Why Do We Love Leica Cameras? Let’s Find Out the Pros & Cons!

Does your camera matter when it comes to taking great pictures? Well, perhaps it doesn’t, but…. It does matter and that’s why we are going to show you why we love Leica cameras. Leica cameras and lenses are the most expensive in the world but people love them. They are great for outdoor, interior, landscape, travel, and nature photography.

But do you need a $7,000 camera that requires you to buy a $4,000 lens to capture amazing pictures? Perhaps no! Read on to know why we love Leica cameras.

Did you know that Leica was founded more than one hundred years ago but is still one of the leading photography brands producing amazing cameras every photographer yearns to own? Well, perhaps you became a photographer just the other day so you might not know this. You will be forgiven for that. Perhaps you are wondering why every photographer is dying for Leica cameras. So in this article, we will let you know why we love Leica cameras. You must have heard about the iconic rangefinder cameras but you aren’t aware that these gadgets have been around since the 1930s.

What Makes A Good Camera?


A good camera is one that takes great photos without the hassle to adjust and fine-tune the settings. A good camera will allow you to focus on the object when taking pictures instead of figuring out how it works. It does not require too much setting and neither does it have complicated settings- you can learn how to use the camera within the first 3 minutes of holding it.

If you will have to turn your camera twice or thrice to figure out things before you take pictures, then you have a crappy camera. But if you can take out the camera from the bag and capture a scene as it happens, then you have a good camera. The latest DSLRs are grab-and-shoot cameras. However, they have one problem- you have to set them first before they can allow that. ..And setting them takes time. Besides, you will always need to reset the camera every time.

Also, DSLRs aren’t easy to set up. And that’s where Leica becomes a winner in the photography industry. One user we asked told us “I love Leica cameras because I can take my camera out of the bag and take a photo immediately”, “in short, it’s a set-it-and-go shoot camera”. Another user said, “with a D750, the time it takes to have my camera going is about 5 minutes but with a Leica camera, I can take it from the box and start using it in less than 1 minute”. And this takes us to the next question…

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Why is Leica Recognized in the Photography Industry?


Leica has received much of its recognition after it launched the M series of rangefinder cameras. The M series cameras are perhaps incomparable. Perhaps the only company that beats Leica is Rolex or Rolls Royce. These cameras are recognized by professional photographers for their effectiveness when it comes to capturing close scenes since they are compact and powerful.

Undeniably, the company produces amazing photographic gadgets and that’s why we love their cameras. Besides, the company is reputable for the production of the best lenses. How does it feel to have lenses that feel good in the hand and work as you expect? Yes, with Leica cameras, you don’t have to sweat when adjusting the settings.

Did we mention that Leica cameras and lenses are the most costly in the photography market? Yes, we did, but why is every photographer dying to have one? Are Leica cameras worth the money? Perhaps the one thing you will love Leica cameras for is because they produce amazing pictures, they are compact, they feel good in the hand and are costly. Let’s learn a few things about the company and why it is recognized worldwide.

How the Company Started


Where is Leica from? Sited on an old desk full of ideas in Wetzlar, Germany in 1914, Oskar Barnack made a compact and portable camera as a competitor to the weighty camera of those days. This camera became the best among the early and famous photographers Henri Cartier Bresson is one of them.

In the 1950s, Leica surprised their customers by producing the M-system camera that stamped the mark of quality Leica commanded on the faces of the famous photographers of those days. It has retained the 35mm rangefinder body up to date. Leica released the M8, a high-end digital camera in 2006. Well, it’s no doubt, Leica faced huge challenges getting into the digital world but currently, the company is reputable for the production of amazing digital cameras.

What’s the Special Thing about Leica Cameras?


Is Leica a good camera? With the hefty price tag they come with, perhaps there are one or two things that make Leica cameras special than other photography tools. Let’s find out.

First off, you will love the Leica rangefinder. It’s one of the best unique things that make us love Leica cameras. Another incredible thing about Leica cameras is that they are compact in design and offer enhanced functionality- you can manually adjust the settings to capture amazing pictures. Well, we will not forget to let you know that Leica’s attention to detail during manufacturing and the powerful lenses are also other amazing things making Leica cameras special.

Overall, Leica offers amazing photo recording experience no other cameras do even then DSLs or mirrorless cameras from China.

Leica Cameras and Lenses are Costly


Why are Leica lenses so expensive? Truly, Leica cameras and lenses are costly. But these cameras are handmade. Yes, the materials used to manufacture these cameras are of high quality. That means that when you buy a Leica camera, you buy something unique.

Well, you can still get a cheaper camera of the same category that offers amazing photography experience. There are also less costly Leica cameras such as Leica M. Overall, not all photographers can afford a Leica camera.

Leica Camera’s Image Quality


We will not shy away from telling you that Leica cameras and lenses take amazing pictures you can’t get with any other cameras. Well, it might be bad news for you but not as such- There are no huge upgrades with Leica lenses but you can’t compare the image quality you get with these lenses with any other camera out there.

But here is the question, why spend thousands of dollars buying a Leica and cough out other thousands on lenses? Besides, you can buy a Sony A7 III with good lenses at half the price you spend on a Leica camera. What’s so great with Leica? Keep reading to learn more.

The Greatness of Leica Cameras


What makes Leica great? Perhaps you have no dreams of buying a Leica camera but look, the day you try one is the day you will never want to come out of that camera shop without a Leica camera.

Well, we are just getting funny. The first day we bought a Leica camera, huh! The classic style, the weight, the rigidness, and many other features mesmerized us.  Currently, many people own Leica cameras. They are costly, but how does it feel to own a Rolex watch? That’s the feeling you will have when you buy a Leica. These high-end cameras are classy and incredible.

But you don’t have to be rich to own a Leica camera by the way. We have come across people who aren’t rich owning Leica cameras. That means there are one or two special things you get with a Leica. Besides, many photographers have recommended the superior Leica lens and the amazing quality of its glass positions it better in the industry.

First, Leica’s lens is sharp so you don’t need to sharpen pictures after production. On the downside, the Leica’s lens glass is so fragile that it needs special shipment- you need a soft paper to ship it. The good thing is that the lens is fixed with screws so they can last longer.

How’s Leica with Portrait Photography?


Although Leica cameras work well with portrait photography, they aren’t without some limitations. The first limitation is the inability to autofocus with the Leica rangefinder lenses. That means you can’t shoot at a high speed. However, Leica cameras are great and offer a comfortable photography experience.

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Is Leica Worth the Purchase?


This question brings about plenty of questions about whether Leica cameras are worth the buy or not. However, the truth is that Leica cameras can leave a huge hole in your pocket. That’s why you may want to consider cheaper models that still offer incredible features although they can’t be compared with Leica’s.

Leica has taken longer to get into digital photography with its rangefinder models. The Leica M-system is yet to yet to integrate automatic features. Putting these facts and others into consideration, we can say that Leica cameras are worthy of a specific group of photographers. For instance, experienced photographers could find the Leica M series incredible for they offer over their exposure and focus settings.

In fact, for fine art photography, the M series would make the best option. For street photography, Leica cameras win the front seat as the best still cameras with a discrete look. Besides, Leica cameras and lenses are durable thus giving you value for your money.

Unfortunately, with all the good things and amazing experience you can get with Leica cameras, they aren’t suitable for new photographers who lack technical skills. If you want a camera for taking wildlife photos or a fast-focusing camera with huge zooms, Leica cameras may not make the best option for you. Overall, before you buy a Leica camera, you’d better off consider what you want to do with the gadget.

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