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The trend of globalization has encouraged several businesses to create their presence in multiple countries. Most of the companies are trying to approach customers in different countries by developing actual site offices. On the other hand, there are businesses that are opting for the virtual business address to enhance their professional image. It lets them display their office address on the map which increases the credibility amongst the customers. If you are pondering over purchasing virtual business addresses for your company then agencies like are there for your rescue. Browse through the following review to know everything about and its services:

Signup Process entire signup process to get your virtual business address is extremely easy and quick. Once the signup is done, you will get Prepopulated USPS 1583 Form. It has to be signed with a notary or in-store and submitted in prior time so that the agency can manage your mail. This form lets handle customer’s mail and it can easily upload the items to the respective account.

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Plans & Pricing

With you can purchase Virtual Business Address at price as low as $7.98/mo. The agency offers four different plans and you can check them out during the signup process. Companies who wish to enroll for a corporate or high volume plan can get in touch with the support staff of If you are pondering over a customized plan then the agency can help you to get it done.

The pricing may vary according to location and you can avail a hefty discount of 20% on an annual subscription. You can make payment through PayPal, debit cards or credit cards with utmost safety. At the time of sign-up, your entire billing procedure is managed automatically. There will be hardly any financial information stored in the agency servers.

The level of Security

The payment processors of agency are PCI DSS compliant. From network architecture, software design to data security, the agency follows strict security guidelines and stringent procedures. The data transmissions on the website of the agency are secured through SSL certificate. On the other hand, the transactions done on the website are protected via 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer encryption.

The items or packages received at a mail address of clients are scanned from outside and the agency doesn’t open the package without prior permission of customers. The Scan feature can be used by customers to access all the digital copies of enclosed documents in the package by giving authority to the agency.

Customer Service & Support is recognized for its flawless and quick service. The support staff of the agency is well trained and highly experienced which means you don’t need to call them several times to resolve your issue. The experience of working in the industry of more than 6 years has helped to understand all the typical nuances in the field. Since its establishment, the agency has demonstrated a strong growth year after year. You can seek the support of agency seven days a week through either email: [email protected] or phone: (844) 888-6364.


Short-term and Long-term Storage doesn’t charge any fees on storage on non-parcel items for a period of 90 days. After this duration, you have to pay the fees that vary anything between 10-25 cents per item on a monthly basis. The agency also stores parcels for free for 7 days. After a week, you will need to pay the charges of $1 per week. When it comes to digital storage of mail, the agency offers unlimited storage for free. Clients are allowed to keep scanned copies of their mail for the eternal time in the system of

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Account Cancellation

Canceling your account with is extremely easy and you only need to contact their customer support. You can also process the cancellation by logging into your own account and clicking on the help link. Even after cancellation, your mail will be accepted for 6 months and each mail will be scanned or uploaded without any fees. However, you need to pay extra fees when it comes to forwarding requests.

Key Features


  • With, you don’t need to wait for several days to get your virtual business address as you can start using your new address within a few minutes. You can use this unique address to set up your Corporation or LLC without any hassle.
  • Along with the business address, you can also get a Registered Agent service that will enhance the brand image of your company amongst customers.
  • At such an affordable price, offers you Mailbox Forwarding that will help you to forward business mail to the destination of your choice.
  • With Virtual Mailbox service, you will also get easy access to Postal Mail. You can access it anytime from any place of your choice.
  • com also offers you limitless physical storage and unlimited recipients at a budget price.
  • With so many alternatives to business addresses, you will get total exposure to opt for the address of your own choice.
  • You don’t need to pay any signup charges or do any contract to get your Virtual Business Address.
  • Another promising feature of is that you get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee with all the plans. What it means that you can cancel the services at any time within a month and get your entire money back.
  • The live support and real-time alerts are some of the most useful services that you get along with your address. This allows businesses to resolve their query within a quick time and run the business smoothly.

Other Key Features


  • No matter where you are planning to shift your business, your business address will move with you anywhere.
  • com also offers you mail handling security feature and you don’t need to sick services of any third party to get going.
  • The company also conducts stringent background checks so as to avoid any form of miscommunication.
  • Evernote integration and free shredding are some other features that you get with
  • An alternative of multi-user Admin Console alternative is also there that offers online access to multiple users of your business.
  • With, businesses can get their dedicate suite instead of opting for PMB or PO Box. The virtual business address offered by the agency is professional looking and in detail.
  • Content scans and envelope scans are some other additional features that you can get with your virtual business address.
  • The agency supports easy signup as well as international forwarding to several countries. You can check out the entire list on their website.
  • The agency also has its dedicated Android and iPhone application to supplement their web application.

Some other Exciting Features


  • All the locations of have dedicated service locations. Once the agency receives the mail from the client, it will be scanned on the same day. The agency doesn’t use third-party services to store, manage and process your mail.
  • When a new item or a package is added to your inbox, you will get an email or notification with a link to a scanned package or envelope. In case, you have installed the app of, you will get a direct notification on your Smartphone.
  • The agency also offers a check deposit service using which you can mail your company checks to your bank without any hassle. When it comes to a check deposit, the agency doesn’t charge any additional fees, unlike other industry players. The client only needs to pay fees for forwarding and there will be no check handling charges.
  • In case you want to shift from one plan to another, you can easily do so by following a few simple steps.
  • Local customers can also set-up mail pickup at any of the locations of the agency. Scheduling the pickup slot is very convenient. You only need to login to your account and choose the package you want to pick up by clicking on the icon of Local Pickup.
  • The virtualized mail app of comes with a contemporary design. It is optimized for mobile and other portable devices. In case, you face any difficulty in using the Virtualized mail app to get postal mail, you can watch tutorials or videos given on the website of the agency. By watching these video tutorials, you can learn more ways to use your virtual business address for the betterment of your business.
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The Bottom Line

The pricing of all the plans of is quite affordable when compared with other industry players. It doesn’t mean they are compromising with the services or giving something less to customers. In fact, the services of are quite superior to other companies; you can avail of their dedicated customer support at zero cost. If you are running a home-based business then it is worth buying the virtual business address from this reputed agency to give a professional touch to your brand. If you are looking for an incredible service at an economical price then you can go with without any second thoughts.

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