What’s the Trends About Mobile Application Development In 2020?

Nowadays, our life revolves around mobile applications. From ordering food to booking a cab, almost everything is managed through it in today’s generation. According to sources, mobile application development is trends to produce a revenue of $189 billion by 2020.

As a result, people are opting for mobile app development services to get desirable and accurately produced a result. That’s because the companies that provide such services keep themselves updated with the trends and technology to venture the best.

With such revenue in evolving time, many of us would like to know the reason behind its fuss. So, without any further adieu, let’s see why the trend in mobile application development is important currently. Besides, we will also discuss some trends that are set to evolve its development with time.

Importance of Mobile Application Development in 2020


Application has become a regular part of our lives. Almost everything we use online has an application version of it. Thus, we can say that its development is useful for numerous reasons. Here we are going to discuss some of its importance below.

Customer Progress & Loyalty:

Application is a source of communication where both the owner and user can interact with each other. The addition of other entities like offer codes and coupons can improve customer engagement. As a result, they turn more loyal and faithful towards them.

Similarly, mobile applications help to provide instant replies to any queries of the customers. This enhances the user experience and more of them show interest in the application.

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Dynamic Brand Value and Visibility:

Mobile application development is certainly one of the many marketing strategies that enhances brand value with time. Mobile phones are a source of almost everything today.

Easy and swift performance of applications makes it easier for the users to know the brand, hence more engagement. Not only does this improve the brand value but also its visibility. As the engagement increases, more people recognize it and thus it gains popularity.

Mobile Application Development Trends of 2020


Mobile Applications are surely going to grow with every passing time. With a rise in technology by such efficiency, mobile applications are utterly going to turn faster and better. As an added bonus, there are certain trends that are set to control the mobile application development world with time. Here are some of them listed below:

AI or Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence has been quite a fuss lately for its involvement in today’s world. The key role of AI involves the development of machines that has a working tendency similar to that of a human being. It certainly facilitates a majority of tasks to ease the human workload.

The involvement of AI in application development has its own significance. The idea to fuse AI into mobile application development is rather ingenious for many reasons. It has been practiced for everything from face to audio/video recognition. App development companies are using AI for many factors. Let’s see how its implementation can help.


Security and Protection:

A secured application is a primary step for its development. Without any doubt, AI’s role in a swift but safe user identification and authentication is nothing new. This is also considered suitable for the protection of applications from any sort of cybercrime. Thus, its involvement can certainly help you retain security and protection.

Digital Assistant:

Customers from different sectors demand quick answers to their dilemmas. For such cases, AI integration can play an efficient role in the form of digital assistants for support. These digital assistants are a smart approach to providing agile and necessary assistance to the customers without any wait.

Big Data Mining:

When information is retrieved from a huge amount of data, it is called Big Data Mining. Artificial Intelligence can be practiced to obtain information after examining the data as well.

There are numerous applications to mine big data. When AI is used to develop these applications it can help to produce pleasing results with better data mining.

Moreover, AI can also be adapted for various other reasons. For example, AI can help customers to provide a satisfying user experience. This can further enhance customer engagement and increase the income of your business.

A Mobile app development company can assist you to get the desired mobile application. Many of them have already started implementing Artificial Intelligence for application development and its association is simply going to increase in the coming future.



AR or Augmented Reality is a fusion of real-life elements with computer-generated ones. It is a technology in which various components like video, audio, graphics can get augmented and experienced through the phone camera.

VR or virtual reality is different from AR. Unlike AR, VR totally creates its own virtual world. It usually encompasses a 3D environment with nearly everything virtual. From’s its vision to smell, each component is conceived virtually and has no connection with the real world.

Both augmented reality and virtual reality are trending currently for legitimate reasons. Besides, many game companies have already started utilizing the concept of AR. One such example of it is the very famous Pokemon Go which was trending among gamers recently.

It generated a revenue of $1.2 billion with over 752 million downloads which have resulted in the emergence of a new game genre. Now, many app development companies have already begun to focus on combining AR/VR into applications. Hopefully, the future of mobile application development summons more such features in the coming time.

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Internet Of Things (IoT):


Before moving to its role in mobile application development, let’s understand what IoT means. IoT or the Internet of Things are chains of objects that are connected to the internet and then with each other for data collection and transfer. Cars, alarms, security systems, and speakers are some examples of IoT.

IoT plays a significant role to turn everything smart. While IoT does that, mobile applications play the role of remote control. Basically, mobile applications can be considered as a mode through which one can operate the devices that run through IoT.

To explain the scenario let’s take an example of hotel rooms. Earlier, people used keys or access cards to enter their respective allotted rooms. Now, this task would get effortlessly executed by the application of the hotel itself. Not only is this considered easy but also convenient for our day-to-day life.

In addition to that, the involvement of smart features like geolocation, WiFi, and Bluetooth has made it more convenient to use IoT in the future.



Blockchain is a technology by which one can save the transaction records, in the form of a block, inside the databases called a chain. All these are combined through P2P nodes. We hope that you are familiar with the concept of bitcoin.

It is a cryptocurrency that can be transferred from one user to another through a P2P network. In that case, the transaction record is stored in the form of a blockchain. Thus, that’s the role of it.

When blockchain combines with mobile wallet applications, it can evidently help in cryptocurrency exchange and anti-piracy in the future. Besides, its efficient role in keeping data safe and less data breaching can exalt better mobile application development in the future.

5G Technology:


With the rapid growth of internet speed in the form of 5G, mobile applications can certainly work faster and better. According to the sources, it has been determined that 5G has the efficiency to run at a speed of 10 to 50 Gbps or higher which is extremely impressive. This can further help for quick data, money, and file transfer along with a better user interface.

Moreover, the speed can help to involve diverse features into the application like AR & VR for a better customer experience. Game sectors will get benefited from the introduction of 3D gaming and the data will be embedded with better security.



Another trending technology is Chatbot, a part of the software that leads a conversation or discussion by means of textual or audio formats. Such software is frequently intended to convincingly pretend how a human would act as a chatty accomplice, in spite of the fact that starting in 2019, they are far short of having the option to pass the Turing test.

The chatbots are commonly utilized in dialog frameworks for diverse down-to-earth purposes including data securing or client support. Some chatbots utilize complex common language handling frameworks, though much less difficult one’s output for bywords inside the information, at that point fetch a reply with the most harmonizing key phrases, or the most equivalent wording strategy, from a database.

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Mobile Application Development Trends 2020 - conclusion

From retaining brand awareness to better customer engagement, mobile application development is worth the hype for many reasons. Likewise, the addition of new trends can certainly do wonders for its progression.

To get the best of best outcomes, one can opt for expert companies that provide the most reliable application development. Their knowledge and skill in this sector can surely benefit you with desirable results.

This article is written by Mr. Arup Roy. Arup is the CEO of one of the most reputable and growing app development companies, Red Apple Technologies. He is a technophile whose focus remains affixed on enhancing the future of mobile application development with time.

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