Latest Internet Marketing Jobs Trends (Especially in India)

The internet marketing industry in India has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years. It has reached its present worth $68 billion and is expected to observe an even higher growth in the coming years. It goes without saying that as this industry has expanded hugely, so have the career opportunities in this domain. In fact, a recent report has revealed that digital marketers were the most sought-after marketing professionals in 2015 as well as 2016 and they continue to remain on top in 2017 as well.

Moreover, the fast-changing dynamics of internet marketing has not only altered the strategies but also the expectation and roles of people working or aspiring to work in the industry. Keeping a tab on the latest internet marketing jobs trends has become inescapable for the marketers to stay updated and get lucrative career options in this field. These trends not only reflect the current state of internet marketing career opportunities but also offer a glimpse of its scope in future. To help you out, I have compiled a list of the latest internet marketing job trends prevailing in the industry. Let’s have a look.

53% Companies Plan To Hire More Digital Marketers

Latest Internet Marketing Jobs Trends (Especially in India)

As per the latest reports on marketing hiring from McKinley Marketing Partners, around 53% of the companies plan to hire more internet marketers in the year 2017. Seeing the increasing inclination towards the digital industry and the lucrative outcomes this industry can fetch, a majority of the companies have planned to have a dedicated digital marketing team. Only one in five companies have plans to hire less digital marketers as compared to the year 2016. Around 28% of the total companies surveyed said that they would hire the same number of internet marketers as they did in the previous year. This indicates that the graph of jobs in the internet marketing industry is sure to see a steep inclination in the coming years.

7,96,588 Internet Marketing Jobs Available Online


With the internet users crossing the threshold of 400 million, Indian companies have realized the need to leverage the internet medium in their marketing strategies. The good news for those with a career in digital marketing is that there are 7,96,588 internet marketing jobs available online on various job portals. On Naukari.Com there are around 3,00,547 internet marketing jobs, on Shine there are 2,01,461 jobs, on Times Jobs there are 2,29,539 jobs, and on PlacementIndia there are more than 4,000 jobs in this niche. Job seekers can take the opportunity to apply for these job openings on various platforms and get their hand at a high-paying job in the growing internet marketing industry.

Marketers With 4-10 Years Of Experience In Highest Demand


Internet marketing is not an age-old industry. It has come to the fore with the advancements in internet technologies. Owing to the newness in the industry, people with an experience of around 4-10 years are in highest demand by various companies. Around 30% of the companies are looking for mid-level expertise in internet marketers. For marketing strategy, SEO, content marketing, data analysis and market research as well, the companies are mostly hiring the talents with 4-10 years of expertise in their field. So internet marketers with an experience of more than four years would be in highest demand in the coming years.

Millennials Would Be Seen In The C-Level Post


Skills have always mattered more than experience in the internet marketing domain. Today, no company takes into consideration solely the years of work to promote its marketer. In addition to that, internet marketing industry has recently come to the surface after a breakthrough in the number of internet users. Most of the talent comprising the internet marketing industry is young. This means that the C-level or senior level posts are not occupied by the previous generation. The millennials are the rightful occupants of these posts. The rules of internet marketing are still being defined, which gives high-level responsibility to the millennials. As this young brigade is proving its mettle in the industry, it is the one getting most of the C-level jobs as well. The industry brims with the millennials and what they tick.

Digital Industry Is Experiencing 50% Growth In India


The annual growth rate of the digital marketing in India is projected at 50%. India has gained the second rank in the list of internet users in the world. The penetration rate of these internet users is also quite high at 34.5%. With such high growth on the cards, every company in India, from the top brands and established companies to the small-scale companies and startups, every company is turnings its head towards digital marketing for increasing its reach and sales. There would be an increased demand for internet marketers owing to the growth in this field.

Whether it is the growth in the digital market, increased demand, bulk jobs on job portals, expertise required or extent of hiring in the internet marketing industry in 2017, these internet marketing trends can give you an idea of the scope of career in this field. Is studied and followed carefully, these internet marketing job trends can also act as tips to get a job as a digital marketer. Despite your current working status in this industry, these trends are indispensable to experience a constant growth in this field.

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