Magento Mobile – Does it Serve as the Right Option for your Business?

If you intend to open up your business to a wider group of targeted audience then building a mobile business app is something you’ll not regret for sure. Ever since smartphones entered into the world of information technology, entrepreneurs across the world have been thoroughly competent in promoting their products and services in an absolutely stunning way. If you’re one who’s already running a Magento powered e-store and fed up of the traditional means available for managing your e-store products, then integrating your Magento e-store with mobile device is an approach you’ll definitely find fruitful. Keep on reading this post as I’ll be unveiling some parameters that will help you decide whether or not Magento mobile integration is a must-have for scaling your business to new heights of success.

A brief on Magento Mobile Integration

As a Magento merchant, you can easily integrate the CMS in your mobile device for generating fully-customizable, native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android users. After fetching all the product catalog information right from your corporate website, you can choose to integrate the same in these applications. The easy-to-configure and fully customizable admin panel included within Magento CMS will allow you to manage all the sections incorporated within your e-store, right from the convenience of your smartphone.

Coming to the benefits of Magento Mobile Integration

Unlike the hassles associated with anticipating how your users are experience the mobile-compatible version of your website, seamless integration of Magento CMS with your mobile device will allow to create a separate application for your e-commerce store/website. This will even allow you to render a dedicated mobile experience for consumers who prefer visiting your e-store via their smartphones or smart tablets.Magento on Mobile 2

Understanding the visible difference between a mobile responsive theme and a separate mobile application

Unlike using a mobile responsive theme for your e-store wherein the end users have to scale the store to fit the size of their mobile device; the framework within Magento is utmost flexible in allowing you to design and develop a shopping cart app where no such screen adjustments need to be made. Plus, there are some fabulous features that can be included within this app, for e.g.: swipe, push notifications, multi-touch functions and many more.

Which all features of your Magento website/e-store can you integrate with the mobile device?

When opting for integrating Magento store with your mobile gadget, the e-store features that you can integrate include: inventory, product catalog, reporting, checkout and a lot of others. Since the Magento platform can flawlessly integrate with the app created using your device; you can easily avoid the headache of spending multiple hours on rebuilding each and every detail for your e-store.Magento on Mobile 3

Complete support on submitting your e-store app on multiple, renowned app stores available over the web

As an attempt to submit your e-store in multiple app stores, it is quite essential for you to take certain measures that can be quite tiring and time-consuming. Thanks to the existence of Magento Mobile, you can gather complete guidance and support on submission of your app on Android or App Store. Magento comes with additional technical support available for ensuring smooth operation of the app right from the day of its creation.

If you’re looking out for ensuring best user experience for your e-store on mobile devices then opting for Magento Mobile can turn to be the safest bet. Irrespective of whether you’ve just delved into the world of e-commerce or have been operating your Magento e-store since many years from now, a timely integration of Magento with your mobile will undoubtedly cut down a lot of time and energy that is otherwise spent on making the e-store easy-to-operate and access for the mobile consumers. With a dedicated app created with Magento Mobile, you can have the same functionality and features as the ones already available in your Magento CMS-based business website/e-commerce store.

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Final Thoughts

Magento Mobile is indeed the right approach for managing your web-based business in a cool and trendy way. With a convenient-to-use Magento back-end incorporated within your mobile phone, you can easily add, edit or delete products from your e-store. Plus, a rich mobile experience is guaranteed for your customers belonging to the smartphone community.

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