TestLodge Review – an Online Test Case Management Tool

TestLodge is a popular online test case management tool to manage test plans, cases, requirements, and the running of multiple tests. With the help of this tool, you can store, organize, execute and view test reports. TestLodge is a simple tool to use. The easy to use interface makes it stand out from the other tools in the market. TestLodge is targeted at users such as freelancers, small business concerns and similar.

What is a Test Case Management Tool?

If you are not aware of the term test management tool, let me explain the basic concept. Test Management tools store information about how the project-related tests will be performed. The scope of planning for testing activities will be recorded there, and reports about the project QA activities will be executed.

There are several types of tools in the market, with different testing types and features. All these tools are designed to help their users maintain and plan manual testing for running and managing multiple test environments and also in identifying the defects of the work.


With the help of these tools, you can very easily well organize your testing procedure as well as very quickly access any data for its analyzation. Not only that, you can very easily collaborate with your teammates and can communicate to manage the whole process. Some tools will also have a feature such as requirements management, which will help the users in streamlining all their test case requirements. So the capabilities of tracking the defects and project related tasks in the same application will go to make the job easier.

Features of TestLodge:

TestLodge is a very simple and straightforward working tool. That is why the users get a flexible and efficient tool to manage their test cases. Let’s see what are the features available in TestLodge:

1) Test Plans:

In this section, there is scope to build your test plans using ready-made templates, or you can create your own template from scratch.

2) Requirements:

You can add your requirements and observe which get verified and which do not.

3) Test suites & cases:

The easy interface of TestLodge will help users to create a list of test cases. You can import all your existing test cases from a spreadsheet.

4) Test runs:

TestLodge shows their users each test one by one, and as a result, you can mark each test as passed or failed, or skipped.


5) Customization:

TestLodge has made their tool in a very flexible manner. As a result, this tool can be adapted to be used with any process be it traditional project management or agile methodologies. You can create your own fields like priority or category for storing up your required information, and continue updating your test related documents at your own convenient time. There is also a place for expanding it.

6) Dashboards & Reporting:

Users will get instant reporting of their project related work with the help of dashboards and graphs presented by TestLodge. TestLodge provides you with detailed information regarding how to manage your team and tests smoothly. You will also be able to pull up reports such as common skipped, passed, and failed tests, the workload of users, and many others related to your particular project.

7) Team Collaboration:

In TestLodge, you will get assistance regarding synchronization for your entire project team. You can create a security by setting up user permissions for every project. You can also create custom roles for any of your teammates, allowing you to manage your entire team task with user workload reports.

8) Issue tracker integration:

TestLodge supports integration with the top 20 most commonly used issue-tracking tools seamlessly, including GitHub, Basecamp, Trello and much more like them. TestLodge will allow you to automatically submit a detailed ticket to your chosen tool which contains a detailed report of how to replicate the issues whenever a test fails.

Pricing of TestLodge:

TestLodge Logo

TestLodge has four different pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Premium, and Platinum.

The Basic plan will cost you $14.00 per month and allows you to store up to 5 test plans, 100 test cases, 100 test runs, and unlimited users & test suites.

The Plus plan will cost you $29.00 per month and allows you to store up to 50 test plans, 500 test cases, 300 test runs, and unlimited users & test suites.

The Premium will cost you $59.00 per month and allows you to store up to 150 test plans, 3,000 test cases, 1,000 test runs, and unlimited users & test suites.

Finally, the Platinum plan, which will be $119.00 per month. Platinum users can store up to 500 test plans, 10,000 test cases, 5,000 test runs, and unlimited users & test suites.

All plans come with a 30-day free trial offer. So you can give it a try for 30 days, and if it suits your requirements, you can move to one of the monthly pay plans.


TestLodge Review - an Online Test Case Management Tool - conclusion

TestLodge is built on a strong working principle. TestLodge offers their users the freedom of upgrading or downgrading their plans anytime. They have developed a strong following and are being used by more than 1,000 software testing teams from all over the world. So go ahead and try their services or take up their 30-day free trial offer.

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