5 Growth Marketing Strategies That are Proven to Boost Sales

Do you need help with growth hacking your product sales? Are you wondering what the best marketing strategies that will boost your SaaS business growth are? This article will show you the top marketing growth strategies you can start using for your SaaS business growth.

To get consumers with a full service or product to switch brands is a challenging undertaking. Why? Because the brands they are already using have a long-standing reputation. So convincing users to adapt your product or service becomes tricky.

Sometimes it takes months or years before you can crack the nut and get consumers to pay for your offerings. But there are some growth hacking strategies you can apply to scale your business. These marketing strategies are tested and proven.

Nevertheless, if you’re new to SaaS, you may wonder, “what is SaaS marketing or SaaS product marketing?” Let me give you SaaS’s concept and its definition before going down further into this article’s meat.

What is SaaS Marketing?


SaaS refers to “Software as a Service.” SaaS marketing is a marketing method where you promote and sell products or services through subscription plans. Your target goal is to convince more people to use your product and convert them into paying customers.

Put differently, SaaS product marketing means selling your apps via a cloud-based system with frequent upgrades to features and functionalities. The regular updates help you retain existing customers and increase leads and conversions. Now that you know the SaaS marketing business, what marketing strategies will improve your product sales?

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Top Marketing Growth Hacking Strategies to Increase SaaS Product Sales


In this article, you will learn the five practical steps that top marketers are using to grow their SaaS business model. While there are various growth hacking tips, I choose to settle on the best five. By applying the marketing growth hacks you’ll learn from this article, you will convince your target market to start using your services and increase product sales.

However, keep in mind that you can use this SaaS marketing strategy for other business models. That said, let us jump-start the marketing hacks, shall we?

1. Let Consumers Know That People are Buying Your Product

Growth Marketing Strategies 1How can you tell eventual customers that others are paying for your products or services? The unique way is to integrate live-action or real-time action on your website or the product page. It is human nature to get involved in what others are doing, mainly if they sense that people are missing out on something of value.

So a real-live action that reveals when a customer makes a purchase will stimulate consumers’ urge to join in and pay for what you’re offering. Why is that so? It arouses their sense of urgency and curiosity – believing that they might miss out on a fantastic opportunity.

As an example, see how Optinmonster uses live-action to increase product sales. This marketing tactic has generated more sales and revenue for their product.


It influences consumer buyer decisions and encourages them to make purchases. Consequently, adding real-live action on your website or product and service page will increase product sales.

2. Upgrade Your Products or Services

Growth Marketing Strategies 2One of the best ways to retain your customers is to improve your offerings. It is one of the best growth hacking strategies top marketers are using to skyrocket product sales. This step is vital because happy customers will remain loyal to your brand.

Moreover, they become brand advocates – telling others about what you’re providing through various marketing channels.

Considering that it costs more to acquire new customers than retaining existing buyers, you have every reason to enhance your merchandise. That is why more marketers focus on customer acquisition than on retention. Low-quality products or insufficient features and functionalities are some reasons for customer churn.

But improving your offerings will increase adoption and sales while retaining your customers. It is one of the most powerful growth hacking strategies for your business. Upgrading your products or services lets you drive more visitors to your product page and increase SaaS marketing sales.

Thus, examine your offers to see areas that need improvements. Look at each function and features to know where you must adjust for better services. It doesn’t matter how trivial it may be. If there are some malfunctioning or outdated features, fix them accordingly. Also, evaluate the product design interface and compare it with your competitors.

Try to understand why they are attracting more buyers. Is your design attractive? Does it put off consumers? Think outside the box on how you can make you better. Then implement the latest product design trends to beat the competition. Also, get customer feedback to know what you may be missing.

3. Create Quality Blog Content and Mention Your Product

Growth Marketing Strategies 3Another growth hack tactic that works incredibly well is publishing quality blog posts and cite your products or services within the material. If you’re not using blogging as part of your marketing toolbox, you’re leaving money behind. Blog content writing is a top growth strategy for digital marketers for many reasons.

Blog writing allows you to create quality blog posts that engage your audience frequently. This content marketing strategy helps you build your brand reputation and increase publicity. It also lets you connect with your readers and potential clients, and understand how to serve them better. A few other benefits of business blogging are:

  • Blogging is cost-effective.
  • Improve SEO rankings.
  • Increase organic traffic.
  • Convert visitors to leads.
  • Boost direct sales.
  • Attract quality inbound links.
  • Build your blogging community and attract would-be customers.

Furthermore, evaluate the following blogging statistics to see why you should create more blogs and mention your products.

