4 Reasons Why Good SEO will Cost You & Why It’s Worth the Investment

Companies of all sizes can be fooled by SEO companies offering cheap services with a guarantee of being on the first page within weeks on an ultracompetitive search term. These services are too good to be true in nearly all cases as even the ones that might work can lead you to a Google penalty or de-indexing within a few months. Having a good SEO company is going to cost you quite a bit of money. This money is worth it if your company is producing results as the search engines are the most important place to corner the market.

The amount of traffic that search engines can bring companies ranking for certain phrases are outrageous. Even some of the most influential companies in the world still have to work on their SEO as their competitors will catch up to them if they brush it off. The following are just four of the many reasons that going with an SEO company that offers high-quality work is expensive but worth the investment.

Quality Content Is Expensive

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Quality content whether it is video, copy, or digital media is not cheap. The days of purchasing a $500 infographic that will deliver on the backlinks front are gone. An expert copy is becoming more prevalent along with whitepapers and eBooks as a way to garner backlinks and boost a website’s search engine score. Outreach could be the most important part of SEO. It can allow your link or article to be published on an industry website. Avoid just linking to your homepage as this can seem unnatural. Link to the blog as resources has almost zero chance of being penalized by Google.

Hiring Great Outreach Team Is Difficult As Well As Expensive


Outreach for backlinks and for marketing reasons comes in a few forms. There is the spam outreach with bad grammar that has no customization and the thought out outreach. The second form of outreach allows a blogger or marketer to develop a relationship with a publication. These relationships can be leveraged and in the future but it takes time and someone who can write one heck of a pitch. Outreach and guest post ninjas are truly few and far between but for the right price an agency can provide you with a team of them!

A Penalty Can Cripple Business


Trusting your business with an SEO company that might use some less than desirable tactics will do more harm than good. It is important to vet these companies and look up reviews on them to see if they are established and reliable. Also look for any rebranding in the past. Then look into the former company to see how they performed for clients. Companies that have been exposed for purchasing links or having a big brand penalized often rebrand in an effort to separate themselves from the tainted company. This Google penalty that your website can incur can stop the traffic to the site completely. If this is the place where you get a majority of your leads then this could dry up business in a matter of weeks.

Google Can and Will Give Your Site and Business the Death Penalty

google-penguin-algorithmHaving a website deindexed from Google in the United States can all but ruin a business. ECommerce sites will go bankrupt quite quickly if their user base cannot even find them in the search engine. Deindexing is done by Google after repeated infractions. And Google generally gives you a chance to disavow any spammy or unnatural links before de-indexing occurs. Using high-quality content that isn’t spun or copied from another source is a great way to make links look natural. When taking a look at these links ask yourself “is that link relevant in the article or does it seem forced?” If the answer is the link seems forced, try to disavow it as the people at Google will see the same thing.


Good SEO - conclusionAs you can see SEO is not something that should be taken lightly. This can be the marketing proponent that changes your business’ trajectory forever. Our friends at Mimvi SEO realize that SEO can be confusing so they offer case studies as well as extensive information on their blog to clarify any questions their client might have. Do not let your competitors destroy you because of your SEO approach, take it head on and dominate your competition.

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