Top Social Media Marketing Tricks You Haven’t Been Using

Great social media marketing can help build a business or a brand. There’s no disputing this fact. In fact, a study by Shareaholic noted that social media referrals accounted for roughly 30% of almost all of the 300,000 websites they followed. And logically, it makes sense that marketing is driving that traffic far more than organic shares. But social media marketing can also be a snarl of procedures, tasks, and reporting. It can take up significantly more of a marketing team’s time than you’d first account for.

Sure, if you’ve been in social media marketing for any length of time, you’re bound to pick up tricks that make the job a little easier! Whether they’re time-saving quick codes, using content aggregators to suggest posts, or even developing a formula for titles, most social media marketers develop a system. You are may be using some social media monitoring tools like Hootsuite or Sysomos Expion. But when you’re looking for the best social media marketing solutions, you’ve got to do more than rely on your monitoring tools and your own personal status quo! So we’ve taken the time to gather some innovative tricks that might ramp up the benefit. These tricks can give you more ROI for less time.

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1. Using Custom Formatting

Social Media Marketing Tricks - Point 1Custom formatting is likely to ensure that your social media messages, whether they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media website, will stick out to viewers. There’s a reason Thrillist puts clever custom graphics over its images, and some posters use line breaks or custom color formatting. You can even develop an emoji system for your posts. Most consumers enjoy it when the brands they follow appear a little more down-to-earth. The spot of color in a post can also increase visibility.

2. Writing Longer Posts

Social Media Marketing Tricks - Point 2Did you know that longer posts are another great way to gain visibility across the board? Longer posts are also usually demonstrated to increase engagement, too, as they can prompt discussion. Sure, Twitter has a character limit, but Google+ and Facebook are great tools to use this on. Experiment with attaching long lead-ins to some of your posts on a regular basis! However, an ideal length is very important for your posts. A too long post with not much valuable information will not do any good. As you know Google constantly searches for contents which are valuable for the readers.

3. Add CTA Buttons

Social Media Marketing Tricks - Point 3If you’re in a business which needs to generate leads, you’d be shocked at how effective it can be to add buttons and textual CTAs which can encourage users to click. If you’re not sure how to do this, there are plenty of tutorials and useful social media tools online which can show you what to do! And even if you’re not in a lead-generating business, it can be relatively easy to use this tactic to increase things like newsletter subscriptions.

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4. Publicize Your Reviews

Social Media Marketing Tricks - Point 4Sharing reviews on social media is actually a powerful way. It not just to inspire more customers or visitors to leave reviews, but to promote the quality of your service or website to new and existing customers. Wherever possible, do this by mentioning reviews from third-party review aggregators like Yelp or Google+ for the biggest bang for your buck.

5. Promote a Positive Vibe

Social Media Marketing Tricks - Point 5This one’s a little tricky, and depending on the image you’re trying to promote, may not be suitable for everyone. But the research is growing which demonstrates that people are more likely to interact with brands which promote positive stories and send out an optimistic vibe to consumers. It’s not just about posting content related to the business. But it’s about sharing stories which are meaningful to consumers or visitors.

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The Bottom Line

Social Media Marketing Tricks - conclusion final thoughtsIn great part, social media is one of the fastest-changing methods of marketing out there. Because the technology and capabilities are always changing. Also as more and more young, tech-savvy people coming onboard as adults and potential consumers, the expectations of audiences themselves are shifting. There are a lot of tools out there to make a mark in social media but in order to stay on top, it’s important to use not just the tools you know but to educate yourself on tricks and tools that could deliver a bigger, better bang for your buck.

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