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Blogging Statistics to Inspire Your SaaS Marketing Growth Hack Strategy
  1. 90% of top brands are using content to market their products.
  2. 80% of internet users engage with blog posts.
  3. Almost 60% of marketers say blogging is their primary digital marketing asset.
  4. 60% of consumers seek out a product after reading about it in an article.
  5. 70% of users learn about a brand via blog posts.
  6. Blogging accounts for over 430% increase in indexed pages.
  7. Blogs are accountable for a 97% increase in indexed links.
  8. Businesses that blog frequently grew their monthly lead by an average of 67%.


Source graphic via Demand Metric.

I believe the statistics and benefits above will inspire you to create more blog posts and add your product or service. Consequently, concentrate on relevant topics that will drive web traffic — subjects that relate to your product and audience needs. Inform consumers how they can benefit from using your brand products or services.

Nevertheless, when creating content, ensure to apply blogging best practices, which includes:

These elements, as powerful growth hack marketing strategies will generate optimal ROI for your efforts.

4. Amplify User Onboarding Experience

Growth Marketing Strategies 4Improving user onboarding is an intelligent SaaS growth hack strategy for your business. It involves optimizing UX by creating a viable user interface. Note that a smart user interface is an element of a sustainable software design application. It is essential to the customer journey because it allows first-time consumers to appreciate your merchandise’s values.

Therefore, strengthen user onboarding experience to boost SaaS product sales and grow your business. But if you’re not sure what user onboarding stands for, let us have a look.

What is User Onboarding?

User onboarding is a marketing strategy that focuses on improving your products or services’ customer experience. This marketing approach lets consumers have memorable experiences while using your product. So boosting user experience is a fantastic customer retention hack.

When people are satisfied with your services, they will tell others about it via different marketing channels, including social proof, social media, and blog comments, etc. There are two options available to you for enhancing user onboarding experience. These two methods are:

  1. Improve user onboarding manually.
  2. Amplify user experience with user onboarding tools.

The concept is to boost customer satisfaction and get more consumers to use the services you offer. Why is this technique important? Because it relates to buyers and moves them into realizing their goals while using your commodity.

Earlier, I mentioned that a stable user onboarding implementation drives new clients and increases consumer retention. A SaaSFest Preso report on client retention shows how improving user onboarding can significantly skyrocket your consumer base. The report shows that marketers who upgraded onboarding experience saw an over 75% increase in buyer retention. That result is for only a week.

Nevertheless, the graphic below shows that product developers and marketers who failed to improve user onboarding saw a significant decline in consumer retention. Why? 30% of users say they found no value in the product. Another 30% say they didn’t understand the product.


Source graphic by Dan Wolchonok.

So, it makes sense to enhance user onboarding to increase product sales. Doing so will:

  • Enhance user interface (UI).
  • Influence new users to try your services.
  • Retain existing customers.
  • Improve product adoption.
  • Increase sales.

Therefore, add new features to boost functionality. Also, include other vital components that will help consumers to have a satisfying experience using your software. In the end, you will growth-hack your sales several-fold.

5. Use Influencer Marketing to Increase Product Sales

Growth Marketing Strategies 5Influencer marketing is a viable digital marketing asset—a growth hack strategy for all kinds of business, including SaaS product marketing. Influencers have a loyal audience who listen to them. Using this marketing approach will drive more traffic to your landing page and boost product adoption and sales.

Influencer marketing is so effective that buyers trust endorsements from experts and others who have used the product or service they want to buy. For this, they view influencers as credible and look up to them for recommendations. It is a modern word-of-mouth marketing.

Also, influencers are industry experts with a targeted following like yours. These influential men and women regularly provide useful content that addresses consumer needs. They engage better with their audience on various platforms and understand their wants and needs. This marketing tactic has helped them to forge a bond with their community, who happens to be your target market.


Source graphic via Influencer Marketing Hub.

According to a survey, influencer marketing’s search increased significantly since 2015, from 3,900 monthly searches on Google to more than 70,000 in 2019. A staggering increase of 1,500% in three years. Further research shows incredible growth in influencer platforms during the same period―from merely 190 in 2015 to 1120 agencies in 2019. As a result, use influencer marketing to improve your SaaS marketing campaign.

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Wrap Up


I know you have learned some useful growth hack marketing tips on improving product sales and growing your SaaS business. Knowing these pointers is one part of the puzzle, and applying what you learn is another part. The best way to make gains in your marketing effort is to implement what you know.

Hence, put these hacks into practice and test your results. Monitor your campaign performance to understand how and where to make improvements. What other useful marketing growth hacking strategies will you like to add for our readers? Please, leave your feedback in the comment section!

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