GetProspect Review – A One-Stop Solution for B2B Lead Finding

When a business wants to take its lead generation to the next level, it can use the automated email finding and validating software from GetProspect. GetProspect is a lead finder tool that lets corporations make email marketing strategies, work on cold emailing and LinkedIn prospecting.

GetProspect is a 100% legit software tool to find LinkedIn email addresses and also emails from other corporate websites. Importantly, it helps b2b managers to work on their sales flow cycle and get successful leads that eventually turn into prospective customers.

Besides, GetProspect software works in real-time to find and validate emails and leave duplicate ones, making it a primary option for making a successful email campaign.

So, let’s dig in to see what GetProspect offers to its users.

Multiple tools for multiple applications


GetProspect has all the tools it needs to make the entire lead generation process more effective and yield the optimum results. It has not one, but multiple tools that allow getting the best out of its operation.

To start with, it boosts the b2b business of any organization so that it can target the most promising leads and turn them into reliable and promising customers. Since it takes care of Customer Relationship Management, it contributes to the organization of the sales process.

Also, it is through the advanced tools that GetProspect sets the sales, marketing, and other departments to meet their deadlines, and make successful email marketing campaigns.

So here are the options that make GetProspect take the lead in this aspect.

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Email finder


GetProspect Email finder tool is the best tool from GetProspect to find multiple email addresses in an instant. It not only gets emails from LinkedIn, but also from other company websites to scrape email addresses for the lead generation process to start. These emails will ultimately build a large database of emails to target and get sales leads to turn into prospective customers.

At the same time, the email finder tool finds emails by particular website URLs or website domains. It also finds emails by only certain people based on their names. Another advantage of this email finder tool is the ability to create a huge database of emails and find emails in bulk.

Moreover, the email finder also uses a Chrome extension, so that when users browse any website or social media platform in the Chrome browser. With it, they can get an email address with just a click of the mouse. Corporations can use the API feature of GetProspect to add this function to their existing software.

Email finder Chrome extension


GetProspect makes email extraction from LinkedIn so much easier with its email finder for Chrome extension. Users can just browse for LinkedIn profiles in their Chrome browser and find and export email addresses from LinkedIn.

It is possible to get user profiles, company profiles, and every detail such as first name, website address, postal code, email address, and location from this magnificent tool from GetProspect.

This tool works similarly on other websites, too. It gets rid of users trying to locate LinkedIn profiles and overcoming the limitation of limited views. It extracts multiple emails from LinkedIn and uses checkboxes so that users can also select or deselect emails.

Email verifier


The GetProspect email verifier tool helps users find authentic emails and verify them. It goes through a 12-step process to verify emails and removes duplicates automatically. In particular, the tool offers 97% deliverability and works smartly to filter out bogus email addresses. It verifies emails in real-time and filters them according to private or business emails.

Lead enrichment

GetProspect offers its Email enrichment tool to users who want more info about their email contacts. Users can find missing info by uploading any contact info, and GetProspect will give you 100% verified emails about potential clients.



GetProspect offers CRM tools to organize leads. It allows businesses and teams to automate their sales workflow and make effective email lists by the usage of dynamic lists and nested folders. That way, the sales team can have more insight into the leads they are working with.

B2B database

Once users get access to the GetProspect, they also get access to 50+ million business emails, and more than 7+ million corporate companies. Importantly, all these emails are verified automatically, while users can also select and filter out these emails having 15 filtering options at their disposal.

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GetProspect works in increasing the lead generation process to its maximum capacity. The free lead finder software that GetProspect is, helps the sales sequence to get priority, and teams can then focus more on getting the authentic emails without any duplicates.

Importantly, GetProspect works beyond just extracting emails from LinkedIn and goes further in enriching the entire lead generation cycle. The benefits of GetProspect touch more aspects of business, and it also impacts Customer Relationship Management in a great way.

User-friendly interface

Point 1

GetProspect uses a clean and intuitive interface to make email finding so much easier. Checkboxes let users select prospects. Chrome extension integrates seamlessly with Chrome browser and makes lead generation efficient and super easy.

Free email verification

Point 2

As soon as GetProspect finds emails, the advanced tools help find the authenticity of that email. GetProspect verifies every email that it finds, and there is no need to invest in additional software tools to find authentic email addresses.

Safe LinkedIn Account

Point 3

Users can browse only limited LinkedIn profiles per day, and it keeps it safe according to the LinkedIn account limit set by the user. The LinkedIn account remains safe in this regard, as the user utilizes GetProspect to view prospects’ profiles.

Pay only for unique contacts

Point 4

GetProspect uses its advanced algorithms and state-of-the-art email verification tool to filter out duplicate email addresses, and extract only authentic and verified emails. That also is free of any charge. Users get refined and verified emails for lead generation.

Browse LinkedIn profiles without any limitations 

Point 5

GetProspect bypasses the need to browse only limited LinkedIn profiles. GetProspect regularly updates its database to provide users with more than 200 million contacts to scrape. With it, markets can browse LinkedIn profiles and scrape emails from LinkedIn contacts. As a result, it increases the number of leads that they are targeting.

100 free emails every month

Point 6

GetProspect gives 100 credit points every month to its users. Users can use these credits to acquire new email addresses. 1 credit can be used to find 1 new email. It allows users of GetProspect to use the lead scraper tool for free.

Get support for your time zone

Point 7

Users may be in any country, or in any time zone. They may be operating in any European city or the Americas, they will always get free customer support from GetProspect. The expert technical team of GetProspect reaches out to users via online chat or email, so that customers get their queries solved within minutes.


Point 8

GetProspect allows achieving better teamwork among team members. The sales and marketing team can work together with other departments and compare their results. The teams can compare their contact lists and create better productivity within that team. This helps create unlimited workspaces for projects.



GetProspect has a pricing structure that allows users to sign in for free and instantly get 100 emails. The Plus users get 100 credits to verify 400 email addresses per month for free. The detailed pricing structure for finding emails is mentioned below.


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Wrapping it up


Lead generation specialists and marketers can surely get the most out of GetProspect when they buy any of its subscription plans. It helps marketing managers get LinkedIn profiles and make a huge dataset of email addresses that they can later use to launch their email marketing campaigns.

GetProspect uses advanced algorithms to validate email addresses, and it has a bunch of tools that are made easily accessible to users by the click of a mouse. Within just a few minutes, users get huge data of emails, contacts, profiles, and other contact info. Other than this, a great customer chat and query resolution make GetProspect very responsive to customer problems. As a result, there is no doubt that companies use GetProspect to their advantage and get a great customer base to work on in the future.

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