SEO Tactics: The Best Ways to Double Your Search Traffic in 2020

“This article highlights 14 SEO tactics that will help you double your search traffic in the upcoming future.”

In today’s time where digital marketing is becoming a huge trend, every other businessman wants his website to be on the top searches of Google. Definitely, you also want the same. But, how?

Well, for that you need to have good search traffic, then only you can make your website visible among the people worldwide. So, are you ready to double your search traffic by 2020? Of course, yes! Here are some of the SEO tactics that will help you increase the website traffic, so give them a read.

1. Do Complete SEO Audit on Your Website


Once you start auditing your website, then you’ll come to know the actual reason why you are not getting enough sales and traffic. No doubt, lots of SEO companies offer such, but you can save your time and money by doing it yourself. Auditing is basically a kind of examination of result, event, and concept that is performed in order to identify where you actually stand. So, do it carefully. The following are the checkpoints that you need to take care while doing auditing:

  1. Do all the pages have meta titles and descriptions?
  2. Does every page of the website is optimized with SEO keywords?
  3. Is the URL structure is optimized for search engines?
  4. Is every page and blog is formatted correctly?
  5. Have you used links in all the contents?

So, start doing the audit for your website by keeping these 5 questions in mind with their appropriate answers. As the traffic gets generated from the users only, you first you need to read their mindset. Now, you’ll be thinking about how? Well, the technique is discussed in the next step.

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2. Know What Your Users Want


Stop taking Google as a billboard as it is a database that has the details from nothing to everything. The experts associated with the company do not only come up with innovative tools, platforms, and devices to boast about you but also, they work day and night to make every single data available. Being the most popular search engine, it risks saying, “Cannot Found” for your queries.

Similarly, think yourself as the big data company and focus on what your target customers need. Once you get an idea, then you can attract them with creative content. Now, the question is – how to get feedback from your ideal customers? So, you can do this in the following ways:

  • Using social media platforms.
  • Use Google Analytics to see the most popular pages.
  • Track the post with maximum shares.
  • React visitor’s comments on the blog posts.
The following 4 techniques will help you know the user’s expectations or needs. So, do it carefully.

3. Generate SEO Optimized Landing Pages


A landing page that is well-designed can provide you a great benefit in getting more leads and sales. The more the pages will be, the more traffic you will get. Make sure to create a good landing page and the key elements are:

  • Creative content that is useful for the reader.
  • No navigation should be there.
  • A call to action must be there. Using “Images” (article related) in the article body is highly recommended. But please make sure the width of any image should NOT exceed 660 pixels. Images should be in “*.JPEG”, “*.JPG”, “*.PNG” or “*.GIF” format. No animated images, please.
Remember, a landing page can get you a lot of income, so focus more on it and do not miss the chance to double your search traffic.

4. Keep Your Website Mobile-Friendly


In today’s technological world where everything gets done in a few clicks, having a mobile-friendly website matter. It is really important to make sure that your website looks good with great performance on mobile devices. Making a mobile-friendly website is no more a luxury, it’s a standard.

We all know that none of the users have that much time to scroll your website on a laptop or PC, they always open it using a mobile device and that is why you should build a good mobile-friendly website.

5. Use Infographics to Grow Your Traffic


In today’s time, Infographics are becoming more popular as they provide complex information in an easy and standard manner. More than 60% of the people are visual learners, so a graphic image is more helpful for them than reading just a text article. Unfortunately, the majority of the people ignore the info part and focus more on the graphics. So, along with the good design, quality facts also matter, then only you can generate more search traffic towards your website (it can be double, who knows!).

6. Optimize the Latest Content for RankBrain


Since the inception of Google in 1998, the search engine has evolved up to a great extent. So, if you want to remain in the competition and want high rankings, then you need to beware of all the latest Google algorithm updates. To analyze the ranking, you can use the latest algorithm known as RankBrain. It first learns about the content and its relation with the audience searching. Since RankBrain works on AI, sometimes it might get confused in analyzing the single word of two different meanings. For example – Apple fruit and Apple Phone. So, use the keyword carefully so that the Google spider understand easily what you are trying to convey and avoid keyword stuffing.

