Growth Hacking – A Definitive Guide to Grow Your Business Fast!

Growth hacking is not just a word but it is creating a buzz in the market in order to grow a business fast. Recall all business strategies and marketing tools to bring an organization on board but let’s embark with basics of growth hacking.

What Is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is a new term in marketing to enhance business fast. In an early stage, it started for small firms who want to grow in a small budget then it extends for large corporations. The main aim of such hacking to hold the maximum users at minimum spend. Its team consists of a wide variety of skills such as developers, engineers, marketers, product leaders whose main goal is to engage the users to business.


Generally, it is common for beginners when they have to launch a new product or service in the market.

“The goal of any marketing should be long term sustainable growth, not just a short-term gain. Growth hacking is about optimization as well as lead generation.” – as mentioned by Mason Pelt from SiliconANGLE.

Still, struggling to crack the code? Don’t worry! Everything will be managed in a queue to get the best outcomes. The term is in the market for years but the concept is not fully accepted by the people or we can say people are not familiar with this.

Merely, it is an art of performing experiments on different marketing channels with the same aim. The real ‘growth hackers’ have the strength and capabilities to grow marketing channels with a low budget and unconventional marketing practices. This will implement with fully managed hosting services to keep running the online work.

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Growth Hacking Filter


As we have discussed earlier, growth hackers are preoccupied with ideas that run firm. They set a format on how to get new customers and boost up business. Eventually, they generate, implement and properly analyze ideas to assist them to achieve their goals.

Another important part that you should keep in your mind is how to measure success at the last pace of your marketing plan. Let’s discuss ‘pirate metrics’, it is a focus of many hackers.

The Hacking Funnel Has Grown Through the Five Stages:


  • Acquisition: accepting new users.
  • Activation: prompt user to use the products.
  • Retention: holding clients.
  • Revenue: earnings.
  • Referral: refer to new users.

A Cornerstone of Your Success Story


Understand who are customers and what they want? When you have amazing products and services, you would expect to meet customer’s needs. To follow these criteria, you need to understand your customer well.

  • Their gender, qualification.
  • Which other websites do they explore?
  • What are their goals and viewpoint regarding your products?
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Take A Tour to A Customer’s Journey:


  • Make them aware of your brand and your business’s strengths.
  • Evaluate their demand and requirements to connect any agency.
  • Start conversion and lead it by offering them the best.
Whether you are new in this field and thinking to improve your marketing methods, here are worthy resources to guide you well on this particular topic. Let’s dive into the article to explore the best guidelines on growth hacking.

1. Online Courses: Fundamentals of Growth Hacking

Point 1Some marketing experts turn to develop online training sessions to allow you to enhance the business levels. The experts are well aware of all tactics required in an agency to improve and they share high-level concepts necessary for an organization. They make us realize why online training is an important aspect to adopt growth hacking and what are the essential steps one should take to get started. These guidelines will take you to another level and most importantly search the companies who have successfully implement growth hacking for their company’s products and services.

2. Understand What People Want

Point 2Go with what people think. Putting your thoughts in front and let others reside in the back seat is not always good.

Analyze your customers’ expectations of your organization. Plan a whole project according to their feedback and try to take reputed step to hold your client for a longer duration. Understand your target audience and pursue your work based on their parameters.

3. Don’t Target Everybody

Point 3Targeting everybody is big trouble for the business owner. And many of you are unsuccessful to grow your business just because you think you can target all but that’s not possible. Every corner of the nation is not just meant for your promotion.

Move step by step. At the initial stage, just make a solid strategy to target a particular audience and develop different elements of how you can proceed in your planning. Once you are growing or running with a plan, you can be successful to target all audience. Hence, you will get positive results and overpower other firms.

4. Offer Discounts

Point 4Grow hacker means you have to put something interesting in your work to leverage the audience. Time and again, offer some discounts on your products and services, it is a robust way to enhance the business status.

Use social networks to let people know about the change in the actual price of your products and services. This aspect will help you to get new lead and sales. Some people respond to it and the best part is offering a reward will viral your brand globally.

The business owners who stick with their prices and not ready to offer any discount will not get growth hacking strategy.

5. Run A Competition

Point 5Competition is all around. Simply sitting at one place and looking at what other competitors are doing is not an attractive way to run a firm.

If you want to approach different parts of the nation with your business, run a competition. Plan a contest and surely it will give you a double win. Give a winner a free account as a prize. With this action, more users show their interest in your business and you will get a user for new sign up.

There are a few more options to develop a competition for others by offering discount coupons and Facebook contests.

Growth Hacking Tools: Essential from A Business Perspective

Growth Hacking

When you make up your mind to get dependent on growth hacking strategies, at the next step you need some hacking tools to execute a plan. You are fortunate that technology is all grown up with many tools that can help the rapid success of your organization. Here is a list of growth hacking tools to make your work easy.

Without wasting any second, let go ahead with substantial tools.

1. Google Analytics


The best way is to know what is working for the customer and you already have that. For such concern, you need an analytics tool. It will be the best way to beat any price because Google Analytics is absolutely free.

Through this, you can analyze the audience’s behaviors, their goals, and conversions. In fact, Google Analytics helps you to figure out how much time visitors stay on your website, where they find an error to complete the action and examine which page is performing good and bad. Similarly, there are some other ways to get the user’s information especially if you are a WordPress user.

2. ManyChat


Online conversion can be increased by using different online chat tools. But the next question is who will be online 24 hours because nobody has time to stay active on the website to respond. In order to hit this doubt, Facebook Messenger and ManyChat are two alternates to keep your users to stay calm. These are reliable tools to deliver your respond.

ManyChat collaborates with Facebook Messenger to communicate with customers when you are not available. It is not a hard and tough technique; you can simply use it without learning any code. It will create your first bot at absolutely free. What else you want? a better way to move with strategy.

3. YouTube


YouTube also comes in the list of hacking tools because it is one of the best ways to visualize user how to use your product and services. It is itself a trustworthy tool to build customer’s trust in your brand. The video content is a reliable factor to improve leads and sales. According to a recent study, around 80% of people prefer to watch a video to fulfill their requirements.

Use YouTube videos for your business tutorials. You can use these videos to post on your social accounts to promote your business as much as you can. This will help your customers to engage with your business.

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Final Words


Share your business content to different social media to earn a heavy profit. Without any doubt, this will result in better search ranking for content and get high traffic because of your efforts.

Growth hacking is the best way to promote the business at a greater extent. Hackers are multitalented to break the chain of failure and immediately they will bring your organization in limelight. It is the most promising way to get what you deserve but the problem is people are not aware of such techniques.

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