5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier

Since innumerable centuries humans are giving high efforts being focused on one aspect that is making life easier! Let it be the wheel or a cart, any of the inventions is targeted to make life simpler and convenient reducing human effort. From the time of beginning, humans are inventing different equipment that brings comfort, and human executes the concerned works tirelessly.

With the advancement of technology, several smart products have been invented which are targeted on the same – making life easier and comfortable! Human lives have become ultimately dependent on these tech products. There are numerous of tech inventions that are useful in multiple ways. Apart from individuals, many of the tech inventions are quite helpful for the professionals. Technology has given us loads of opportunities!

How technology and different tech gadgets have supported the web developers?


Web development is essential for the enterprises in these current days! Thus, the demands of web developers have reached heights! Many skilled and tech-savvy persons have selected web development as their professional and earning their livelihood! Web development is a work of skills and creativity, but without tech equipment or gadgets, it is almost impossible for the web developers to excel with their career objective and without taking loads of stress they can execute the works in simple terms! There are numbers of tech inventions that are quite helpful for the web developers in many ways! Below listed are top 5 gadget inventions that have made the life of a web developer easier.

1. Modern Smartphones

The ultimate way of communicating and attending clients in real time!

5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier - Point 1It is indeed funny to state how Smartphones have acquired an essential place in our life! Smartphones are smart devices that are upgraded versions of simple gadgets for communicating. With the advancements in technology, Smartphones are loaded with added features that simply a wide range of works. These are handheld devices and are portable having the ability to receive voice and video calls, receive and send text messages. Apart from these simple features and ability, the Smartphones integrate numbers of digital features like an event calendar, digital camera, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi wireless connection and much more! Smartphones even are useful in accessing emails and access files of different formats!


Smartphones are regarded as quite effective devices for the web developers. These have facilitated the web developers with easy to communicate feature. Let it be a voice call or a video call, for managing professional works; Smartphone is highly supportive for the web developers. With easy access to email and other essential features, the web developers easily are able to manage their clients and respond them in real time. With the new 6GB RAM smartphones released recently, web developers can have a smoother and faster experience when handling multi-task in their mobile phones.

2. USB Flash Drives and HDDs

Have smartly replaced the traditional usage of CD-ROM and Floppies.

5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier - Point 2With the incredible evolution and advancement of technology, several external accessories for computers have been invented that has broken the traditional trend! In previous days, CD-ROM, Floppies, etc. were used for data storage purposes. Nowadays, latest computers don’t have Floppies or CD-ROM as because these have limited storage capability. USB Flash drives and HDDs have replaced the usage of floppies and CD-ROM. The USB Flash drives and HDDs have a higher storage capacity that offers exclusive options to the users to transfer data and files from one device to another which can easily be replaced as per requirements.

With the incredible advancement is technology and invention of smart gadgets like USB flash drives and HDDs, the usage of floppies and CD-ROM have declined! The USB Flash Drives and HDDs are widely used for storing and transferring massive numbers of video, image, music and document files. Transferring the files from computer or any such device to the USB Flash drives is even quite easier, unlike the CD-ROM or Floppies! The files on Floppies and CD-ROM are once written which can’t be erased, but the files on USB Flash Drives or HDDs can be easily erased once it is transferred.

USB Custom Flash Drives 1

Usage of USB Flash Drives and HDDs are common and is widely appreciated by individuals as well as the business entities for its convenient features. The files stored in the USB Flash Drives and HDDs are safe and are not broken which was commonly reported with floppies and CD-ROM. As per varying requirements of the users, USB Flash drives and HDDs are used widely. These are portable in size and are used as external accessories. The USB Flash drives and HDDs even have fewer chances of damage as those are designed to be protective! USB Flash drives and HDDs are high storage devices that are amazingly helpful in file transfer.

3. iPods

Exclusive smart gadget for acquiring relaxation!

5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier - Point 3iPods are one among the many tech gadgets that are highly admired by music lovers! iPod is an exclusive portable media player. iPods have high storage capacity which indeed varies with model and range! iPods are capable of storing thousands of music tracks. Music is an incredible source of feeling relaxed, and that can exclusively be helpful while you are feeling too much tired!

One can store the favorite music tracks and listen while either feeling stressed or finding ways to spend leisure time. iPods are fantastic partners while traveling! Being portable these can be stored conveniently. This tech gadget is admired by music lovers largely! However, you will need to choose which iPod types are suitable for your daily activities. Are you going to use it for music only or do some work online?

4. iPads

The smart replacement for computers with ultra modern features and specifications.

5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier - Point 4iPads are more than just computers! Apart from the exceptional features of computers, the iPads integrate multiple numbers of smart features that simplify different complicated works. IPads are released in different versions; and with every version, the smart features are upgraded. With HD touch screen display and high resolution, the iPads integrate audio and video output. It does have a rechargeable battery as per the latest tech efficiencies. The iPads have different storage capability as well that allows the user to store different files of varying formats including documents, music, videos, etc.; it does have high configuration and setting that makes it an amazing device for gaming purpose; it also supports internet connectivity with internal wireless connection feature.

Apple Ipad 2

As a computer integrates multiple numbers of applications and specifications, an iPad supports different incredible applications and features. iPads are generally referred to be portable computers. Though an iPad is not designed for replacing the mobile phones, users can use it for voice and video communication alike the cell phones using special applications. Apple designs iPad and the brand is well-known across the world for developing gadgets with user-interactive features. iPads can be used as per personalized specifications. Thus, iPads are regarded as small computers!

5. Computer glasses

The gadget that protects eyes from harmful UV rays emitted from the monitor!

5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier - Point 5Working in front of a computer for long hours, the users develop different issues concerned with eyes! The light rays emitted from the computer screen directly penetrate into the eyes. Consistently using computer or laptop for longer hours becomes stressed. It develops irritation in eyes and slowly damages the eyes. The common computer vision syndrome developed due to constant use of computer and laptop includes blurred vision, dry eyes, redness in eyes, double eyes, etc.

The users using computers or laptops for long hours need to protect their eyes and prevent the syndromes of vision! Computer glasses are the best protective shields for your eyes! The professionals that are habituated to use computer or laptop can use these computer glasses for protecting their eyes! This technical gadget or accessory is designed to create a barrier between the emitted light rays from the monitor of computer or laptop and eyes. It is good to use a computer glass if you use computer 24X7! Without affecting the visuals impacts, the user can get involved with the concerned works. The computer glasses are anti-reflecting or anti-glare that resists the harmful rays; i.e. ultraviolet rays and artificial blue light from penetrating the eyes.

The computer glass guards the eyes and filters the emitted harmful light rays and ensures the protection of eyes. They are made from scratch resistant materials that are highly durable that ultimately blocks the emitted rays. The glasses are coated with special anti-reflective material on both sides. Thus, this smart gadget is quite helpful for the web developers, students or any other individuals who require spending maximum hours in front of computer or laptop! Using the smart device from a reputed brand is essential.

Final Conclusion

5 Gadget Inventions That Make a Web Developer Life Easier - final conclusionAll these 5 smart gadgets are quite helpful inventions that make the life of a web developer easier and comfortable. The mentioned smart devices have made the life of many individuals and professionals easier. Sometimes technology and its advancements are considered as a spell to humanity; but many such smart gadgets are considered as the boon! Web developers remain involved with different tech works and tech gadgets! The mentioned 5 devices are quite helpful for the web developers in many ways. Thus, selecting the best gadgets, the professionals can reduce the involved work stress and lead an easier life!

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