Cost-Free Way to Build a Great Website using WordPress

When looking at the popularity of the internet and the pages which flood both the mobile media sites as well as the traditional laptops and desktops, it is no surprise to see that there is a redundancy to a great many of them. According to internetlivestats, there are over 1.2 billion lives sites with over 3.6 billion internet users in the world. Those wishing to have a unique site without having to spend substantial, or any, the capital on the aesthetics may want to consider one of the four cost free ways to build a great website using WordPress.

Get a theme with customizable options

The standard WordPress sites and free themes tend to be a bit limited in what you can do as far as customizations are concerned. Those wishing to step outside of the norm should consider downloading a free theme from a third-party site. Be careful of the sites that you chose to download themes from, ensuring that they are secure and that you do not have to provide personal information. It is recommended that you run any download through a virus protection service to minimize the risk of security breaches on your computer.

Customizr - WordPress Theme

One safe and secure WP theme with multiple customization options is Customizr by Nicolas Guillaume. This WordPress theme is free for download and is ready for mobile integration as well as tablet integration. The theme is specifically designed for sites which have multiple pages but wish to present a one-page layout. The one-page layouts are more popular particularly when it pertains to the mobile website. Customizr also features a slideshow carousel.

This theme’s key features include the organization of mass data (via read more and navigational images), scrolling images, and an easy to understand contact footer. To see a preview of this theme you can visit the website of well-known Biotechnology Institute, BioImaging Center.

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Integrate your theme with your shop account

As StarTribune has shown, taking a simple scrolling slideshow, as well as great table placement, can give you an effective e-store. There are a few things to consider when you use this cost-free way to build a great website. First, the product images must be stunning. Low-resolution photos will yield low results. Secondly, the site must have a consistent font. Too many fonts or going too extreme with the fonts will turn off viewers from exploring your site further. Finally, having a dynamic logo/identifier is critical.

Storefront - WordPress Theme

StarTribune’s shop site not only offers the products in the Products categories but also has a set-up for the web designer which allows for easy changing of the material as the company upgrades or new product becomes available. StarTribune is a WooCommerce site and is developed with a great free WooCommerce theme, Storefront.

If you are a blogger, make the information aesthetically appealing

One of the biggest problems with WordPress sites is that the blogs and articles which are presented by many of the people who use the services are textual. And while there is nothing wrong with giving the text to the viewers, if there is no aesthetics to accompany the information, most readers will move on to another site which is more pleasing. Notables, a weekly journal of society, Charity & Service has taken a simple theme offered by WordPress and maximized the potential. By integrating personal images, categorizing their content with relative photography and titles, as well as strategically formatting their text so that the first 100 words bring in the reader, the site has blogs and articles which are inviting to the readers.

Hueman - WordPress Theme

Notables have used the Hueman theme. To see a preview of the Hueman theme, or to download this free WordPress theme, Click Here.

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Crunch your information down for easier navigation

Sites which have an overabundance of information become chaotic very quickly. When a visitor comes to a site, there must be a clear and present way in which to navigate through the mass information that is being presented. This is especially true if you are offering services, coupons, bookings, product reviews, etc. If a person must fight to find the information that they seek, they will go to another site.

Portal - WordPress Theme

PromoCodeClub has done well to use the free Portal WordPress theme (developed by MyThemeShop) to organize their site. Though the site has a great deal of information, the table layout and the SEO Optimized custom widgets have made the site both presentable and the content within it searchable. To see a demo of the Portal theme or to download this, click here.

Be Unique

Cost-Free Way to Build a Great Website using WordPress

Although the free themes are an excellent way in which to push the limits of your site, and can be acquired both through the WordPress site as well as through third parties, if the content is not unique, or if you mimic a top site too much, a viewer will just choose the more popular site. Be unique and make your content and site something which showcases your business, your personality, and what you are trying to convey.

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