7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers

Owing to its impressive popularity, Magento is riding a wave of online marketing expansion by helping retailers around the world quickly plan, build and optimize their online channel with minimal efforts. The platform is making strides at the thriving community of developers who are actively learning the know-how of this PHP based platform and are embracing it for its openness, flexibility, and extensibility.

Irrespective of whether you want to master Magento, want to make a career, or simply want to know about the painless ways of creating an extension that adds to its functionality, there are an array of Magento tools and resources available that help you stay agile and improve operations and profit.

Below we have provided a list of resources that are useful for every one – from novice to seasoned Magento developers for learning the know-how of Magento. All of them are chosen on the basis of their high-quality and the way they can help fuel your success.

Tutorials for Magento Developers:

1. The Official Magento User Guide

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 01The official Magento User Guide is a perfect resource for anyone associated with Magento- no matter whether you are a Magento developer or a store owner. Online merchants planning to enhance their online store and developers alike can resort to the guide and gain a deeper insight on the nitty-gritty of the CMS platform.


2. Magento Documentation

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 02The Magento Documentation is a reliable tool for the developers that takes you to the very basics of Magento code. The documentation comes complete with a detailed explanation of each major component of Magento and their functioning to make development process simple and effective. The documentation also gives Magento developers an access to the diverse range of code that need to be added with several other programs.


3. Developer Knowledge Base

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 03Developer Knowledge Base is yet another popular and extremely useful resource for the websmasters who wish to have a gentle start. Perfect for the beginners, the tool contains 8 elaborative chapters that teach the skills of syncing with multiple Magento hacking techniques along with the theoretical explanation of an array of code snippets, and the best Magento practices that help you grow your development skills.


4. Magebase

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 04Magebase is a blogging website written and managed by Magento developers. It’s an incredibly useful website for the Magento beginners as well as for the programmers who are associated with this platform for quite a while. The website consists of a great deal of blogs, tutorials, and informative articles written by Magento developers to help you gain an in-depth knowledge about the platform. If learning Magento from those on sharp ends is your agenda, then Magebase is a perfect place to start with.


5. Magento: User Guide

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 05It’s a remarkably useful guide for the novice Magento developers who want to learn about the process of setting up a Magento store without going through the painful coding process. The guide provides helpful tips and tricks of installing the Magento platform and introduces developers to the most basic and significant concept of the platform for an added advantage.


6. The Blogs and Articles on Magento Development

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 06Being the most popular e-commerce platform around the world, Magento also has an active community of developers who write blogs and articles related to the know-how of the platform. Their blogs are extremely helpful in gaining knowledge about some relevant tips, tricks, and best practices to follow for improving the functionality of the platform. Like Magebase, these websites are great source to understand the inside-outside of Magento and make you feel more comfortable working with the platform. Some of them include:

7. Social Media and Discussion Forums

7 Incredibly Useful Resources for Magento Developers 07Learning through tutorials sometimes might not be enough to get assured of your abilities. There are times when you struck and need help and this time social media sites can help you maintain your work pace. The sites like Reddit, Quora, and Stack Overflow are among the best places you can ask for help whenever you need to.


We hope you enjoy the list of the top-notch resources build for Magento developers. All of them are useful and you can rely on any one of them when learning the Magento and its concepts is concerned.

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