25 Must-Have Instagram Apps for Producing Content

The days when Instagram was just an environment in which photographers and amateurs showed off their fresh shots have filed as a history. Currently, social networks are highly efficient. Useful apps that will help you to work with Instagram and make your content and posts more attractive and exciting.

Apps for Instagram content for basic photo processing


1. Snapseed

SnapseedAn application from Google, where more than two dozen tools for post-processing photos and a bunch of useful filters. If you need one program for all occasions, try Snapseed.

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VSCOThe famous application with a simple photo editor, discover mode for viewing pictures of other users and, perhaps, the most exciting filters. There are few free ones, but if you need universal processing that will make any picture a little better, you may find it in VSCO.

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3. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe-Photoshop-ExpressMobile version of the most popular photo editor in the world. However, it has few similarities with full-length Photoshop – both the design and the capabilities differ. There are few features for professionals, but there is a function for creating collages and adding text in different styles necessary for mobile photography.

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4. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe-LightroomAnother application from Adobe is also a photo editor, but with the function of taking photos in manual mode and subsequent saving in DNG format. Lightroom comes in handy when necessary processing is needed. For more complex tasks, it is better to use Photoshop.

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5. Afterlight

AfterlightA multifunctional editor with a bunch of new effects, some of which are available for free. Here, as in other applications, you can tweak the image settings, as well as add vintage filters and highlights of film photos.

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6. Enlight Photofox

Enlight-PhotofoxEnlight Photofox is a program that helps to take not only high-quality but truly artistic pictures. You can combine different photos, add rich text, and even make memes.

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7. Union

UnionUnion will help turn different images into one, and it will cope with it better than most competitors. Using such multiple exposures allows you to get funny or truly mesmerizing photos.

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8. TouchRetouch

TouchRetouchUse this application to get rid of unnecessary elements in the frame, debris, holes, scratches, wires, or even acne.

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9. Facetune

Facetune2A must-have app for selfie lovers. Facetune helps make teeth whiter, eyes brighter, and skin flawless. Also, here, you can adjust the light, select filters, retouch photos, and work with the background. The application is paid, but its second version is available on the App Store for free.

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10. Phonto

PhontoA simple application by means of which you can add textual information to the image. There are dozens of flexible settings and fonts that allow you to put text on the photo the way you intended.

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11. Snapchat

SnapchatSnapchat was conceived as a service for exchanging photos and videos, but with us, it is more likely known as an application with masks that amuse kids. Not everyone knows that besides this, Snapchat has a story editor that you can use before publishing Stories on your Instagram.

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Lo-Fi-Effects Apps for Instagram Photo Content


12. HUJI Cam

Huji-CamAn application that simulates the operation of a film soap dish. Minimum settings and only one filter, but it is done very well. You need to take pictures directly from the application, and you cannot download photos from the gallery.

It is available on the App Store only, but Google Play has an analog with a similar name and the same features.

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13. Dalgona

DalgonaAnother application for creating retro photos. There are not many filters, but they are very high quality. Only on iOS.

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14. Glitché

GlitchéKim Kardashian, Lily Allen, Farrell Williams, and dozens of other musicians, artists, and photographers use this crazy filter app. Glitché is unlikely to make pictures prettier but can turn them into digital art. Alas, the application is available only on iOS.

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Apps for Instagram video content shooting & processing


15. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe-Premiere-RushA simple and functional application for editing video, working with audio, adding titles, transitions, and effects to videos. Perhaps the best video editor for Android and an excellent alternative to iMovie for users of iOS devices.

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16. Boomerang

Boomerang-from-Instagram-Content-AppApplication for creating looped videos. At first, “boomerangs” were perceived as a temporary trend, but short videos with reverse are also found in the tape now.

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17. Clips

ClipsAn application from Apple designed to create videos for Instagram, as evidenced by the aspect ratio of the video 1:1 and a bunch of different tools.

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18. CutStory/Story Cutter

CutStory-for-Instagram-StoriesYou can post videos up to 15 seconds on Instagram Stories. In those cases, when you need to download a long video, you have to cut the video into pieces yourself, it does not always work for a long time.

These iOS and Android apps will help you split the video into 15-second sections that can be published sequentially to Stories.

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19. Repost for Instagram

Repost-for-Instagram-Content-AppTo post a picture of a friend’s profile on your Instagram, you can ask him for a photo or take and upload a screenshot. And you can do it more comfortably and repost the record on your page using this application.

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20. Tagsdock

TagsDock-Instagram-Content-AppAn indispensable tool for those who can not post a photo without a dozen hashtags. Tagsdock creates a separate keyboard on your iPhone or iPad for quick access to popular and favorite tags.

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21. Textagram

Textgram-X-Instagram-Content-AppWith this application, you can add intriguing captions to the photo. Many styles and fonts will help to design them colorfully, so you can beat more in the heart of your audience not only with relevant topics but also with style.

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22. Instasize

Instasize-Photo-Editor-plus-VideoThe application was popular in those days when only square images can be published on Instagram. The application allowed you to leave photos in their original orientation, adding white stripes merging with the background. Now the developers have improved the application by adding all the functions of a mobile photo editor to it.

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23. 9square

9square-for-Insta-GridIf you want to learn how to crop photos on Instagram, download 9square. With it, you can easily divide the photo into several equal parts, which are immediately adapted to the format of Instagram.

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24. Over

OverThis is a mobile application with which you can impose various graphic effects on the photo, for example, labels or icons. You can expand the functionality of the application by purchasing paid effects, but the standard functionality is more than enough for full work.

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25. Color pop

Color-Pop-Effects-Photo-EditorThe Color Pop app will help focus users on the specific details of the composition. When you start work, the application completely discolors the photo and then using the touch brush you can partially restore the color, highlighting with it the desired parts of the picture. It is possible to work with filters and apply them optionally.

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Using the right apps & tools for your Instagram Content


Getting real followers on Instagram is not easy. But using the right sort of tools, it will be much easier for you to create the content of good quality, involve subscribers, and metrics analytics.

Programs for Instagram are your indispensable assistants in creating visual content, promoting and analyzing results. They help to develop interesting content and automatically process a huge number of users, and also allow you to learn to better understand your audience.

If it is more than just idle paging for you, then you cannot do without third-party services.

Bonus: Other useful apps for Instagram Content


On the open spaces of the network, there are many more interesting apps for high-quality content promotion on Instagram, which do not fit into any of the categories listed above but can be extremely useful.

26. Pinterest

PinterestOn this resource, you can be inspired to create custom content. Simply enter a keyword into the search, after which the site will display a list of related materials. Pinterest also offers a convenient mobile application.

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27. Tilda

TildaA completely free application for creating a one-page business card website. Despite the huge number of blocks, dealing with the functionality is very simple due to the intuitive interface, and a large selection of ready-made presets will greatly facilitate the task.

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Final Words

Instagram Content Apps - conclusion

Every day, more than 25 million business profiles fight for the attention of users on Instagram. Get an advantage by choosing several content production apps for your Instagram account. Because, given such a level of competition, there is no way to do without assistance in this matter. They will help not only stand out from the crowd but also save time spent on promoting your account.

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