Also, launching apps will become very faster. SSD’s are available in several connector types such as SATA, PCIe, and M.2; it depends on your choice and budget. For these connector types of SSD what you have to do is check the ports of your laptop that which type of SSD it supports.

Moreover, if there is a slot for M.2 in your laptop, then there is no need for removing HDD from your laptop. Both of these storage devices can then work parallel so you will get good storage as well as the best performance. If you are expecting good speed and ready to invest a good amount so then you must have to go for an M.2 without any second thought.


Another option for increasing the laptop performance is to upgrade your RAM. If you are going to buy a new laptop, try to buy the laptop with the best memory from the manufacturer. Also, check that there is the option of upgrading the memory. Let’s come to our main topic if you want to maximize the speed of your old laptop instead of buying a new one so what you have to do is upgrade its RAM. The good choice for your laptop is 8GB RAM. If there are two slots for RAM in your laptop and is addressed with 4GB so add the other 4GB or remove the old one and add one 8GB RAM.

Besides the software and hardware updates, there is also some other step about which you have to be careful if you want good performance from your laptop. We have mentioned that step below.

Keep your laptop clean

What to do When your Laptop Gets Wet

Try to keep your laptop clean. Just like a dirty environment can affect your health – the same as this – the dust can affect badly the performance of your laptop. If you let your laptop dusty, this means you have left your laptop for overheating. The overheating exerts an extra load on your processor and other hardware parts and they have to work hard for better performance. To get rid of this problem what you have to do is take a can of compressed air and clean the vents so the dust from your processor and other parts will be removed. After cleaning they work properly so the overall performance of the laptop will be good.

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Final Words


We have discussed all the possible steps above through which the speed and performance of a laptop can be enhanced. But if you want a new laptop rather than upgrading the old one, then you have to check its specifications. Also, you should prefer a dedicated graphics card. The lack of a good graphics card puts a load of graphics card operations on processor affecting the overall performance of the laptop. Moreover, first, try to update your system software. If it doesn’t work, then go for a hardware update. But if both these two updates don’t works then buy a new laptop. The suggestion from our side is don’t go for a new laptop first, give try first to updates.

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