What You Will Need To Make Your Business Website Convert

The days of simply having a website for a business and expecting it to be a success are over. A website, in many cases, is the first impression that customers have about a company. Something as simple as slow loading times or an archaic design can actually reflect poorly on the business. The primary purpose of a business website is to build a lead funnel, inform existing and potential customers, and to convert finally with sales. To do these things a website has to have quite a few attributes. The following are things that your company website needs actually to make it convert.


Creating an Ideal Website Homepage

Some companies try to put everything that they can on their homepage. This can actually do more harm than good as loading times are something that Google looks at when it comes to ranking in search results. Combine that with the fact that a potential customer with a slower internet connection might have their device freeze, and this makes it imperative to have a fast loading time in order to maximize conversions.  Certain homepage features differ depending on the type of business that you have. For example having contact information or a place to set an appointment for a doctor’s office is essential. The main purpose of their website is to set appointments, and their homepage should make this as easy as possible for visitors.

Have a Mobile Site


The amount of mobile traffic on the internet today is astounding. In order to convert this traffic, a business must make their website mobile friendly. Not many visitors are going to want to deal with pinching the screen to find what they need on a homepage. They would rather go to a site that was much easier to deal with especially if they are on their smartphone on the go. With a significant amount of traffic not optimizing a site for mobile is cutting out a huge demographic of the population that surf the web exclusively on mobile devices.

Ecommerce Sites Should Make Checkouts a Breeze

3 Simple Steps to Build a Checkout Flow That Works, Really Well

In the cases of an eCommerce business’ website the checkout should be as easy as possible. The most important thing is that the checkout process is secure but after that speed is imperative. Modeling off of the massive eCommerce sites which have a simple checkout process like Amazon where information is saved is a magnificent idea. Buyer’s remorse is real so the more time it takes to check out the more time the customer has to change their mind. For this reason, your cart, and the checkout button should be extremely easy to find as many people will not scour a site to find it but will go to another online store with easier processes.

Have a Blog That Adds Value

Website Convert

The blog on a company website should add value and be a resource to visitors. Having useful information on the blog helps earn the trust of customers as well as can educate them on why they need a product or service. There is nothing worse than a company blog that reads like a commercial with the company plugging their services but not adding any real useful information to the readers. The blog being a great resource in an industry can help establish a company as a thought leader. This can be invaluable for a variety of reasons including exposure. Writers in the industry will link back to posts on the blog which in turn will help SEO scores. Everyone wants to work with thought leaders as many times they don’t just know where the industry has been, but they know where the industry is going.

Have More than a Blog – Have a Content Hub

effective good quality content

Now that “Content Marketing is Everywhere”,  getting seen on the web is becoming increasingly difficult. You may have heard of Mark Schafer and his post on Content Shock.  While Mark argues that content is not a sustainable strategy, he still continues to do it. That being said, many larger companies are using a “Content Hub” to gain more reach.

If you are unfamiliar with what a Content Hub is, it is bigger than a blog but smaller than the entire website.  Think of a blog that has clearly defined subsections, and its layout is graphically superior to that of a blog. Hubs are designed with several ideas in mind.

  • Gaining authority in your space
  • Shares to deliver more traffic
  • Longer time on site (helps with Panda optimization)
  • Content ‘silos’= Deepening your site (again more Panda benefits)
  • Greater availability of contributors coming to your site (free content)
  • And, of course, backlinks (helping with rank through Penguin)
For more on Content Hubs, check out Barry Feldman’s post over on Kissmetrics. He lists several companies winning with the Hub as well.


Make Your Business Website Convert - conclusion

Defining the purpose of the company website is the first step and the above are what should follow. Use the company website as a tool rather than just having one because it is the thing to do. Convert and build a sales funnel for your incredible website today!

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