Top 6 Mobile Apps for Job Seekers – Available for Both Android and iOS

Are you an unemployed person looking for a job? It has come to our attention that a majority of individuals today just don’t have time to allocate to their job search. It might be that your current job is keeping you very occupied or maybe the time to do a huge number of job applications is well, just not there! Well now, you don’ need to walk for long distances or spend so much time in search of employment. How come? Just like everything else today, job searching has also gone mobile. Therefore, you can do it anywhere and at any time.

There is a lot you can do with applications which connect you to available employment positions in an organization. A good number of applications are usually operated using tablets and mobile phones, although, at times, you may go through some few challenges.

Despite this, you can still apply and search for a job with the use of a computer. Besides, some applications directly connect you to open positions thereby helping you save time and even money.

Top 6 Apps for Job Seekers

Which applications should people looking for jobs use? Here, there is a broad range of applications to choose from both Android devices and the iPhone Operating Systems (iOS). In this article, we will look at six of the best mobile applications to use when searching for a job.

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6 Mobile Applications That Should Help You When Searching for a Job:

1. Indeed

Indeed-Job-SearchIndeed, is one of the most suitable applications when it comes to searching for open job positions. Once you choose this application, you get a more comprehensive approach. Apps which share similar content and features with indeed include:

  • CareerBuilder
  • com
  • LinkedIn
So, what makes indeed unique from these other three applications? It allows you to upload your curriculum vitae and apply through a simple process.

However, the application comes with some few drawbacks. It functions on Search Engine Optimization. Hence, it’s harder to identify new job positions passively. It also requires you to fill in some few details unique to the job. These include entering cover letters, samples and also portfolios. In many instances, this is a rather involved process when done through a handheld electronic device.

2. Good&Co

Good-Co-Career-match-testsWhile searching for a job using the application, it deals with self-discovery as well as identifying the best suitable job. contains personality questions such as What Are Your Stand Out Strengths and Weaknesses? Using such questions helps it to discover hidden character traits concerning you and also provides jobs and companies that best define your specific attributes. Isn’t this interesting?

However, you are not allowed to apply for these positions by using the application. Instead, you are required to return to the main job boards so as to access that process.

3. Switch

Switch-Job-SearchSwitch is a new type of job marketplace mobile application. It’s convenient and straightforward to use. Besides, it’s responsive and nimble nature allows you to connect to positions based on your experience and different set of skills. All you have to do is apply through your mobile device with only a simple swipe!

How does the application work? Insert your professional credentials from social media, browse through the app and apply carefully at your own pace. Interestingly, Switch releases your full identify once you find a preferable employer or company. Unlike other job searching applications, Switch is entirely associated with mobile devices. Hence, you don’t need a web account before applying for any job.

So, are there any challenges a user might experience while using Switch? Well, we noticed that because the application is at its earliest stages, it lacks a variety of job positions. Therefore, you are likely to find more employment posts in online resources such as or Indeed.

4. Glassdoor Job Search

Glassdoor-Job-SearchOver the last decade or so, Glassdoor has emerged as one of those applications that have turned out to be so reliable in the job hunting process. The application has different tools that help in showing relevant statistics. Some of these features include:

  • “Know Your Worth” – this assists the user in deciding how much they should expect in wages or salaries for different types of jobs and positions.
  • Types of jobs on offer – good examples here include automotive, construction, food and restaurant.
  • Interview platforms
Glassdoor is an application which contains conventional designs meant to make work easier. Even though it’s well comprehensive, you might find that some specialized job positions are not in the database. All in all, there are various services on offer so go ahead and give it a try!

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5. SnagJob

Job-Search-with-SnagajobSnagJob understands that people are desperately looking for jobs. It’s basically an application that matches the needs of those hourly employees. Just import your personal details from social media websites and fill in your personal data. Look for hourly positions within your particular area and click on the link to complete the application.

SnagJob contains the following features:

  • Filter positions through schedule such as part-time, summer and other seasonal jobs.
  • It indicates the types of jobs on offer – for instance, open construction positions
  • A map function – this is important so as to show you the exact location of the company.
Any challenges associated with using SnagJob? We found that even though the application contains many job positions, some take you a very long process just to qualify you. Also, the lack of skilled, salaried positions is rather discouraging.

6. Simply Hired

Simply-HiredHere is another great app for job seekers! Simply Hired has a continuously improving mobile application software interface. Just the other day, they added more features to help job seekers sort their different job searches – sorting by relevance and date.

The homepage normally includes your recent job searches. Hence, it becomes rather easy to save and go through employment positions. Similar to other applications, Simply Hired exists both as a mobile application and as web account. You’ll find that some jobs will allow applications through mobile devices while others will require that you upload a cover letter and CV.

However, the application relies heavily on Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, if you are using this app, you should look for the relevant position as the service does not match your skills with those of the job requirements. Using Simply Hired also makes the overall user experience feel as if it’s been minimized to the small screen of a Smartphone.


Top 6 Apps for Job Seekers - conclusionAfter out consideration of the above six apps, you can go ahead and pick out the best for you! Remember that most of these sites require you to provide detailed background information, including professional credentials. However, with the help of a good resume writing service, the process is far-much-easier. We hope that you’ve gained something helpful even as you continue searching for a suitable job. Share this article with your unemployed friends or those who are unsatisfied in their area of work.

We are fully aware that this list of six apps is in no way comprehensive. What other apps and websites have you come across? Did you manage to get a good working position through the services it provided? Share with us!

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