7. Include a Roundup Post

writing assignment article essay

In this type of post, you take an interview with some people and include the best response on the list. Doing so will not only help you increase the number of views on your article but also grows your SEO ranking and boost traffic. Then the main benefit of the roundup post is that your website comes in front of thousands of people that ultimately increase the views and rankings.

Creating a roundup post for organizing the traffic is just a 3-step process:

  • 1st Step: Find an engaging topic and question to ask.
  • 2nd Step: Make a list of the experts and get in touch with them.
  • 3rd Step: Conduct their interview and share the response.
Once you are done with these three steps, then you are all set to increase the traffic for your website.

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8. Use Valuable Content to Post on Social Media

5 Productivity Tools to Manage Social Media Marketing Activities

Suppose, if your blog is new, then it becomes quite difficult to rank well in Google search results. So, at that time, you can use social media platforms to gain traffic and credibility. Post the content on social media doesn’t mean to post on the sites where anyone can post anything, it’s all about posting at the websites where quality content is expected. For example – you can post content on Quora, SlideShare, Blogger, etc. Such websites will give you the opportunity to double your search traffic.

9. Use Advanced SEO Internal Linking

link building

It is the best practice to use anchor text to link the other pages inside your content. It will reflect the deepness of your website’s page to Google. So, whenever you start interlinking the pages other than the homepage, then your SEO ranking will start improving and somehow increases the traffic. For that, the best way is to use advanced SEO strategies, so that you can do strong interlinking.

10. Pass on Link Juice to the Lower Rank Pages

link building config setting

If your website pages are currently on Google pages 3 & 4, so to make it move up to rank 1 you can pass on quality link juice to the lower-ranked pages. The process of link juice refers to outbound links from the higher authority sources to your content. Now that your links are coming from the higher authority, so all of their reputations get transferred to your content. This way, Google gets the indication that your content is of higher quality too and ultimately your traffic gets double.

11. Do External Site Linking with High Domain Authority


This technique will help you pass the link juice to your content whenever it gets from the domain of higher authority. It will also help you build trust in front of Google, whenever you do link with high authority websites. So, start doing linking with the higher domain authority and do not miss the chance to double your search traffic.

12. Find Out Your Competitor’s SEO Keywords & Implement Them

right keywords

Doing research on your competitor’s keywords is a smart move. The thing is why to reinvent the wheel when the hard-work for Google ranking is already being done by your competitor? The benefit is, you can easily spy on the exact keywords and use them to create better content and to increase the sales and traffic. The process is simply signing up the newsletter and you can come to know about their whole email marketing strategy. The only thing you need to spend is enough time and ultimately, you’ll get the best strategy to work on. You can also use various tools available online to find out the competitor’s keyword.

13. Insert Multiple Keyword in SEO Page Title


Google search results display the SEO page title on the SERP page. So make sure to insert the keyword in each page title. Try not to use spam trigger words, otherwise, you have to face the consequences as Google considers your content less legit. Keep the title strong with the correct keyword, so that you can generate enough traffic through it.

14. Update the Old Content Regularly

effective good quality content

If you are doing blogging for more than 6 months than definitely you have too much content in your archives. Undoubtedly, there are some posts that are still ranking and generate more traffic, then why not improve them and get higher rankings? So, make a list of the top-performing contents and update them. It’s not only about updating the top content; you should also keep on updating the low-ranking contents.

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To Conclude…


These are some of the SEO tactics that are definitely not the easier ones to implement but are incredibly effective if implemented carefully. Remember, SEO success is all about fulfilling the requirement of your targeted audience, so while working keep their perspectives in mind. Focusing on the user intent along with these 14 tips is the perfect solution for traffic success.

This article is written by Lexi Edwards. Lexi is a senior academic writer worked as an essay writing service provider at Assignment Desk. She is very passionate about writing having a keen knowledge of SEO.

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