How to Increase Social Media and Organic Visitors

Traffic on the website is considered as one of the best and appropriate ways to know the performance of your website on the web. We can measure or scale the success of the website via the amount of visitors coming on your website receiving in a day, a week and a month. This is also considered as one of the best ways to decide, which marketing strategy is more effective and is giving the best results to your website.

It is necessary to conduct both on-page and off page optimization frequently for your website, so as to get the organic visitors on your website. This will help the search engines to index the pages that will help to drive traffic. It is important to focus on the below mentioned on page optimization techniques, so as to make your website outstanding in search engine result pages.

1. Optimization of title:

Social Media 01Optimizing the title will help the pages to create their own brand which would easily be identified by search browsers or engines and these search engines would come to know what this specific page is about.

2. Placing keywords in content:

Social Media 02If you place the keywords in the content, then the search engines will easily discover it. You must ensure that the keywords should fit naturally in the content because on the basis of these keywords only, the search engines will figure or guess out what your website and content is about.

3. Internal linking:

Social Media 03To increase the engagement of users on your site, then it is important to do the internal linking. Internal linking refers to the linking of particular keyword/word to the detailed information related to it on the other page. This would let the visitors to visit and navigate on your site for longer period of time.

4. Rewriting the URL:

Social Media 04The URL for each webpage should be written in the best way, so that the search engines can easily understand about what information that page consists of. For instance, if your webpage is focusing on SEO, then your URL should be

If you want your website to appear on the first page of search results, then you need to implement various non traditional or unique strategies. It would help you to gain online authority. These strategies include:

  • Guest posting
  • Content marketing
Besides these, social media marketing is also must to gain authority and traffic on your website. Since most of the people are using social networking site, so it is the place where you can find lots of audience. It is important to have strong presence on Social networking sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Traffic on social media generally takes time to develop fully and not all of them would be interested to visit your website also. But there are few ways which you can apply in social media marketing(SMM) so as to boost up the traffic to your website.
  • Find the visitors you want to target
  • Involve or participate in community and Offer relevant information within your business network
Find visitors you want to target: The simplest way to increase your visitors is to find those people who are involved in the same business as yours. It is better to look for the people with the same knowledge and interest, so that they share relevant or related information to your niche. By using the websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Google search, you can filter and know the search results separately by using your name of industry, organization name.

Get involve in the community: For building the trust of people for your business, it is important to engage into various discussions related to your business. One must prefer to share your expertise within your business network, so that you drive the attention of the influencers within your business group.


The amount of visitors on your website determines the success and the performance of your business. Social media could take lots of time, but it would bring you the visitors for long run, if you build trust among those people on social media.

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