EF4 Framework for Joomla 3 by Joomla-Monster

EF4 Framework: It’s free Joomla! 3 framework for everyone!

Web developers find it as the perfect solution to customize the template quickly as well as everyone who is familiar with Joomla but don’t want to dive in the template code to change its appearance.

Thanks to tons of handy settings you will be able to configure the template with ease and modify the template scheme in a minute!

Template based on EF4 framework are highly adjustable that’s why they may be used for multiple purposes. Working on the project becomes extremely painless now – simply enable the theme customizer at the front page to customize colors or fonts and check the template preview at the same time. At the template back-end you will discover many more parameters to configure like layout builder that allows set the template layout separately for desktops or mobile devices!

View EF4 Framework Knowledge Base

Watch the short introduction video of EF4 Framework!

Now let’s take a look at the short description of EF4 Framework features:

Basic settings:

  • set logo & site description – you can upload your logo as an image or enter the text, optionally you can also add your business description under the logo image
  • enable/disable font size switcher – the option allows to make the text of the content larger or smaller
  • enable/disable back to top button – the button allows to scroll the site to the top after clicking on it
  • load favicon image – add to your browser bar the small image of your logo

Template layout:

  • set fixed or fluid layout options settings (px or % )
  • set gutter size in px or % – it’s the space between modules and all blocks sections in the template layout
  • choose number of grid columns for left and right column – see here to understand bootstrap grid system
  • option to disable responsive layout
  • option to disable front-page component view – it’s useful if you want to display modules only on the front page
  • enable/disable off canvas sidebar – the eye catching sidebar where you can place modules

Layout builder:

  • adjust the template layout structure to your needs
  • customize responsive layouts for desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • enable or disable the full width recalculation
  • set you own order of blocks and main columns
  • modify the number of modules in the flexiblock
  • hide any module on selected screen size
  • assign modules to positions
  • exclude unused modules
  • set the width of modules in a flexiblock for selected screen size
  • store your settings or assign to any menu item

Font settings:

  • set font size for global usage or other template areas like menu, modules or articles titles
  • set font type
  • choose from the list
  • enter Google webfont
  • generate web font

Color modifications:

Templates based on EF4 Framework have unlimited color version styles since you can pick the color from the color palette for all template’s parts.

Starting from choosing the basic color to modifying color fonts for specified template areas.color-modifications

Advanced features:

  • enable/disable developer mode – in case you would like to modify the template less files or use theme customizer at the front page
  • enable/disable theme customizer to modify the template via this tool
  • code injection option – allows to paste Google Analytics script, Google Webmaster meta tag or any other custom code which needs to be pasted into the head section of the template.
  • JS & CSS compression
  • enable/disable Facebook Open Graph

Storage settings:

After finishing the work on customizing the template you can store your settings. This way you can create as many template views as you need. Then you can load stored views to compare them and choose the one you like best!settings-storage

See templates based on EF4 Framework: https://www.joomla-monster.com/all-templates?cm=0&f_options=147

Try the FREE template based on EF4 Framework!

See how you can modify the free JM Services template to many other purposes. They present 3 examples: dental, culinary and services – all of them modified with EF4 Framework only!

Joomla-Monster creates professional & high quality premium & free Joomla! templates for many thematic categories. Customers may see customized demo site of each template. They provide quick-start packages with an exact copy of a demo site. Their Joomla! 3 templates are build on powerful EF3 or EF4 Frameworks. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or in LinkedIn.

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