Getting the Most out of SRM through Snackable Content Marketing

The modern consumer tends to feel ennui with those old marketing practices. They can easily find information about any kind of product by surfing on the internet. Therefore, all of the marketers need to assimilate the value of investing their time and money on devising and deploying strategic internet marketing services for taking their business to the next level of corporate prosperity.

SRM (Social/Supplier Relationship Management) practices are the main components of snackable strategies particularly devised for the deployment of effective advertising through high-quality content. The actual objective of this is to maintain immaculate and unbreakable communication with all of your consumers and prospects without selling.

Understanding SRM

SRM stands for Social/ Supplier Relation Management. All of the best social media marketing companies help businesses focus on interacting fruitfully with their suppliers to negotiate, purchase and manage contracts, logistics, delivery of services, products, and collaboration on product design and development. The starting point of SRM is very straightforward and it is very useful and accurately thought-out to analyze when and how to leverage the assets of your suppliers, capacities, and knowledge for seeking competitive advantage.

What is Content?

Content is king of the digital world for business promotion. As for content strategy, it acts as a solid spine for content management to ensure high-quality SRM (Social/supplier management relationship). Modern businesses require impeccable content management strategies for ensuring productive brand engagement with its current or future customers on social media platforms.


It is Time to learn About the Vital Components of Content Marketing Strategies

Basically, content marketing strategy is a technical approach towards strategic internet marketing services dedicated towards the production and distribution of valuable and high-quality content for retaining a clearly-defined target market. Ultimately, it is a medium for inspiring customers to take desired actions.  This is possible only when content is valuable and relevant to what the customer is actually looking for. Most importantly, it is a never stopping process deployed with the intention of transforming and revitalizing your entire business process. The entire focus of such strategies is to market content on social media.

Snackable content marketing strategies provide every businessman a solid platform for effective and efficient communication with consumers and prospects. Following is the list of vital components of effective CMS (Content Management Strategies):

  • Planning of content
  • Content Creation
  • Delivery of Content
  • The governance of content/ Content Management
  • Structure of content
  • Substance and workflow of content
  • Content-oriented components
  • People oriented components
  • Content lifecycle
  • Implementation of the best and content creation practices.
  • Execution of the best content management and marketing practices.

Various Forms of Content:

Most of the multinational companies like P&G, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems etc. focus on developing and executing their own snackable content marketing strategies for taking their business to the new heights of success on the digital front. Even start-ups and shops also do the same across the globe.

What is the purpose of switching to easy to adopt content marketing strategies for your business? An inquisitive mind won’t just stop here. The creation and execution of content marketing strategy require very flexible minds to put in imaginative and compelling efforts.


Considering this, it is very important for every business to be completely familiar with all sorts of content types to help themselves make the most of the strategies to market content effectively. Following is the list of content types to virtually help you devise result oriented marketing plan relevant to content:

  • Blogging
  • Microblogging Websites
  • Professional website copywriting services
  • Printing and digital media publications
  • Conversations of social media platforms
  • Visual content
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • Content for application
  • Content produced by users
  • Multichannel experience
  • Infographics
  • Lists
  • Webinars
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Tutorials
  • White Papers
  • Research
  • Polls
  • Case Studies
  • PDF downloadable files
  • Podcasts
  • Guides
All of these different are different forms of content for helping companies manage social relations with current or potential customers on all of the major social media platforms in the world. All of these different forms of content will impact your company’s Social/Supplier media relations in a different way on every social media channel. Since these forms of content need different kinds of management practices in place, they can easily impact your company’s content production and management and social/supplier relation management practices. Therefore, it is very important for all of the businesses to devise their own unique and striking content management strategies for helping themselves increase consumer pool for improving their ROI consistently.

Keeping this mind, most of the famous companies in the world devise and deploy different sorts of content management relevant to their social/supplier relationship management goals and practices. Different kinds of content affect the customer in a completely different way. The position of customer matters in the purchase cycle. Therefore, snackable content and SRM practices are considered vital by most of the established corporate brands and emerging entrepreneurs for consolidating relation with current and potential customers across major social media platforms.

Some brand names that topped the world of business with snackable content marketing practices:

Almost 72% businessmen or marketers are of the view that effective content management practices are the much better source of ROI than advertisements in magazines. Facts do have their own impactful voice. They speak loudly and don’t lie at all! Snackable content marketing strategies are a far better option than direct emails or press releases for such business purpose.

