Gadgets You Will Most Likely Buy for Your Car in 2018

Technology is transforming every area of our lives and cars are no exception. Currently, new cars are being equipped with some the latest safety features and manufacturers are always coming up with new ways to meet the demands of today’s consumer and to match current vehicle trends.

One of the number one features consumers want is more and better connectivity wherever they are, but up until recently, staying safe on the road while being connected has been far from safe. New gadgets are constantly hitting the shelves each to help enhance driver safety and driver experience.

Let’ take a look at the top car gadget categories that most drivers will most likely purchase for their cars in 2018.

Smartphone Bluetooth and Audio Connectors

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Every car, driver, and in-vehicle connectivity needs vary but no matter how large or small the Bluetooth needs of the driver may be, there is a gadget out there to make life on the road safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Cars already equipped with Bluetooth capabilities will require fewer gadgets in comparison to cars without connectivity capabilities.

In many states and countries, distracted driving laws have been put in place and are strictly enforced, and for good reason. Too many lives have been ruined and lost due to simply dialing a number or sending text messages while driving. If a person works in a job that requires a lot of talking while on the road and they happen to live in a state or area where tickets are given for cell phone use in the car, then a hands-free system is a must.

Some companies have created adapters so more drivers can take advantage of live-streaming features and hands-free functions without having to worry about having a car that comes with Bluetooth connectivity. Adapters can simply be installed with the driver’s driving experience automatically being transformed into a safer and much more enjoyable one.

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Gadgets that Enhance Safety

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Backup cameras are a must for improved driver safety because they help drivers see or get alerted to potential dangers and obstructions that maybe the driver cannot see while backing up or parallel parking. A backup camera should not be solely used to park a vehicle as regular precautions should still be taken. For example, checking rear and side view mirrors, and even shoulder checking. The camera simply provides another perspective can sense vehicles, pedestrians, and animals as they pass by the rear of your vehicle.

Many people think that these car technology features are only available for newer vehicles but audio and specialist shops are able to equip most cars with some advanced safety options. To illustrate, drivers can have their cars outfitted with blind spot detection sensors or DVR cameras for lane-departure and collision warnings. Interestingly, studies have shown that in-car cameras such as dash cams encourage people to behave better while on the road.

Will these features prevent all accidents? Probably not, but they have been shown to help prevent and reduce more accidents and improve driver safety. More and more consumers buy these types of enhanced safety gadgets for both their own car and their teenager’s vehicle each year, which means the need for these safety gadgets will not disappear anytime in the near future.

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Staying Connected in Your Car

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OBD (on-board diagnostic) devices are increasingly becoming more popular. The driver can literally see car functions on their front windshield without having to take their eyes off the road while driving. Some drivers prefer seeing everything right in front of them while others can live without it. In essence, more people will be these in the near future to help keep themselves connected minus the distraction.

The OBD connects via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a mobile data connection and allows the user access to their apps and different services. With this device, drivers also have access to vehicle location services, speed limits, monitoring services for different drivers, mileage reports, and roadside assistance services to name a few.

Final Words

Most car devices, toys, and gadgets are in high demand, and thankfully, the prices for those extra bells and whistles are going down so more people can afford them without having to worry about buying a brand-new vehicle already equipped with these features.

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