7 Mobile Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Use

An entrepreneur truly has a remarkable job, but it can also be trying at the same time. The major challenge is at arranging everything in a systematic order so that the proper files and documents are within the hand’s reach when required. The uses of apps are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a kickass way to organize everyday tools and monitor daily business pursuits. Whether you’re in need of a health maintenance regimen or having a tech inquiry, there are all kinds of apps available to cater to your needs- driving apps, fitness apps, editing apps, shopping apps. There are so many existing ones as well as newer ones coming up every day by software developers that’s it’s likely to get confused with  regard to the choosing the right kind of application for your business. Hence, it is advisable to gain a sound knowledge of the various software in the market before tech startups.

Given below are 7 apps every entrepreneur must use:

1) Lift (Now changed to Coach.me):


Lift is a wonderful app to help one cultivate new habits and stick to them. Like I’ve said before, being an entrepreneur is a demanding job as one need to stay disciplined and organized. Few of us are gifted with these attributes, and for those laid-back individuals, the app is ideal. Lift comes with various daily personal goals like something as simple as writing a thank you note or flossing or taking a walk. With time, this becomes a daily habit and is incorporated into your daily life. Lift comes with an additional feature of keeping a track of other lift users in your social network. This way, one stays motivated and encouraged.

2) CloudMagic:


CloudMagic is an indispensable email app which brings Yahoo, Gmail, Dropbox, easily available, all under a simple search box. The friendly user interface is what makes the app worth keeping. It comes with a blank white screen for composing your emails, with no side pop-ups, thus giving you a no-disturbance environment. It also includes other features like instant viewing of starred or new emails; marking multiple emails as read/deleting them/transferring them from one folder to the next, etc… is supported by iPad, iPhone, Mac, and more.

3) Mint:


Mint is a money managing app which brings your finances in a single place and helps you to understand it better. It is easy to set up, saves time and comes with custom tips and tricks to manage savings better. You can safely plan a budget for say, a month, set up goals and register the expenses. Mint comes with bill reminders so that you can pay them on time via mobile and email alerts.

4) Acorn:


Acorn is an investing app which helps to keeps aside everyday spare change from the daily purchases and invests into stocks and bonds. Easy to start-up; it is gradually becoming an icon of smart investing. With Acorn, you need not worry about your bank account, as it will notify you of any unusual activity and keeps your information secure. It’s a good way to save up money, bit-by-bit, as you get involved in an automated system of investing, without having to do much mind-work.

5) Wunderlist:


Wunderlist is the perfect app to jot down ideas and plan for the day. It is a task manager app where you can complete and tick off your to-dos. It instantly syncs your entered data with your tablet, computer, and other devices, for easy access from anywhere. It is supported in both iPhone and iPad and is easy to use.

6) WinStreak:


This one’s a free app for iPhone users, for those entrepreneurs looking for growth and accomplishment. In such a negative world, we tend to give in to our failures and very rarely do we appreciate our achievements. WinStreak is an app, which focuses only on our “wins”, cherishing it and reminding us of the goals at the same time, thus building up a positive mentality to move forward and not get affected by setbacks.

7) PayPal:


This is a useful app for entrepreneurs for easy paying and receiving of money for business undertakings. It works on your mobile device and is an efficient and reliable way to keep a check on transactions on the e-commerce shopfront. Compatible with Android and iOS.

This article is written by Sunny Popali. He is now part of the marketing team of Auto Insurance group. Their group is independent webmasters who are happy to share their experience and knowledge. They are not licensed to give any insurance and financial advice. They hardly know their visitors and their background to offer them tailored advice. They would always suggest that motorists should seek independent advice from a broker or financial advisor. That is what they are for and sites like this can only offer you general guidance, help and encouragement to find the best coverage. They have compiled some of the best apps to help drivers. Most of these apps are free to download and available for both Android and Apple devices.

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