Security Camera Problems and their Respective Solutions

Finally, you have installed the best surveillance system on the market and feeling completely worry free now? Hold on a sec! Certainly, security camera systems offer the desired contentment and peace, but it is a myth that once installed, you never have to look at them ever again. Even the highest quality ones of this category need some maintenance and upkeep to keep serving you in the long run.

Here, we have jotted down a few common problems that people face with the security systems along with their possible fixes. This knowledge would help you in a long way to keeping your abode and business safer.

Problem 1. Compatibility Issues in Different Products

Security Camera Problems Solutions - Point 1It happens that you have hand-picked the top of the line products from all the different brands and manufacturers. And still, to your astonishment, they are causing problems and not working properly. Sometimes, the camera poses video issues and at other times, your DVR automatically stops storing the video footage. This is disheartening as you opted for the pre-eminent products. The problem is that the products are not compatible with each other and are unable to work when integrated together as a system.

Fix 1. Invest in one Company for all your Surveillance Products

Security Camera Problems Solutions - point-01The easy solution is to get the complete surveillance system from the same company. When you do so, all the products will work perfectly and you will never be haunted by the compatibility issues. Else, you have to gain more information and ensure that the gadgets you are planning to buy technically go along with each other. Thus, you will have to put an extra effort to have an effortlessly working guardian at your disposal around the clock.

Problem 2. Setting up Easy Access Codes or None At All

Security Camera Problems Solutions - Point 2Many times, users are unaware that the videos from their security cameras are accessible to everyone on the internet. This serves as a bright chance for the burglars and wrongdoers to play with these videos. And, they very well know how to erase evidence against a break-in or a robbery. Thus, it may happen that you are trying to get back to frames between some particular time intervals to view the video footage, but there is no video at all! Ease of video accessibility is also dangerous in a way that professional criminals or intruders can use these videos to get a peek inside your business/home to plan their wrong-doings.

Fix 2. Change Default Codes and Create Strong and Hard to Guess Passwords

Security Camera Problems Solutions - point-02To keep your life and its matters private, change your passwords today! The passwords for your network DVR and security cameras must be unique and should not match with any other passwords that you may have. This will prevent anyone from brute-forcing your codes. It is also imperative to change these passwords often.

Problem 3. Starting and Annoying False Alarms

Security Camera Problems Solutions - Point 3Your neighbors are sure to get annoyed by your false alarms and so are you. False alarms can also cost you hundreds of dollars each year. Almost 80% of the calls dialed to law enforcing departments configured through a surveillance system are estimated to be false ones. Moreover, the worst part is that if these false alarms happen repeatedly, then you would eventually become hesitant to use an alarm system at all (which obviously is not a good idea)!

Fix 3. Fix: Keep Regular Checks on Alarms

Security Camera Problems Solutions - point-03False alarms are an outcome of human error such as false installation, poor design, lack of upkeep, malfunctioning of the surveillance system, or outdated monitoring equipment, etc. To curb the menace of false alarms, the first and the foremost task is to check their functioning on several occasions. Regular maintenance is necessary if you want to keep your home and business safe and that too, without getting troubled. For static objects like trees in your backyard, you can turn to mask activation and for pets moving all around the house, go for pet immune sensors. Last but not the least; check the backup batteries on a quarterly basis as power outages can also set false alarms.

Problem 4. Security Monitors and Recorders provide Incomplete Coverage

Security Camera Problems Solutions - Point 4The next common problem is ‘limited surveillance area’. This happens because people get lured into low-cost packages that contain a bare minimum amount of cameras and alarms. But, the home surveillance system would be of no good if a burglar could enter your home through an unguarded entrance.

Fix 4. Give High priority Reliability than Affordability

Security Camera Problems Solutions - point-04When it comes to protecting your hard-earned establishment and what matters the most, then it is better to choose an option which extends absolute coverage (including all your entrances, exits, windows, outdoors, etc.) even if it costs you some extra bucks. Look from a burglar’s point of view and safeguard all the possible ways and vulnerable places.

Problem 5. Bright Spots in the Final Image

Security Camera Problems Solutions - Point 5Sometimes the user notices some bright reflection in the video while reviewing the video footage on a monitor.

Fix 5. Change the Position of the Camera or the Lights

Security Camera Problems Solutions - point-05This may happen mainly due to the fact that your outdoor security cameras are directly facing toward the sun or some bright light. To bar this problem, try changing the position of your camera. If it is not possible to vary its position, then consider replacing the lights or changing their place to avoid getting the reflection on your camera.


Security Camera Problems Solutions - conclusionHope these points have addressed to major of your concerns and the given solutions resolve them in an effective way. If you haven’t faced any issues until now then, use these points as tips to get the most out of your video monitoring equipment.

This article is written by Rohan Sharma. He is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, Rohan has always been a pertinent contributor to the security industry. He is associated with Revo America, a well-renowned security products manufacturer and retailer.

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