The Principles of Creating a Stunning & Professional Level Logo

The logo is an essential part of building a brand identity. It is a visual art that allows customers to recognize and distinguish a company from all its competitors.

In addition to giving recognition, the goal of the logo is to communicate the company culture along with all the values around which the brand revolves.

So, let’s see exactly what are the main characteristics that a successful logo must reflect.

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1. The simplicity.

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - Point 1Logos that are too convoluted do not work. Wrong color combinations, images full of meaning and confusion are also not advisable.

A logo must reflect the naturalness and core business of a company. Use simple geometric shapes and the right combination of colors to make sure your logo become easily recognizable.

2. Memorability.

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - Point 2Your logo should be easy to remember and memorize in the consumers’ mind. There are so many logos that we see every day. How could we be able to recognize them, and even immediately?

For example, logos like Nike, Apple, Louis Vuitton, they are all well-studied logos with strong semantic meanings. We know them at first glance. That’s why a logo must be simple and unique to be recognized easily.

3. Flexibility.

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - Point 3Thanks to new tools and graphics software it is possible to create digital logos that can adapt to any format.

It is possible to create a logo in vector (a technique that allows you to enlarge the logo to infinity without gouging out pixels). One of the most popular software for this work is Adobe Illustrator or even Corel Draw.

For those who do not have the greatest needs, and want to reduce costs, there is a service called DesignEvo. This is an online logo creator that allows you to create a quality logo in just a few minutes.

The service provides thousands of logos from which you can choose. You will be able to modify every aspect of the style of your logos, including colors, texts, icons, and shapes.

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4. Another essential characteristic is longevity over time.

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - Point 4Go forward in the future, image how the world will be in 20 years and wonder if the logo created now will still be effective and impact over time. Each logo can undergo changes of restyling and small adjustments, but it is advisable not to change it completely.

In this specific case, a more than appropriate example is represented by the Coca-Cola logo that for over 128 years, it remains exceptionally current.

What do you need to create a logo?


Step 1:

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - point-01First of all, you may need a suitable digital graphics software. Remember to rely on the right ones. The importance of the logo is fundamental to the success of your business.

Here you will find other interesting sites of logo creating, where you can take inspiration to create yours (alone) or with the help of a designer:


Step 2:

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - point-02Secondly, have you ever thought that someone has already made the choice of the logo or name you would like to use before you? To avoid this, you can consult some sites that allow you to check if a logo or name already exists such as WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization (for International Trademarks).

Step 3:

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - point-03Now it’s time to start! If you have decided to contact an expert you can skip this point, otherwise, it may be useful.

Before starting with the creation of the logo in digital, think, think and think again and give free rein to the imagination. Do not stop at the first one, experiment with new forms, new positions and combinations. Only when you have an idea that interests you, can you move on to the next step of digitization.

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Step 4:

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - point-04The choice of the font is the most crucial part. There are really a lot of fonts available on the web. Many paid and others free. Be careful though! Not all those that can be installed for free have a license to use for commercial purposes. To avoid the unpleasant risks, use Fontsquirrel that offers free and good quality fonts, complete with license, divided by type.

Step 5:

The Principles of Creating a Professional Level Logo - point-05Give great importance to colors. Try to understand which colors are best suited to your logo and can convey the core of your business.

The Bottom Line


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