Top 5 Best Restaurant Apps for Both Android & iOS

A smartphone cannot be considered as smartphone until and unless it has a lot of apps. Every smartphone users like to try plenty of app for different purposes whether as gaming, searching, ticketing, transporting, entertainment or news reading. Nowadays there are also a large number of apps available for food and drink services along with restaurants.

According to a survey hailed by RetailMeNot, 2 out of 5 US customers have at least one restaurant app installed on their smartphone. These Restaurant Apps are featured with all kind of varieties, deals and offers, loyalty perks, mobile payments, favorite orders and much more. Well, you might have heard about Zagat. It was a service in mid-1979 that used to review and rank restaurants and another kind of businesses. But the same is now available with native apps of these restaurants and one can easily get the latest ranking and credibility of these dining services.

In fact, Zagat has its own app now, but there are a huge number of apps that works the same. There are some apps which let the user upload pictures of their favorite dishes so that whenever you get a recommendation of any restaurants, you already have a list of recipes you want to try. These apps can help you to know about various types of restaurants around you like vegetarian, seafood specialists, continental experts, etc.

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These dining apps make things easier, But still, there may be a problem for you as you cannot be able to select the best one that fits your needs. Hence in order to help you in finding the best restaurant apps, we have ranked a top 6 restaurant apps that are highly rated and most downloaded on both iTunes and Google play store. This can simply make you able to find exactly the thing you are looking for.

But before going to the list, we want to explain on which basis we have sorted these apps on the priority list. Well, on taking a massive dig on the internet, we have gathered some data and sorted the list of most important apps which are worthy for your smartphone of thousands of available options.

  1. Affordability: We have worked hard to find out the most affordable restaurant apps that suit best for your need.
  2. Detailed Listing: We have gone through every aspect like if the app has a large section and varieties of restaurants.
  3. Ease of Use: This is the major aspect we have figured out in each app. It is most important to provide users ease of use and navigation so that they can find out the thing they want.
So here are the top restaurants that one must try.

1. Open Table:

open-tableIf you are wondering for a perfect restaurant for having a great dinner, then you can opt for an Open table. This app lets you reserve a restaurant table for free in advance and also includes a bonus that you will get a bonus with the dining credits each time you go for dining in the restaurant. The app is completely free and lets you discover, reserve and manage restaurants from anywhere, anytime. You can explore from thousands of restaurants and book them instantly for free.

This is one of the best choices because it works in all the major tourist destinations that includes hundreds of most popular restaurants in the US including Los Angles and Los Vegas.

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2. Starbucks

starbucksStarbucks is one of the great restaurant apps that allows you to pay via phone and get rewarded with free drinks and always surprises customers with great perks. The Starbucks mobile app provides faster processing payment services for your food and drinks. It also provides an option to provide a tip to your barista digitally.

By using Starbucks app for smartphones, you will be able to order in advance and pick up your food and drinks without waiting in the queue along with gaining stars.

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3. UberEATS:

ubereatsThis service is not available everywhere and is a newcomer but worth being on the list. It is a fastest growing app that undoubtedly tends to dominate the market in a couple of years. The UberEATS allows you to order your favorite food and drinks from your favorite restaurants. Not only this, but you will also be able to pay for this from the same Uber account, and for the same, you will get some coupon to get off on your first Uber ride.

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4. Urban Spoon:

urban-spoonThis is one of the highly popular apps that has received a lot of media attention and that too for good reasons. It can be considered to be an all-in-one dining app for daily users; one can get suggestions just by shaking their phone. The app is provided with a built-in GPS that can help you to find out the nearby restaurants.

You can go through a lot of various user recommendation and rating fo accessing your favorite food through a number of restaurants. The app is available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

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5. Tasteful

tastefulTasteful is not just an ordinary restaurant app; it is a great app that makes sure of a healthier diet. Tasteful enables users to search for the restaurants and their specialties just by preferring their healthy diet preferences that mainly includes vegan, vegetarian, paleo, gluten-free, and low carb.

This is a resourceful app that offers clean, beautiful and healthier path to have a diet. This app is perfectly built with the great user interface and offers services to almost everywhere. The app also provides an excellent way to introduce and discover the healthy people in your community and their daily stories.

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6. Happy hour finder

happy-hour-finderHappy hour finder is a fun and easy way to explore the happy hours near your current locations or other places near the United States. You can get the exact happy hour time of a certain bar or restaurants along with access to all their special services and deals.

You can get these happy hour deals by a list on a map on the interface of the app. These locations are fully detailed with the deals and happy hour information.

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Final Words:

Top 5 Best Restaurant Apps for Android - final wordsThere are plenty of more useful restaurant apps like Zomato, Foursquare, etc. But the above list is completed if we are considering the best of the best. They are eligible for all the three conditions we have discussed before and thoroughly satisfies with their interface, options, and affordability.  They are versatile apps and offers different services from each other.

There are some limitations also like about 45 of the 100 ‘best’ restaurants are not branding themselves using the smartphones, this simply makes the above list unsatisfied. We cannot really estimate the best of them on this list as they are not available on this platform. Whatsoever, the above six apps are good enough to satisfy all your demand and get you best dining experience.

We have gone through many reviews and ratings on various websites to create this restaurant app lists and pretty sure about their credibility. But in case you already have some other names in your minds that suit best for this list then you can simply convey your thoughts with us through our comments section.

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