The ODRVM 4K Action Camera – A Comprehensive Feature Review

The ODRVM 4K Action Camera offers thrill seekers the ability to capture their adventures on a smaller, portable, waterproof device. As an action camera, there is the option for a wireless remote via wrist controller as well as several attachments and features which maximize the ability to get the perfect shot while engaging in action packed activities. Here are a few of the key features you need to know about on the ODRVM 4K Action Camera.

1) Substantial Storage Space Needed

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Usually when you have a smaller camera, the manufacturer’s limit the storage space that you can have. It is unfortunate when this happens, as the technology of today’s time does not constitute such an association. Thankfully, in the ODRVM 4K Action Camera design, there is the ability to have substantial storage space via a Micro SD (TF) Card of up to 64 GB. The Micro SD Card is not included with the purchase of the camera, but they are not expensive. There is no internal storage on the device, which may be a bit of troublesome for some. However, if you consider that you can purchase a 64 SD card for about $20 it is not so bad.

Quick Info: A 64GB card can capture 6080 images (at 10mp) and 3040 images (at 20mp) or 160 minutes of HD video.

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2) Designed for Multiple Sports/Action

The design of the camera allows for the user to be diversified in their sports and action sequences and use one camera to capture such moments. As the device has a wide lens of 70 to 170 degrees, those who are in tight spaces, as well as those who are free falling from an airplane, can get the same HD results. In addition to the wide angle which maximizes the capture area, the attachments and add-ons for the camera include the Helmet Mount, Wireless Wrist Remote, Waterproof Casing, Bike or motorcycle attachment. You can even mount the camera to a drone if you wish. Its versatility is rather expansive, only limited by the confines of a person’s action equipment and abilities.

A complete list of the attachments can be seen in the video below:

Specifications on the Selectable angle are 170/140/110/70 degree select ability. Keep in mind that you can also specify the resolution of the picture which will affect the overall output. Resolution is generally at the 4K, but you can lower it to 2k if you wish. Resolution can be checked on a 4K TV or by using a QuickTime player viewer.

In addition to the attachments which are available as well as the wide lens, the ODRVM 4K Action camera allows for you to capture in various multi-functional selectable angles, allowing for time lapses and such. The video functionality of the camera allows you to record in HD using the advanced Sony Sensor (Sony IMX078), recording at the standard 24 fps or HD/cinematic speeds of 30fps (29.95). The Novatek NT96660 chipset can surely complement the sensor to achieve faster processing speed.

3) Waterproof considerations

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While the camera claims to be waterproof, there are a few factors that you need to note before purchasing this camera. First, the camera does allow you to use the waterproof casing to reach a depth of up to 30meters. This being stated, the WIFI signal range can only get up to 15m without any disruptions in the signal. Additionally, it is not suggested to use the Wireless Wrist Remote underwater as there is no signal underwater. To use the underwater features, you should manually press the shoot button.  When considering that the camera can go to 98 feet and still capture images, manually pressing the capture button is not that big of a tradeoff, as many cameras only will allow you to go a few meters (about the equivalent of a pool) before running into functionality risks.

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4) Power and Charging

Battery power and life for the ODRVM 4k Action Camera are limited to about 40 to 70 minutes. Keep in mind that the higher the resolution that you record, the quicker the battery will drain. There are two 3.7V- Li-ion Rechargeable 1050mAh batteries included with the purchase. One battery is already installed in the camera; the other is included with the 18 or so attachments which come with the camera. It is recommended that you use the USB charger which comes with the camera to fully charge the ODRVM before the first use.

5) Customer’s Contentious

The ODRVM 4K Action Camera – 3

Overall, the 4K Wi-Fi Action Camera with Waterproof casing and remote has received high reviews from those who have purchased it. Customers appreciate the rubber-like casing of the camera, the tripod mounts, helmet mounts, ease of focus and use, and the carry case for the camera. Additionally, customers have commented that the dual batteries make it possible for continuous streaming and shooting with minimal recharge/down times.

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Customers appreciate the rubber-like casing of the camera, the tripod mounts, helmet mounts, ease of focus and use, and the carry case for the camera.

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