12 Must Read Books for Web Designers and Developers

Surfing the net might be the easiest way out for any web developers who want to beef up their core knowledge of their craft. However, there remain some professionals who think that books are way better.

If you’re working in industries like the web design, having ample of skills to offer clients is a major factor that could help you stay in the company’s good graces, and perhaps lands a promotion in the future.

Reading the latest developments in your field, including more efficient techniques to carry out a task is a must, all of which can be found in different books and resource materials.

Today, we have listed 12 highly recommended paperback reading materials that you can bring anywhere and enjoy while taking a short coffee break or while bringing work outside of your office’s four walls.

1. A Practice Guide to Designing for the Web (by Mark Boulton)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 1If it’s about design and layout, this comprehensive guide is a worthy read. Rather than focus on the technicalities of codes and programming, this book helps web designers understand the importance of typography, color, and graphics in crafting an appealing website.

2. Content Strategy for Mobile (by Karen McGrane)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 2Today, designing the web goes beyond just the mere creation of a functional site. It also signifies understanding the type of device that most of your target market uses. The proliferation of smartphones and its mobility advantage creates a challenge for developers to create content that is mobile-friendly – something which this book discusses in details.

3. CSS3 for Web Designers (by Dan Cederholm)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 3This book aims to help developers understand the broad range of possibilities that CSS can do for a website. It’s a must-have when you’re looking for something technical but at the same time gives you details on fun themes and visual designs.

4. Design is a Job (by Mike Monteiro)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 4This is a go-to book for any web designers who want to make a serious business out of their skills and those who are already making some baby steps to its fulfillment. More than that of design and layout, this book helps professionals understand the appropriate way to deal with clients and build a good reputation in their field.

5. Double Your Freelancing Rate in 14 Days (by Brennan Dunn)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 5This is a must-read resource for all web designers who plan or who are currently involved in any freelance gigs. It helps them understand the importance of giving attention to the value you offer to your customers over the money you get.

6. HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World (by Estelle Weyl, Louis Lazaris and Alexis Goldstein)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 6It’s a technical book that offers insightful details on creating dynamic websites using HTML5 and CSS3. The book covers effective strategies that any developer can immediately apply to whatever project they plan to work.

7. JavaScript Patterns (by Stoyan Stefanov)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 7This is for developers who already have some basic background in JavaScript and are looking for options to take their expertise a knot higher. The book contains hands-on examples you can try on and even things you should avoid to ensure you have the best output.

8. Kaizen (by Masaaki Imai)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 8Now, this may not be among the best list of must-have books by some designers as it’s primarily focused on management in the context of Japan’s return to success after World War II. However, there are certain principles highlighted in the book that is highly applicable in today’s innovative industry. For designers who are always encouraged to be innovative, this resource is a good one.

9. Responsive Web Design (by Ethan Marcotte)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 9It’s a recommended book for designers who are looking for specific methods on making their websites highly responsive across different platforms. This comprehensive work discusses the need for creating a site that can easily be accessed through a mobile phone, tablet, netbooks and more.

10. Rocket Surgery Made Easy (by Steve Krug)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 10Usability and testing are vital things for the success of any website. This book discusses in details their importance as well as tips on how to perform them regularly.

11. Seductive Interaction Design (by Stephen P. Anderson)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 11This offers a closer look at the design and the reactions they encourage from their audience. It touches some areas in psychology and looks into the phases of seduction about project design integration.

12. Steve Jobs (by Walter Isaacson)

Must Read Books Web Designers - Point 12It’s a book that brings us closer look at Steve Jobs’ life and works process. While it doesn’t necessarily offer technical lessons on web design, the professional and life learning we can get from Steve Jobs offers a huge inspiration for innovators to do continually the thing they love most.

The web industry business is continually changing. Be on the forefront of innovation by always learning new ideas and practical skills. Start by reading the above-mentioned book recommendations!

This article is written by Christine de Guzman. She is a freelance writer for MyOptimind, a company in the Philippines that develops mobile apps, SEO, and web design. Aside from being a freelancer, she also loves to travel out of town and makes herself be updated with the technology. Follow her: Facebook | Twitter | Google+.

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