5 Article Types That Could Attract More Readers to Your Website

It is evident to any webmaster that running your own website is not just about posting whatever you like whenever you like. It is essential to post regularly so that your audience did not forget that you exist. And it is also naive to expect them to read whatever you will be posting, you should always have their interests in mind. Hence, a content strategy is essential, and it consists of two factors: regularity of posting and the value of the content.

If you have to struggle with writing yourself, you can always hire custom writing services. It is true that they are mostly employed by students who can’t write a college essay themselves and probably the most relevant thing to you will be descriptive essay examples. Still, most essay writing services will gladly take on any writing-related job. But nevertheless, you need to be in control of the process and have a comprehensive plan of what kinds of articles or other content you want to post and with which regularity.

Now, we would like to take a look at the types of posts that have proven to attract more readership and make a website more popular:


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It is widely recommended to keep your website posts as brief as possible. The ultimate size of a post is considered to be somewhat over 500 words, but not more than 1000 words. Of course, a long read may scare off your readership even if the topic is interesting. But there are some topics that simply cannot be covered properly in a small post. As a result, the writer has to cut off truly valuable pieces of information, literally butchering the post and rendering it sterile and generic. So, this is not the solution. People are overwhelmed with information, but finding a really valuable piece becomes ever more challenging, and thus, more appreciated!

So, if you find that your post is too long, the solution is to split it into two or more parts as opposed to butchering it without mercy.


Ask yourself three questions to assess results

While people do value information, they also value when it is explained what to do with this information, how to use it and what to make of it. Even if your website is aimed at selling a product or service and you realize that posting a tutorial will not have a direct influence on your sales, it is still beneficial for building trust and loyalty among your readership.

You present a supposed problem that someone in your readership may have, and then you present a solution to it. By doing so, you demonstrate that you actually care about your readers’ problems, and this is worth a lot!



Some may argue that an infographic is not an article. We believe that it is, in a broader sense: the key difference from the more traditional essay is that it present information via a different medium – visual as opposed to text. As a matter of fact, this is an advantage of infographics: people prefer visual media because they take less time to grasp and process and because they look like more fun in general. This is why people tend to share infographics on their social media more often than other kinds of posts.

Creating an excellent piece of infographics may pose a challenge, but if you have the resource, you should definitely go for it!



If you have encountered this kind of articles throughout your career, you might wonder – how can a case study make an interesting post on my website? The answer is pretty obvious: you can share your success story, or you can recall a particular issue that you have encountered and tell your readers how well you handled it. Also, you can take an issue that some of your other clients or readers addressed you with and talk about how you found a solution to this problem.

This kind of posts may be essentially close to how-to posts, but a case study is more individual and, thus, more personal. Giving your reader such an excursion into your business processes gives them the feeling like you are giving them access to something private and that you are 100% honest with them.


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Informative pieces are the key elements of any website. However, if your content is exclusively informative, you may be at risk of exhausting your reader. So, it may be a good idea to give them a “break” from time to time and post something more light-hearted. A perfect example can be some kind of a personal storytelling about an experience with your (or even distantly relevant) product or service, a story that would entertain and inspire your reader. Its sole function is to leave the reader in an uplifted mood, thus enhancing their experience with your website.

This article is written by Kevin Nelson. Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging. During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+.

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