Given below is a list of brand names that added success through the implementation of practices for managing content for Social/Supplier relationship management.

  • Cisco
  • Virgin Mobile
  • Toshiba
  • Linkedin
* Reference: 25 Brands That Made it Big with Content Marketing.

Do you want to know the way, did it? Alright! Read below.

1. Cisco:


Cisco, an American tech specialist company headquartered in San Jose, California is known for effectively utilizing content management for achieving SRM objectives. A couple of years ago, the company launched and used case studies for measuring ROI of its content management practices for consolidating relations with customers across social media channels.  This helped Cisco achieve its lead goals for more than $100,000. Further the company is planning to utilize these stunning results as a strong base for launching products in future. Therefore, Cisco is one of the best examples making the most of improved Social/Supplier Relationship Management through effective content management strategies for rising to the top.

2. Virgin Mobile:


Virgin Mobile, a famous United States based technology brand, is also among the best examples. The company focused on improving brand engagement with customers on social media platforms. This technically innovative approach helped the company stay on top of the industrial competition and lead the industry towards perfection with considerable improvement in Return on Investment. It paid off in the long run from the business point of view.

3. Toshiba:


Another renowned technology conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company optimized its own platform for boosting the keyword “Smart city” and invested financially for boosting SEO rankings of its this campaign. This snackable social/ supplier relationship management practice helped Toshiba gain 160,000 LinkedIn followers across the globe. Since then, the company has been focusing on using useful content management strategies to maintain a good relation with them. This approach is very useful for revitalizing your dying ROI.

4. LinkedIn:


Who does not know this brand? Everybody knows it. Right? However, hardly anyone knows the fact that the company struggled to place its feet firmly in the marketplace. The entire credit goes to the market stranglehold of Facebook. LinkedIn, an awesome content sharing platform gains its success through the implementation of the best content management practices devised and deployed to help B2B companies in the process of effective Social/Supplier Relationship Management. In this way, use of videos, written content, photos, infographics and all sorts of content helped the company help its client base gain 50% increase in lead generation for meeting conversion rate goals with ease.

All of these companies are great examples of snackable content marketing strategies for SRM. However, the names of American Express, IBM, Intel, XEROX, Expedia, Red Bull, and Coca-Cola are also among the best examples.

Advantages of Content Marketing Strategies for Businesses:

Impeccable execution of strategy designed and developed for marketing content to perfection is the key to informing your current and possible pool of consumers about your product, services, and business values that drive your business towards progress.


Marketing of content in every possible form is a robust and versatile discipline. It is not easy to figure out the best-concerned technique, platform, and the companies to help business fulfill this purpose. A good social media marketing company will provide the services of practiced professionals to help businesses grow through relevant content strategies. Here’s why it’s successful:

  1. Effectively strategized content for marketing business is much more capable than any other thing. It explains your product, services, and business values in a way that a customer can understand and accept with ease.
  2. Such content is easily shareable with all sorts of audience on all sorts of social media platforms.
  3. It is strong enough to promote business, services, products or business values easily with just strategic brainstorming.
  4. Most of the companies like it because every single word of such content is self-optimized to promote business, services, products on any social media platform with valuable and to-the-point blocks of information that your target audience is concerned about.
  5. Most importantly, such strategy is key to understanding your target audience with effectively crafted information for integration across various touch points to build a consistently updated inventory of latest information concerned with all the services, products that your target audience needs.
  6. Measurement and analysis for optimizing your business through content are the biggest advantages because of longer shelf life for content on all of the companies known for marketing content on social media websites.
  7. Helps businesses tweak their content for ensuring new and lively consumer engagement with the brand on appropriate platforms.

However, most of the successful businesses do the following things to make their content marketing strategies successful.

  1. They get visual. In simple words, they post on social media platforms regularly and interact with all of their current and future customers.
  2. They provide accurate product, services or business information to the users. Businesses don’t fake about anything.
  3. Finally, they do invest wisely in the creation of content and relevant marketing strategies for publishing it via renowned social media websites.

Finally, business owners need to understand the value of investing in the development and deployment of result oriented content marketing strategies. And professional web copywriting services are an integral part of all this.

This article is written by Vin Boris. He is Social Media Marketer & Content Writer at SoftProdigy is web design and development company striving in IT industry from more than 10 years & have worked for hundreds of clients including big & small brands. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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