How to succeed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You have probably struggled with this for a while and it continues to confuse a lot of people around the internet. You have to be able to get to know how to do SEO well so that your website is going to be able to be ranked high on Google.

However, there are so many SEO steps that most people simply give up on the system and try to do other things. However, it is easier than that. You can do SEO as long as you have the right system in play. You don’t want to hurt yourself with staying up late trying to post comments on blogs and making yourself work on trying to write articles with a thousand links.

SEO Tips :: #01

One SEO mistake that people make is that they don’t make a sitemap and submit it to Google. A sitemap is going to give Google a list of URLs which they are going to be able to index into their list of website pages. [ Read more about SEO Mistakes. ]

SEO Tips :: #02

You want all your links to be able to be followed. The reason for this is because you are going to be able to see the links even if you have CSS or JavaScript switched off. In all fairness, you have to allow Google to crawl your site so that they are able to give you a page rank.

Without the crawl, you are going drop from Google’s rankings and hardly anybody is going to see your site at all. Despite what people say, Google is the number one search engine around the world and you have to make sure that your website is going to be in there.

SEO Tips :: #03

You need to make sure that your page is going to load up quickly. Just like other people, Google is not going to wait around forever for your website to load up. Depending on the load time, you are going to be able to be ranked higher on the list. You can use your Webmaster tools to make sure that you are going to be getting the optimal speed and that you are not going to lose visitors because of it.

Whenever you have a page, you have to make sure that you don’t have too many pictures or videos because you are going to slow things down with that. The more ads or popup ads you have, the slower your site is going to go.

SEO Tips :: #04

Make sure that you have a good amount of things on your site. Otherwise, you are going to be hurting to rank.

Make sure that the pages which are linking to you have some sort of Page Ranking. When you have this, it is going to be a piggy-back program which will get you to a higher position in Google search.

You don’t want to do any mass linking of sorts because Google is going to penalize you for it and this could be the end to your Adsense as well. That would not be good.

If your website is already penalized by Google, then read this article to know how to come back.

SEO Tips :: #05

You need to be sure that you are going to do the SEO for your website carefully and that you don’t cram it full of links. There are many people out there who simply buy sites, pack them full of links and try to make a quick dollar from it. In some cases, this works, but in the long run, the sites lose value and they go down in rankings rather quickly.

Make sure also that the sites which you are linking to are good links. This means that they are not in the penalty box of Google. If you have sites that are in the box, try to have them taken down.

This isn’t really going to make much difference to your website, but you never want to be associated with any site that is going on the outs with Google. That is the most important search engine that everyone uses.

You can’t be getting your links from people who can’t play ball. Be happy with what you have and build up your site with the right amount of speed. Don’t plug your site full of links because chances are, they are going to be ones you want to throw in the trash anyways. You are going to get quality if you have the time to wait and build it slowly.

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