5 Essential Improvement You Can Expect from the SMS Marketing?

Mobile technology is changing the digital landscape at a rapid rate. And the rise of mobile marketing is only just beginning to gather momentum. We are on the brink of a mobile revolution and businesses that are engaging with SMS marketing have the opportunity to profit from the explosion.

In 2010, spending on mobile advertising was $2.3bn. Last year that figure topped $72.5bn. Furthermore, mobile is forecast to account for 72% of digital ad spending in the US by 2019.

The introduction of Google’s Mobile-First Index will encourage online businesses to improve the user experience for mobile visitors. This will inevitably encourage mobile-users to shop directly from their handset.

Given there an estimated 222.9 million smartphones active in the US, SMS messaging tools are a vital cog in the marketing process. Small businesses should, therefore, be capitalizing on the addiction to smartphones and also keeping up with the technology that allows you to increase revenues. This is what you can expect from SMS messaging services.

1) Higher response rates

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According to Smart Insights, email campaigns only receive an average click-through rate of 3.42% at an open rate of 24.88%. Whilst traditional email marketing is losing traction, SMS messaging is picking up speed.

In a survey conducted in 2015, the results showed that 99% of text messages were opened, and received a 45% response rate. That’s more than 10 times better than email marketing.

Furthermore, this survey was conducted at a time when consumers were only just beginning to get used to using discount coupons with their mobile devices. As shopping with smartphones becomes the norm, response rates could get even higher.

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2) Increased customer loyalty

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Customer retention is the bread and butter of small businesses. According to the Pareto principle, around 80% of your profits come from the 20% of customers you already have.

Using this principle, SMS is a powerful tool. By sending offers to customers that have opted-in to receive SMS messages, you can leverage customer loyalty and generate increased sales. Not only that but customers that opt-in to SMS marketing campaigns say they feel they have gained value from it.

Brand promotions designed specifically to your mobile customers is an effective way of conducting personalized marketing and making your patrons feel special. Furthermore, because texting is a personal experience, you can tighten the emotional bonds with your customers.

To improve customer relations, however, you have to take a sensible approach. Consumers don’t want to receive too many texts from a brand so space them sensibly in accordance. Two or three a month is sufficient.

Furthermore, you have to fulfill your end of the bargain and offer VIP deals that really do make your customers feel as though you are looking after them.

3) Increased savings through SMS Marketing

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When you first start out with digital marketing, progress can be slow. The initial aim is to gain visibility and build an audience. Subsequently, digital marketing expenses soon mount up – and much of the time with little in return.

SMS messaging services deliver results faster. The initial expenses outlay is on a marketing campaign to announce an offer by texting a number. But once you build up your list of mobile customers that have opted-in to receive text messages, marketing costs are inexpensive and your return on investment is high.

4) Consumers prefer to be contacted through SMS

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As more brands adopt SMS marketing, consumers are beginning to recognize the benefits again. With coupons and one-click links through to websites, the convenience factor is always welcomed.

According to research two-thirds of consumers in the US say they prefer to receive text messages rather than other channels of advertising. However, it is the responsibility of brand marketers to ensure the offers your consumers receive are relevant to them. Otherwise, you lose subscribers and customers.

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5) Increase in same-day shopping

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The mobile aspect of smartphones gives marketers another distinct advantage over other advertising channels – urgency. If you put a time limit on your offer such as “offer ends today” or “for one day only” mobile customers are going to take advantage of the exclusive news.

SMS marketing is, therefore, a powerful tool to pull in customers on a day where they might not have bought anything from your store. And because notifications are exclusive to mobile customers, you are effectively building customer relationship as well as your profit margins.

If you are not already using SMS messaging services, now is a good time to start – the mobile revolution is gathering speed.

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