Elephone ELE Explorer 4K Action Camera – Feature Review

Most of us love to shoot photo and video. But if you want a photoshoot for any special occasion, which camera would work better would be actually questioned, right? So here we have bought Elephone ELE Explorer, which comes with a 4K camera that is currently selling highest in the market. Many people have made photography as their career, so we to explore the real beauty of nature we have chosen this camera. In this tutorial, we have shared all full detailed features of ELE lens which can help you out in resolving your confusion.

1. Display and Designs

The first thing people get attracted is by display and design of the camera. Elephone ELE has quite simple and trendy looking camera that comes in total 5 colors (black, silver, gold, yellow and blue). It has TFT 2 inch screen display. The quality of the screen is quite impressive and comes with 960 x 240 pixels resolution. The camera body has the glossy finish and make you feel very comfortable to carry in your hand.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K - Picture 1

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2. Camera Lens

ELE Explorer comes with the 16MP camera to capture satisfactory 4K video along with 60fps freeze-frame image. The camera’s shooting lens support 170 degrees wide angle photos and videos that come in HD visual format. It uses electronic image stabilization that can reduce the camera vibration and offers a clear output to your image. The picture comes with a superior quality and with an improved sampling rate from 20 to 35fps.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K - Picture 2

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3. Hardware and Battery

This ELE Explorer also comes with special slow photography function mode which helps in the time-lapse photography mode. Elephone ELE has installed camera which is based on Allwinner V3 chipset and an OV4689 image sensor. It comes with ARM cortex-A7 CPU core and takes perfect pictures at high-speed motion state.

ELE Explorer has 1050 mAh removable battery which can capture photos for 2 hours, and it can also be charged the USB cable on your PC or can also use AC adapter.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K - Picture 3

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4. Dimensions, Weight, and Price

The size of the camera is 2.33 x 1.62 x 1.15 inches and weight of about 0.48kg without battery and 0.55kg with battery. You can use this camera for carrying out the outdoor sports. It comes with lots of accessories which allow you to use the cam in many situations without the need to buy new accessories.

We know that people are seeking for the price as it is the most important factor. But here in ELE Explorer camera, you need not worry, as it comes with the affordable price with $49.99. Elephone has also released its pro version that also comes with the reasonable price as $100.00, and if you buy from the sale, then it would cost you only $80.

Elephone ELE Explorer 4K - Picture 4

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5. Special Features

  • The light action camera ELE works great when you have in your hand. Adjusting camera is used, so you need only to rotate the lens the way you required.
  • Not only this camera adds special features as it can take action to emit voice prompts when you start recording, and the memory is full, or the battery is low. So that you know very well that what is happening to your Cam.
  • It supports external memory card up to 64 GB and comes with the waterproof box to support underwater photography.
  • The underwater light effect is set by 15-30%. In water, it will automatically enable the light exposure, so that you can take better pictures when an underwater light is too dim.
  • The camera also comes with Wi-Fi support and can connect it to any Android phones or iPhones.
  • The camera is tested with a firmware version and then is delivered to other countries.
  • It supports languages such as English, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Italian, Spanish.
Elephone ELE Explorer 4K - Picture 5

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6. Pros

  • Value for money and have splendid video quality.
  • The design is quite impressive, and audio sound quality is also excellent.
  • Remote control is also available and many other accessories.
  • FPV function cable is used which can transmit live videos through using Mini USB port.
  • Perfect for an outdoor trip.
  • The battery is removable and easily chargeable.
  • The menu is easy to navigate.
Elephone ELE Explorer 4K - Picture 6

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7. Cons

  • Some videos have low light.
  • An external microphone cannot be used.



Who does not like to have a lightweight body, impressive design, and superior quality battery life? So why not try out using ELE Explorer camera and give a chance to it. According to us, it’s certainly a good price camera to spend in. You can buy it from GearBest.com.

Buy Elephone ELE Explorer from GearBest

Review Breakdown - Elephone ELE Explorer

Camera & Lens
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Who does not like to have a lightweight body, impressive design, and superior quality battery life? So why not try out using ELE Explorer camera and give a chance to it. According to us, it’s certainly a good price camera to spend in.

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