The Growing Popularity of Niche Social Networking Sites

The alternatives to regular social networking websites are surely the niche social networking sites that are social networks, targeting a specific demographic segment. This comprises of social networking for the family members, for business owners, for music lovers, etc. By focusing on a particular audience, a distinct segment social networking website is ready to form an associate degree automatic bond between individuals.

What is Niche Social Networking?

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The word niche is employed to talk about a specialty space. Therefore a distinct segment social network is usually the social networking areas that are targeted on some interest group and consequently social networking and sharing among folks having that very same interest. For example, a social networking website preponderantly for members with religious interests is often a distinct segment social network for like-minded folks. Equally a social networking website and chat area for learning completely different languages interactively through real-time chat or language exchange could be a niche social network for folks curious about learning different languages. Social networking sites wherever chiefly travelers share their expertise guides others or provides a description of destinations could be a niche social network for travelers. Niche social network are often of the type of interest teams or folks with totally different interests.

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Why is it getting popularity?

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It didn’t take long for the savvy Zuckerberg & Co. to appreciate that they boasted many active users and still didn’t have a viable revenue stream. The rising star and endurance of Facebook are that it adjusts very well to the users’ interests.

Facebook has built this in the native platform thus no one incorporates an explanation to visit Timehop to any extent further. There was a necessity for Instagram has been a major platform for a totally different user base. Hence, Facebook takes over Instagram. Periscope is now connected to Twitter which has gained steam due to a replacement and featured live video feed. Facebook Live has also launched the same feature on their platform.

As Gina Bianchini, the founder of NING, explains in her recent interview, 

“As social networks like Facebook are evolving to permit the people what they need, users will still move. And if user’s area unit staying engaged, they still are a captive audience. It is not necessary for Facebook and Twitter like businesses to pay to be troubled and attain the purchasers that the social networks offer. The fact that this kind of promoting exists as an affordable tool within the promoting chest keeps social media marketing quality on the increase.”

Future of Niche Social Networking


In today’s well-connected world, a web presence has become the norm and therefore the necessity. Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter became business staples; each website contains a link to their social networks. With something giant we tend to tend to lose our individuality; one billion folks on Facebook make it laborious to face out. The reality is finding specifically what you wish is often a troublesome task as a result of membership is therefore broad. A distinct segment network is also the solution to removing the generic results that plague our search queries.

Whatever your focus is, niche networking could be a growing trend to deal with the requirements of the individual World Health Organization isn’t inquisitive about uncorroborated likes or many accolades. Sites like UBuildNet et al supply the user a platform to share their business or project with others World Health Organization have an equivalent or similar interests. Social networking is an unbelievable tool that permits users to make content and share it with others.

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Let us just go through the vital benefits of niche social networking in short.

  • Connections – Niche social networking provides people connections that may extremely facilitate along with their latest problems or queries.
  • Content – Could be a post regarding the world politics. Sound interesting? Most likely. Is it relevant to your next negotiation? Perhaps not. Niche social networks provide articles relevant to your everyday work (although we have a tendency to do contribute the occasional freaky topic to stay you interested!).
  • Learning – Whether or not it’s eLearning, or learning by asking inquiries to different network members, niche social networks can supply relevant information and perfect answers.
  • News Feed – What all the news sites have in common could be a collated news feed. This suggests up-to-date, relevant headlines, brought along in one place.
  • Events – Associates events calendar for all the foremost events for your profession. Quickly see what’s close to you and choose an event you wish to attend.

Final Words

The Growing Popularity of Niche Social Networking Sites - Conclusion

By having the ability to access all of this in one place, you’ll pay less time walking through digressive posts to seek out smart info, and longer connecting and collaborating with the proper folks. So if you’re solely aiming to use one platform for your social media activities, niche social networking sites can be an ideal choice.

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