Octo Browser Review: Best Anti-detect Browser for Multi-accounting?

Octo Browser is an innovative and secure solution that provides users with a comprehensive platform to manage their multiple online profiles. Its powerful encryption features ensure user data remains safe while they customize the experience, set up automatic syncing across devices, and back-up important information — all within one interface.

Octo Browser is designed with a streamlined user interface, allowing users to quickly shift between profiles without delay. Octo Browser’s fingerprint control is implemented in a Chromium-based browser. Thanks to this, Octo Browser can easily pass such popular checkers as Pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, Whoer, and IP-API. You can read more about the regular updates of the browser kernel in the Octo Blog.

Getting Started with Octo Browser


Octo Browser is a breeze to set up – its registration, downloading, and installation is all as simple as can be. And with an intuitive interface that’s effortless to navigate through, you’ll never have any trouble finding your way around! Plus, if you’ve got a promo code available for use during the setup process, cut out those extra steps: enter it into the designated window in no time flat.

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The Profile Tab


Octo Browser has all you need to customize your web experience: create and manage various profiles, each with controllable settings that ensure a unique browsing journey. Get comprehensive control over Basic, General, and Hardware Configuration preferences while also managing Cookies and Extensions for your convenience! Explore more of what Octo can do as you cruise through its easy-to-use tabs.

Working with Tags


Octo Browser makes profile management and teamwork a breeze with an advanced tag system. Streamline your browsing by assigning tags to profiles and viewing them grouped together for easy accessibility!

Profile Management

If you’re part of a team, Octo Browser has got your back! With its profile management features it’s easy to securely edit and allocate access rights to multiple users. You can even clone or transfer profiles quickly, which makes working together as efficiently as possible!

The Cookie Robot


Octo Browser simplifies online browsing with the innovative Cookie Robot. Streamline your workflow and save time managing cookie-related tasks, allowing you to focus on other priorities. You can import an unlimited amount of links into the Cookie Robot.

The Trash Bin


When it comes to accidental deletions, Octo Browser has got you covered. With the easy-to-access Trash Bin feature, recovering deleted profiles is simple and quick — just click on its icon in the list! However, be sure to act fast: profiles can be recovered only for a limited amount of time before their content is permanently deleted. Next time an inadvertent deletion arises, make sure to use Octo Browser’s helpful Trash Bin quickly – so don’t miss out!

Videostream Spoofing


Mask your identity by altering your video stream and protect yourself from detection with Octo Browser — just click on the corresponding icon in its toolbar!

Note: At the time of writing, this option can only be used on Windows. This feature is under development for macOS and Linux.

The Proxy Tab


Octo Browser’s Proxy Tab provides a convenient solution to keep your IP address and location anonymous. It also enables users to access restricted websites based on their geographical area, making it easier than ever before! The Proxy Manager grants you the power of managing multiple proxies in real-time with just a few clicks, also allowing for quick adjustments powered by temporary proxies so that one can hide behind an alter ego whenever need be.

By using proxy support, you can unlock a world of digital freedom. Bypass geographical restrictions and access restricted websites with ease while adding multiple proxies to the list for an extra layer of security, ensuring your browsing experience is free from worry!

Note: Octo Browser is not a proxy provider, but can work with all popular proxy types.

The Templates Tab


The Templates tab helps you maximize your efficiency by allowing for a faster and more efficient setup of profiles with similar settings. Create new, personalized profiles in a few clicks, or save templates to quickly access them either immediately or later on. And don’t forget to share the love! Share saved templates with others across your team, so that they too could use quick profile setups whenever needed.

With the template options available, you can easily customize your profiles according to whatever needs arise. No need to start from scratch every time — simply duplicate existing templates, or delete and re-customize them as required! Perfect for managing multiple accounts in a breeze without breaking a sweat.


Octo Browser helps simplify teamwork for projects of any size. Its features make it easier than ever to manage multiple profiles with customizable access rights. With efficient collaboration tools at your fingertips, completing multi-level projects has never been this easy — just click ‘add’ or ‘remove’ to customize your project’s needs every step of the way.

Automation and API

Octo Browser’s impressive automation capabilities let you streamline how you work. Leverage its immense programming library and integrate powerful APIs to cut out repetitive tasks, customize your workflow, manipulate cookies from the Cookie Robot toolbox, and access proxies with tremendous ease!

Robust Security Features

Octo Browser takes the privacy and security of your data very seriously. Enjoy peace of mind while browsing with such features as secure encryption, sophisticated cookie management, and advanced protection against malicious attacks, all ensuring that you can use Octo securely with confidence!

Types and pricing of subscriptions


Octo Browser offers a range of subscription options to suit any user’s requirements and budget.  Find out which subscription is right for you by visiting the Octo Browser website today!


Octo Browser offers a complete set of tools to make your work easier and more productive. This powerful software brings you all-in-one solutions for affiliate marketing, e-commerce, web scraping, anonymity protection, multi-accounting and avoiding detection, and more.

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Octo Browser is a must-have for anyone looking to optimize their workflow, especially in such areas as affiliate marketing, e-commerce, digital marketing, and crypto.

Offering an intuitive interface, powerful automation capabilities, impressive API integration potential and flexible pricing options, Octo Browser is equipped with all the features you need to get any job done quickly and efficiently, whether working solo or as part of a larger team.

Octo Browser delivers a comprehensive solution for multiple account management, providing all the tools and support you need to maximize your work efficiency. Perfectly suited for individuals, small businesses, or large enterprises, it’s an optimal choice that can help streamline account and profile administration regardless of size or scale!


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Review Breakdown

Ease of Use


Octo Browser delivers a comprehensive solution for multiple account management, providing all the tools and support you need to maximize your work efficiency. Perfectly suited for individuals, small businesses, or large enterprises, it's an optimal choice that can help streamline account and profile administration regardless of size or scale!

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