Role and Responsibilities of Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce CRM is the most prized possession of any organization. Today customer data or information is unique and most important for any organization and it is the CRM that holds each and every information of their customer and can suggest future prospects as well. There are many CRM platforms in the market but the reason behind the success of Salesforce is its customization feature. Salesforce CRM can be customized by anyone as per his requirement and the team goals. Salesforce is popular just due to its features and customization. This article covers the following points.

Role and Responsibilities of Salesforce Consultants Points

Most of the organizations which are using Salesforce have to employ a Salesforce administrator who is familiar with the CRM and can help the organization in performing day to day activities and train the organizational employees if required. Though being the administrator these people do not know the customization process of this CRM. Salesforce customization can be done either by the Salesforce developer or a person who has the complete knowledge of Salesforce. Some organizations prefer Salesforce customization only at the initial stage of implementation or at the time when they want to optimize it as per their requirement.

Why Hire a Salesforce Consultant or Consulting Partner?

In order to get the maximum return from the Salesforce implementation platform, suitable Salesforce customization is a must match the company goals and requirements. To get the best customization done and to get the maximum value from Salesforce customization you may need to find the service of the best Salesforce Consultant. The Salesforce consultants are responsible for the support and customization of this CRM in the best possible manner and provide assistance as and when required.

A Salesforce consultant devotes his complete knowledge and energy in making Salesforce worth for the organization by providing them the certified and experienced Salesforce professionals. As they are experienced so have worked with a number of diverse Salesforce projects. They know which feature of the CRM will be worth for the organization in what way. Moreover, they have experience in optimizing Salesforce as per the organizational needs. At the time of initial level implementation, Salesforce works as a lump of clay which can be molded in any direction as per the requirement.


There are many Salesforce consultants which can help you in providing only basic Salesforce implementation while others can provide you advance level support for Salesforce customization. Here to hire any Salesforce consultant the organization must know what is their exact requirement because you may not like to hire someone who is superbly intelligent and customize the features even not required by you. A perfect Salesforce consultant can help and ensure you that you will get the Salesforce working in the way which is required by your company and will increase the return. Moreover if at any time you are stuck in any situation which you think cannot be solved easily then these Salesforce consultants will help you in resolving the complicated issues and getting the desired result. In any complicated situation, you will not have to contact the search and find the solution to your problem, instead, you can contact your consulting partner and start working on the project.

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Responsibilities and Expectations of Salesforce Consulting Partner

Before hiring the Salesforce consultant for your company you need to know and understand how the consultant will work and what they can ask and demand from you in order to implement Salesforce perfectly?

  • A Salesforce Consultant can ask a “Project Overview” document
  • He may ask the checklist of “Client Responsibilities”
  • He may ask to have the guidelines followed by your employees to provide the service to your client
  • If the cookbook is being followed by the project then make available that to the consultant
  • The expected time needed for clients validation prototype review, discovery and acceptance testing
  • The time required for client executive review meeting to check the project escalation
  • He may want to know that what proportion of the project may be expected to complete by the client

Job Responsibilities of a Salesforce Consultant

“Salesforce is pretty flexible in how you decide to use it, which lets you make it as convenient as possible. However, it can appear confusing if you are not familiar with the system well enough.” – as Dmitriy Ogol, the Co-founder and CEO of Ergonized, explained in one of his recent articles.

With the increased popularity of Salesforce CRM, the demand for Salesforce consultants is also increasing rapidly. As the consultants are those persons who add value to the organization so are like an asset for the organization. They add value to the business by generating value and increasing the ROI of the company. The Salesforce consultant is the prime resource for the company. As they are one of the most valuable employees of the organization so must be tech and business savvy. The person must have a good grasp of the technical and functional features of Salesforce.

Role and Responsibilities of Salesforce Consultants Chart

Salesforce consultant is responsible to add value to the business so must be competent on the CRM platform and should be able to develop and provide an appropriate solution to the business problems quickly. Must be aware of all advanced features of the CRM and how they can be used to make the Salesforce implementation worth for the organization.

They need not know each and every minor feature of the platform but still must have good knowledge of the platform and the functionalities and latest updates provided by Salesforce. They must have the information about data and information flow within Salesforce and be aware of the functionalities offered by the platform and how is it distributed. Also, they must know how the various available features can leverage the organization. There is a huge requirement of Salesforce consultants due to its increasing use by a number of companies.

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How to find a Perfect Salesforce Consultant?

As for a perfect Salesforce implementation, you must hire a perfect Salesforce Partner but still, sometimes you may find yourself puzzled that how should you choose your consultant? For that, you can first take out the available service providers in your zone and then check their reviews, experience, technical skills. You can either hire an individual consultant or through a consulting firm. Prior to hiring the consultant you can check his ratings and reviews and hire the specialist.

As there are companies that work for multiple CRM and may not have complete knowledge of the Salesforce CRM and some typical projects like data migration may require in-depth knowledge of the platform so in such cases it may be good to hire an experienced and knowledgeable Salesforce consultant. Your Salesforce consultant must not only be experienced and intelligent instead he must be able to cooperate with your organizational process and goals.

Final Words


There are a number of Salesforce consultants available in the market. They are working as individual consultants and you can also hire them from any firm. In any case, as they are going to play a big role in your organization so it is a must to choose them wisely. Hiring a knowledgeable and experienced consultant can leverage your organization and optimize the platform for your organizational needs.

The Salesforce consultants job involves to add business values to the organization and to customize the platform so that it can become a leveraging platform for the organization. Salesforce has a number of tools and features but all of them may not be required by your business so a Salesforce consultant can suggest the features beneficial for your organization and which can increase the ROI of the business.

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