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WordPress Hosting has a vital role to play if you are planning to bring your business online using WordPress. Before choosing the right hosting provider for your business you need to do thorough research of your needs and try to match them with offerings of the company. If you are looking for a perfect WordPress hosting provider that can look after your special requirements then Kinsta is an ideal option. Go through the following review to know what difference Kinsta can bring to your business:

Hosting on a perfect platform:

Kinsta offers you one of the best online infrastructures in the form of Google Cloud Platform. It also gives the flexibility to select a data center which is most convenient for you. Customers can choose the server location on the basis of the region they want to target. Kinta is also powered by LXD container technology that facilitates quick transport of backup.


Free migrations:

If you are planning to migrate your website to Kinsta from any other hosting provider then you can do so conveniently without paying any charges. The migration process requires zero downtime and your website will be tested thoroughly before making it live.

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Amazing customer support:

Kinsta always believes in offering its customers premium support if they face any issues. In case you come across any query, you only need to get in touch with customer personnel through chat support and within a few minutes, you will get a solution to your problem. Kinsta has a large staff of knowledgeable and trained people who are always ready to offer any kind of support you require.

On-demand or automated backup service:

Though Kinsta takes backup of all your WordPress data on daily basis, you can also opt for automated backup service. Within only a few clicks you can restore your entire backup to live website.


Staging site:

This is one of the highly exclusive features you will get with a managed hosting service provider such as Kinsta. It allows you to create an exact copy of your real website. You can make experiments and apply those to live site. Most of the other WordPress hosting providers offer this feature at a premium rate but Kinsta has given its customers a cutting edge by offering such feature at an extremely affordable price.

Free SSL:

You can get free SSL with Kinsta and it is extremely convenient to set up within a few minutes. It also provides a custom plugin which means you have several advanced functionalities well within your control.  Kinsta is so user-friendly that you can do the quick installation or apply your customized solutions to achieve perfect results for your website.


Plans & Pricing:

Kinsta offers 10 different pricing plans that vary from $30 to $1500 per month. Here are key details about the 4 cheapest plans they provide:

  • Starter: It is offered at a price of $30 per month. You can get one site installation, free SSL, 10GB of disk space and 20,000 visits with this package.
  • Pro: This plan can be availed at $60 per month. It gives you 20GB of disk space, free SSL, 2 WordPress installs and 40,000 visits.
  • Business 1: You can get this package at a price of $100 per month. You will get 5 website installs, 30GB of disk space, free SSL and 100,000 visits with this plan.
  • Business 2: This plan comes with premium features at a price of $200 per month. You will get 10 websites installs, 40GB of disk space, free SSL and 250,000 visits with this premium package.
You must choose a plan on the basis of numbers of WordPress sites you wish to host, how much data space you need and the number of views your site is getting every month. Whether your website is new, whether you are migrating your site or you have a blog that is driving extremely high traffic are also few parameters that need to be considered while selecting the right pricing plan for your website.


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The Bottom Line:

Kinsta is known for its high-end technology and outstanding customer support. It deals with its clients very seriously. This is the reason why it has got such a large customer base in a short span of time. Though Kinsta is listed in some of the well-known WordPress hosting providers, it may not be suitable for each kind of WordPress website. This is why you need to define your priorities and then choose a hosting provider that can fulfill your key requirements.

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Kinsta is known for its high-end technology and outstanding customer support. It deals with its client very seriously and this is the reason why it has got such a large customer base in a short span of time.

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