11 Technological Trends That Will Rule USA In 2017

We are already on the brink of 2016 and witnessing some rapid changes in the technology trends. As we all have seen that major technology changes are going to happen, it is easy to interpret that demand for robust technology and support functions will increase leading to some revolutionary technical changes.

Cashless POS

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 1

  • The demand for POS will increase not only in the USA but also in the major parts of the world to maintain transparency.
  • It is imperative that every small and medium business will switch to using POS and card swipe machines to ensure the billing is transparent.
  • However, to ensure the network speed of these POS Machines farewell, you must get an efficient wireless network in your building.
  • It helps to run and possess the transactions in an easy and better way. As in future, the speed of card machines will be the most important thing due to 2x increase in the transactions, quality, and fast network needs to be in place to process transactions at lightning
  • It is imperative that the POS must use latest encryption and security methods to protect fraudulent transactions.
  • The solutions must be equipped with a web-based console for the admin to manage and view all transactions to ease out the CA and accountant work.
  • Mobile solutions can also ensure to check transaction reports in real-time.

CCTV Camera

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 2

  • Every commercial shop needs to opt for CCTV camera installation to ensure the footage is monitored and kept on a separate hard drive for assessment purpose.
  • The record will ensure they do not face any issues at all during the IT assessment part.

Mobile banking

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 3

  • More and more people will turn towards mobile banking and will find ways to operate them to ease out their work.
  • As cashless transactions are one of the most important elements to thwart major issues, mobile banking will help the people to save time and pay their bills on-the-go while sitting in the office/metro/bus.

Wearable technology

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 4

  • Wearable technology will outsmart the Smartphone technology because people will always want to save time and use their Apple or Samsung watch to ensure they can speed up the transactions from their watch and avoid using Smartphone.
  • It is just a smart way to move forward.

Bitcoin Technology

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 5

  • The usage of Bitcoin technology will ensure that the Americans get more familiar with it and try to trade the money in the bitcoins.
  • It helps to ensure the money is digitally transferred quickly.

Enterprise Wireless Solutions

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 6

  • The entire network paradigm will soon shift to enterprise wireless mode to ensure an entire city or part of it is covered digitally for seamless connectivity.
  • Many businesses will also use the services of the provider to ensure they get proper services for seamless connectivity to process transactions.
  • Many small IT companies will also opt for it to protect the security and maintain transparency.

Next generation batteries

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 7

  • Next generation batteries will be in place to quickly charge things and can be used for various commercial purposes.
  • It also helps to provide clean, reliable, round the clock energy sources to many cities in the States. Most of these batteries will offer renewable energies for better future.

Purchase of Mobile phones with substantial battery and better connectivity

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 8

  • People will love to buy reliable phones that offer robust connectivity and battery life.
  • Sale for modern phones like iPhone will soar, and any new phone will feature solid battery and high connectivity so that people can easily connect online.

Autonomous vehicles

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 9

  • Have you ever wondered we are going to see Jurassic Park theme cars? Yes, we will save pollution, however; the vehicles need to be tested for quality and traffic purpose.
  • Also, it will reduce the stress level for the employees to travel from their offices to home.

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 10

  • Many virtual reality and artificial intelligence systems like IoT are making the lives of people easier and helping professional in medical, entertainment, and other industries.
  • It promotes medical operations to be handled by putting the data in the system and finding responses.
  • Many statistical systems and artificial robots will also help humans to simplify the tasks.

Rise in Network and Business Security Solutions

Technological Trends USA 2017 - Point 11

  • Many businesses will try to strengthen the network and business security by adding Fingerprint scanning and other methods to ensure any digital hacking of the data and the transactions.
  • Many eCommerce industries will get a boost and will deploy new security methods to ensure the network is not compromised at all and customer debit card, and other card details remain intact.
  • So, 2017 will be a bigger and better year for the States. Hope Trump helps to boost the economy.
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