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7 Best WordPress Caching Plugins to Make a Website Fast

Hey there, WordPress warriors! If you’ve ever felt like your website was moving at the speed of a snail in molasses, then stick around – you’re not alone. We all crave that lightning-fast site that pops up instantaneously, giving our visitors no time to click away. It’s no secret that a slow-loading site can be the kiss of death for traffic and conversions. Guess what? There’s a superhero team that can rescue your digital domain from the dreaded lag: caching …

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How to Install Laravel Homestead for Local Development?

The Laravel Homestead Vagrant box offers a preconfigured environment for building Laravel-based web apps. Homestead allows you to easily create a local development environment consistent with the environment in which your Laravel application will operate in production. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Laravel Homestead on your local machine for use in development. Step 1: Install Required Software Some software has to be set up before we can begin setting up Laravel Homestead. Our first step …

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10+ Best PHP Scripts to Make Your Own Directory Website

Prior to search engines (like Google, and Yahoo) being created, web directories were the only source for people to search out various information. They contained links to various websites and classified them in a manner that provided visitors to find the relevant information very fast, without putting much effort. Even though the expressions search engine and subject directory are often used alternately, they are not similar. In the recent past, the utility and volume of the World Wide Web have …

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5 Good Reasons to Pick Laravel for a Web Development Project

It has been more than two decades and PHP being just a server-side language is still in vogue. Quite interesting, isn’t it? And each year the demand for knowledgeable and experienced PHP developers just heats up. In simple words, in the battle of technological supremacy, PHP somehow manages to maintain its position even after hitting rock bottom. Its claws are still intact, as a result with PHP you can never go wrong. Choosing a framework is more like choosing an …

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Know is Laravel Reliable for eCommerce Development?

Ask yourself are you still using the old frameworks and languages to build websites? What about scalability? What about security? You do not need to fret anymore! Laravel services have created a soft corner in the hearts of the developers. The upgraded features in 2022 and the unique features of the Laravel PHP framework have made it the most reliable source for web app development as well as for eCommerce. Businesses have been seen to generate higher revenues when using …

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Top 10 PHP Development Tools for Developers in 2022

Over the years, PHP has emerged as the fastest and extensively used server-side scripting language for developing web applications. Interestingly, PHP is the known server-side programming language for 78.2% of the websites developed worldwide. PHP is preferred over other server-side programming languages like Python and Ruby, owing to its adequate documentation, various ready-to-use scripts, a supportive community, and amply supported frameworks and development tools. Why are PHP development tools important? When building web applications, developers write hundreds of lines of …

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Everything You Need to Know About Laravel PHP Framework (Infographic)

Emerging IT businesses need the best solutions for developing secure web applications. Reduce the hours of tasks with a suitable framework of Laravel. In developing pragmatic web applications, the PHP framework of Laravel is used for writing templates. Web users can save time and build easily maintainable codes. The Laravel PHP framework comprises an engine called Blade. For the development process of web applications, web users write plain PHP codes. With continuous advancements, the latest version of Laravel development is …

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Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

When it comes to technology, it helps in reducing your labor work, minimizing the efforts to perform a task and enhancing productivity by offering advanced support. As we already know about the world of mobile is reaching the peak of the world. The mobile phones have gathered such brilliant apps that can easily perform the entire essential task. All the services offered by frameworks Laravel and CakePHP. They are the most preferred development frameworks and extremely high in demand these days. PHP …

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Laravel PHP Framework

7 Ways You Can Get More Laravel While Spending Less

As the demand of Laravel Community grows, there are different assets accessible to enable you to learn Laravel. That is incredible! Which one will help you to keen on your skill in the difficult task? For the newbies, I’m sure these fundamentals are at the forefront of your thoughts, So, I collected these essential seven tips which will help you to learn Laravel all the more effective. Tips which I mention in the post in which some of them focus …

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The Yii PHP Framework – A Comprehensive Review

Due to the advent of latest technology internet plays a significant role. Everything has become web-based. You need an optimum platform to develop a web application in order to survive in the competitive market. A better framework leads to an excellent application. Are you looking for a high-performance PHP framework? Here is the great solution for your search. Yii is a high-performance PHP framework with loads of outstanding features. Nowadays each and every transaction was done in an online mode. …

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