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Video Game Design: What Makes a Successful Video Game?

Have you ever wondered why you enjoy your favorite video game so much? Is it the enticing theme? The immersive storyline? Or is it the mode of gameplay that draws you in? Whatever the reason, the world’s most successful and well-loved video games all have a few things in common. From the visual style to the soundtrack, these key features all work together to bring you the video games you know and love. Let’s start to find out what makes a successful video game design? It’s all in the video game design First and foremost, behind every great video game …

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How is Game Design Different from Graphic Design?

Graphic design and game design. Are you confused about what the two mean? Most importantly, you must be wondering which one is the correct career option for you. Graphic designers are important to the game design system, and often deemed as game designers. But, there are a few key differences between the two, and if you are planning to work in the industry then you must understand them. Graphic Design Process The graphic design relates to creating ‘visual brand’ of a company or product. It is about the way a game is presented to the audience. The graphic design process …

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