MTG Arena Tutor by Draftsim – A Complete Review

The card game is not new to the world. It has been there for a very long period of time. The only difference we have seen over the course of time is that now it has taken a digital form.  Got any idea what we are talking about? Yes, we are talking about “Magic: The Gathering Arena” or MTGA. If you are a gaming beast, you would definitely have an idea of how difficult it is to analyze the strength of your deck.

At present, MTGA has more than 20000 unique cards, which makes it really difficult for the users to monitor the overall strength of the deck. However, there is something that can help you know the strength of this 40-card draft deck and it is the Draftsim MTGAassistant.

What is an Arena tutor?

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Before we get ahead, let’s know what exactly Arena Tutor is. Arena Tutor is actually a magic arena tracker app that was developed by Draftsim on the popular Overwolf platform. This software was released on 1.5.2020 by Draftsim. It is freemium software and doesn’t require you to create an account or register anywhere to use it.

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Why should you use the arena tutor?

Arena tutor would really be helpful for you if you play MTGA games. Designed with artificial intelligence, this software offers a number of functions such as draft helper, match tracking, statistical visualization, vault completion tracker, and achievement section. In addition, it also helps you monitor your game process including your draft, deck, and collection status, and offers you easy-to-read graphs and stats.

Features & functions of Arena tutor


Arena tutor is remarkable software that takes the fun of gaming to a whole new level. It has a number of features and functions that make the app super user-friendly and amazingly mind-blowing. Let’s talk about those functions in detail.

Deck tracker

The first and foremost function of Arena tutor is that it acts as a deck tracker. The software tracks decks for both limited as well as constructed users. It offers the complete history of their whole gaming process and distribution of cards for user type. In addition, it will also help you track the match results offering a historical win rate in the form of a broken-down summary by change date. Here, you can decide the best deck builds according to the statistical results.

Draft assistant

Apart from tracking deck, arena tutor is also a great draft helper. It suggests the best picks that happen during the draft portion of any specific limited event on the MTG arena. It has its own scale, starting from 0 to reach up to 5 and each pick is ranked between these scales. Furthermore, each suggestion is updated based on previous choices.



The best feature of arena tutor is that it provides a win rate percentage for all games according to the format, play mode, time frame, event, deck, and other detailed logs. All these details are offered in a summarized way. Plus, they are broken down by using the filters of UI and the details of each game.

Adding more to that, statistics also allows the players to track their not just overall performance across all decks but also a particular season’s performance and compare their ranking to the best of all time. The tool offers detailed breakdown stats of not just yours but all players.

Deck Builder

Draftsim MTG assistant arena tutor does not only help you to track the decks, but it also smoothly acts as a deck builder. It suggests possibly the best deck according to the ranking for sealed and draft pools. The thing that determines these rankings is the AI of the software that is frequently updated with the help of experts and data analysis.

Game logs

You will hardly find gaming software that will offer you the game logs. However, arena tutor has this awesome feature. It offers you detailed game logs in text form for historical as well as real-time matches. The logs are provided in broken-down form from starting to the game end in order to analyze matches and improve the overall gameplay.



It’s only the achievements that encourage you to perform better next time. This is what the achievement tracking feature of Arena tutor does for you. It tracks all your achievements that you acquired during game events and seasons as a gamer and displays them. The achievements are like total lives game, row card reality, and many others. To encourage you even more, you can compare your achievements with other players and determine who is a better MTG arena player.

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Spice up your gaming experience with Draftsim MTG Arena Tutor, the most powerful ai-assisted software. With its easy user interface and a bundle of awesome features, it just doubles up the fun of MGTA games.

Download Draftsim MTG Arena Tutor

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