Want Better Ranking? Avoid these SEO Mistakes

You concentrate on your SEO strategies to drive more traffic to your site and optimize everything so that the Google, Yahoo and Bing send thousands of visitors per day. For this you search for the keywords or phrases that can bring you the massive amount of traffic. After this, you optimize your site for these keywords so that your website get good ranking or climbs fast in the search results.

After working on it for several weeks and even months, you noticed that, you have not moved up on the first page and you are staying at second or third page of search results. And seeing this you are just wondering what’s going on and you can’t help yourself.

SEO is a continuous process and takes time to show the results. Besides this it is simple but needs time to learn it properly. You are still learning and with just the few adjustments you can get the ranking on the first page.

For this, all you have to do is to correct the few simple SEO mistakes to start getting better results. Here are some of those SEO mistakes which you must avoid:

Not making use of Analytics to see what converts :: SEO Mistakes #01

SEO Mistakes 01SEO is not only about generating traffic on your website but it is about the conversion. It is easy to catch those keywords or phrases that are highly competitive and can bring you more traffic but optimizing for those is not easy and hence you are not able to achieve good ranking for those keywords so the conversion is zero. Most of the times, the low traffic keywords or phrases can give you the more conversions. Therefore, you must choose the keywords or phrases that bring you the conversions. The best way to track this is to make use of analytics tool to set up the conversion.

Not optimizing for local search :: SEO Mistakes #02

SEO Mistakes 02If you are running a business that focuses on the customers of particular city or a region, then it is necessary to optimize your site for the local search. Search engines like Google handle it in some other way as compared to those keywords that are global. For this, start including your region or area specific keywords in your Meta descriptions and Page titles. Besides this, include the company address and contact number on your pages like in header or in footer. There are many local based sites on which you can list your business locally. Some of them are: Yelp, Google Places, Merchant circle, Four Square etc.

Not optimizing for correct keywords :: SEO Mistakes #03

SEO Mistakes 03This is one of the biggest mistake which can disturb the whole SEO campaign. It is easy to caught up in the following when you are optimizing for:
Global keywords, when you only offer the services locally.

Keywords that only bring in visitors which need information about some products or services but they are not at all interested in buying your services.

Generic keywords, which only attract visitors, who have no interest in what you are selling.

Broad keywords that have lots of competition not let you to rank on the first page.

You must be specific while choosing the keywords and should know the goal of running your SEO campaign. A clear goal can help you to choose the appropriate and specific keywords.

Not having the unique Title tags and Meta description :: SEO Mistakes #04

SEO Mistakes 04One of the major mistake which most of the companies make is that they have their website name in the URL of all the pages. Instead every page should have a unique title, and this is not just for SEO purposes. Your titles are mostly shared in tweets and are used as the text when your website is bookmarked by someone. Therefore, unique and descriptive titles are highly important. Every page of your website, including home page should have customized Meta description that insists the people to click on your listings in search results and include the relevant keywords.

Not making use of anchor texts for internal linking :: SEO Mistakes #05

SEO Mistakes 05You have seen the pages on the web, which includes “Click here” and other such generic text. From the SEO point of view it is just the waste. It is better to include the link in the article or the page. This would bring you more traffic. For instance, if you write a article or blog post and you want to link your “SEO services” page of your site then make the anchor texts as “SEO services” or something similar to it. This would definitely act as a good call to action and hence will raise your conversion rate.


An effective site can raise the conversion rate and for this it is necessary to optimize it effectively by avoiding the above mentioned mistakes.

This article is written by Emma, she is a professional Content Writer, Working with SEO Rank Smart A SEO Company. Emma is working hard to spread knowledge of current SEO Statics, among the reader.

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