Top 6 Joomla Classified Ad Extensions

Joomla is one of the most popular Content Management Systems that has managed to build a long list of users and admirers. Joomla offers a great platform to build quality websites, web portals, and corporate applications that are aesthetically appealing and feature-rich. Thanks to easy to use architecture, Joomla can be used by a non-technical user to build a variety of web related solutions. From customizing the appearance of your website to adding functionality to your site, Joomla gives you complete control over your site.

A majority of websites are being powered by Joomla today and the number is only growing. It has become one of the most preferred platforms to be used for designing and developing web portals. There are various reasons that contribute the popularity of this CMS; however, availability of hundreds of templates and extensions has proven to be the major factor that makes Joomla a popular choice among non-technical webmasters.

With the help of Joomla extensions, you are able to extend the functionality of your website without having to touch a single line of code. Whether you are planning to add an image slider to your homepage or want to connect it to your social media accounts, Joomla extensions have got you covered.

Today, in this article, we have compiled a list of top Classified Ad Extensions to allow you to advertise your products and services in no time.

1. Almond Classifieds

Almond Classifieds is an excellent Joomla extension that is continuously being updated with bug fixes and new features. Almond Classifieds is available as a component for Joomla users which comes with a variety of features. The extension allows you to specify the set of ad fields in a range of formats including checkbox, select, textarea, and text.


Impressive features of Almond Classifieds:

  • Allows users to submit ads along with images.
  • Allows admin to build as many ads as needed according to different categories available on the website.
  • Prevent automated spamming programs with the help of optional verification code.
  • Let’s admin to delete spam ads according to IP addresses, spammers emails, and spam keywords.
  • Also comes with a privacy mail option which hides the email addresses.

2. J-Classified Manager

If you are on the lookout for a complete solution for your classified ads needs, J-Classified Manager Joomla extension is the right option for you. This extension is not convenient to use and set up but also equipped with a wide range of features that make a premium level extension. An aesthetically appealing design and outstanding features allow you to offer best-in-class user experience.

Joomla Classified Ad Extensions - J-Classified-Manager

Impressive features of J-Classified Manager:

  • Comes with a dynamic search filter to offer enhanced user experience.
  • Comes integrated with a Google Map for showcasing ads.
  • Equipped with Geolocation filtering.
  • Allows you to add videos and images.
  • Comes with user control panel to offer a complete control over the users.
  • Has latest ads module.
  • Offers a search module with filtering by region, city, category, and type.
  • Has a possibility to bookmark ads.
  • Integrated with an advanced admin dashboard to make customization easy and convenient.
  • Also allows you to promote your ads through an ad promoting feature.

3. Ads Factory

Ads Factory is a popular classified ad Joomla extension that is designed to be fast and easy to use. The extension provides the most convenient way to both admin and users to post classified web ads. The extension is a perfect blend of appearance versatility, multiple revenue possibilities and custom field flexibility. Compatible with any Joomla template, Ads Factory is a well-crafted, modern and feature-rich extension.

Joomla Classified Ad Extensions - Ads-Factory

Impressive features of Ads Factory:

  • Allows you to publish a variety of ads including private ads and public ads.
  • Allows you to become a guest blogger without having to register.
  • Equipped with a messaging system for users.
  • Integrated with Google map.
  • Prevents offending ads with a reporting system.
  • Have three featured ads options i.e. Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
  • Allows you to upload an image and an image gallery for your ads.

4. JEXTN Classified

JEXTN Classified is yet another popular Joomla extension that allows you to build a range of classified ads. With the integration of hundreds of useful features, JEXTN Classified lets you create your own classified website powered by Joomla. The extension provides an amazing listing for every product.

Joomla Classified Ad Extensions - JEXTN-Classified

Impressive features of JEXTN Classified:

  • Comes integrated with Google maps.
  • Equipped with a custom filter feature for every category.
  • Let’s you list products with the help of jQuery Pagination.
  • Allows you to list products with ratings, description, and image.
  • Offers cross browser support.
  • Let’s your users submit both free as well as premium ads.
  • Offers advanced slider for gallery images.
  • Also offers support for payment gateway such as PayPal.

5. DJ-Classifieds

No matter what type of classified ad you want to publish, DJ-Classifieds Joomla extension will get the job done without you having to write a single line of code. It is a powerful extension that comes with an array of outstanding custom searches, paid ads, custom locations and custom fields and lets you create a classified section on your site.

Joomla Classified Ad Extensions - DJ-Classifieds

Impressive features of DJ-Classifieds:

  • Comes with HTML5 Geo-locations.
  • Let’s unregistered users edit ads.
  • Offers unlimited email templates to choose from.
  • Comes integrated with Jomsocial integration plugin.
  • Also offers Community Builder.
  • Equipped with Easysocial – Joomla Social Network Extension.
  • Have responsive templates support.

6. Appten Classifieds

Appten Classifieds is a modern, versatility and highly scalable Joomla extension that can be used to build any type of classified site. The extension allows you to customize your ads as per categories. Appten Classifieds Joomla extension is easy to use and set up and lets you create and publish your ads within minutes. The local and Global community can easily search your classified according to different categories.

Joomla Classified Ad Extensions - Appten-Classifieds

Impressive features of Appten Classifieds:

  • Comes with an advanced Joomla Admin Panel to let you manage your ads and various other features.
  • Let’s you create personalized location-based ads.
  • Comes with an advanced search tool that allows your users to search ads b category, filters, locations, tags, keywords and more.
  • Also lets you add ads in favorites.
  • Equipped with dynamic image optimization option.
  • Has a user-friendly backend to make it easier for the users to publish ads by customized categories and tags.
  • Make your Joomla web portal as useful as possible with the above list of Joomla classified ads extensions.
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