Top 5 Robotic Gadgets for Your Home & Garden

Along with our fast lifestyle, the world of technology is also moving very fast. New products and gadgets are flooding the technology market every day. Tech companies are bringing attractive and utility-based products on a daily basis which can attract the eye of many customers. This is the time of time-saving machines. A robot, that can work independently, intelligently as well as do our every-day work efficiently will surely catch our attention.

Here I am introducing 5 useful and utility-based robotic gadgets which will help you to maintain your home & garden efficiently and will surely save a lot of your time. So let’s know about their working methods and their handling procedures.

1. iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot:


iRobot Roomba 650 is basically a vacuum cleaner whose works is to clean the mess of your house at your own comfort zone. This is especially a very easy home cleaning robotic gadget, which can be operated through the help of a push button system.

This robotic vacuum cleaner generally works in three daily problematic factors. One is if there is dust in your house, second if you have to deal with the unwanted hair scattering of your pets all over your house, third if there is any leftover cereal in your kitchen. All the three mentioned problems can be sort very easily with this awesome cleaning robotic gadget. Not only that, if you want to pre-set this gadget according to your own convenient time then it can be done using its inbuilt timer technology.

The height of this Roomba 650 Vacuum cleaner is just 3.6 inches, so it can very easily be fit under any of your furniture, for an example bed and even under your kickboards. It even automatically returns back to its dock after its works are completed and get recharged for the next day. This product really seems useful practically for those who are really very busy in their daily life.

This product is available on at a price of just $299.99.  So go and get this for your own home.

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2. iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot:


iRobot Braava 380t is especially a mopping robot whose works is to mop the floor of your home in behalf of you. This is a super-fast and an efficient mopping gadget which mop your entire floor very easily and quickly. It works as a wonder for your floor in mopping out all your home dirt, all the unwanted hair, as well as the dust off your home in just a magical movement. A microfiber disposable cloth is provided for the mopping of the floor of your house.

This robotic gadget can be work on any hard surface floors like tiles, laminate, hardwood and even on vinyl surfaces. It can be started by just pressing a button. And due to its advanced technology it can very easily track its own work. The charging factor used on it is turbo charge cradle system, that means within just a two hours it can be charged back again.

Braava can be worked in two methods. In the first method, you can use it in dry mopping your floors in a straight line just using a dry cleaned cloth. The second method is mop mode. In mop mode, it can be used by using a damp cloth to clear the dirt of your floors. Not only that, it has one more facility that is called Pro-Clean System. In this system, Braava will be given a special reservoir for making it damped all through its mopping cycle. All the above system is controlled by NorthStar Navigation System 2. This particular GPS system keeps on tracking and keeps on sending signals to the robot to locate its working path. This gadget can be upgraded to a higher version if you want to use it in larger size house. This is really a very helpful gadget for any home.

This item is also available on at a price of just $254.99.

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3. WORX Landroid WG794 Robotic Lawn Mower:


WORX Landroid WG794 is specially designed for cleaning up your home garden. This is basically a gadget to clean up the mowing of your garden on a daily basis. By this super helpful gadget, you can keep your garden beautiful and attractive to others. That means from now onwards you can keep your lawn trimmed and clean from mowing throughout the week.

Here you can check reviews and know more about Robotic Lawn Mower.

This particular garden cleaning robotic gadget is having many features. It can simply travel or move through narrow passages. Without zero emissions, it can cut out all the unwanted mowing from a slope if it is having 20 degrees angle. Due to its low noise operation system, you can use it even on the night. The gadget uses the 28V rechargeable battery, which means it cost you no emissions.

This gadget is also available on at a price of just $999.00.

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4. Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner:


Dolphin 99996323 Nautilus is especially for cleaning up your home pool surfaces. In many times, it is found that lots of garbage’s get accumulated on the bottom of the pools, which needs to be cleaned for the purpose of maintaining the quality and hygiene of the pool water. The work of the pool cleaner is to clean up the surface of the pool by just scrubbing, vacuuming and by doing filtering. And believe me or not it takes just 3 hours to complete the whole job of cleaning. The cartridge of the gadget is very easy to clean. It is very much cost effective; it takes less than 15 cents to clean up the whole pool neatly. The system of operating the gadget is very simple, just plug and play. No pre-installation is needed.

Please visit to avail this awesome helpful product in just $569.99.

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5. Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box:


Good news for cat lovers, this is especially for you all out there. From now onwards on your behalf this self-cleaning litter box gadget will do your job of cleaning the litter of your beloved cat.

The name of this product is Litter Robot LRII. This automatic self-cleaning box really works wonder in cleaning the litter of your cats. It really works in a fantastic way. 7 minutes after your cat’s littering is done, it starts rotating slowly in a counterclockwise way. And as a result, the waste gets deposited in a kitchen garbage bag. And again after cleaning the litter box, the globe returns to its home position and keep itself ready for the next use.

The power consumption of the Litter Robot is 12V DC. It is really very easy to use. Just attach the litter box with this globe and plug it. It will be ready to use for doing its cleaning job.

This is available in The price of this product is just $349.00.

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The above 5 products are really helpful in various ways. But all the 5 products really can save our lots of time and money in maintaining our daily household activities. So I hope it will definitely prove to be magical instruments for your life.

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