The Ultimate Tips for Buying Custom Flash Drives

Flash drives are everywhere because they deliver a powerful set of advantages to the people who use them. Business owners, employees, entrepreneurs and even ‘regular’ people use them extensively for carrying all kinds of data around.

Some of the most powerful advantages offered by flash drives are:

  • Compact size.
  • Easy ‘plug and play’ use.
  • Portability.
  • Sturdiness because they have very few moving parts when compared to external drives.
  • Decent storage space – of course, depending on the capacity of the flash drive.
  • Lots of choices – write protect mechanisms, space and so on.
This is one item that will always be useful to anybody and therefore it makes perfect sense to think of a flash drive as your next promotional item. So here are a few fabulous tips to buy customized flash drives.

First, why customize it?

As mentioned earlier, everybody will have a use for a flash drive and it is one item that will not be consigned to a forgotten corner of a desk! Such repeated use means the product is going to be ‘always visible’ as well.

Therefore, it does make a lot of sense to print your business or brand name on the product and have it in the ‘top of mind recall’ category – not just for the recipient of the product but also for anybody who sees it.

It is also a thoughtful gift! Regardless of the number of flash drives that an individual has, he will like another one just as much! A useful, practical and versatile gift – that’s exactly what your brand should be associated with.

USB Custom Flash Drives 1

Go online for your purchases

When buying custom flash drives, start by searching online for the many options out there. Leading sellers of custom flash drives will give you powerful search functionalities including:

  • The various types of drives.
  • Novelty flash drives.
  • Shapes and colors and so on.
Many online retailers are currently selling custom flash drives. USA buyers can try Amazon.Com as some of Amazon sellers are already selling it. If you are from Canada, you can try the store front of Dynamic Gift.

Standard drives

Think of a flash drive and you will probably think of a device that comes mostly in a rectangular shape. It can also have a metal or a plastic body. This is one of the most popular choices because it gives plenty of ‘print surfaces’ to put the name of your business on.

You can widen your options here by looking at flash drives:

  • That can be attached to a key ring or a lanyard (which also can be customized in turn)
  • That can be swiveled out to attach to your computer.
  • That have a little cap for protection and this cap can be removed to use the device.
Of course, every option has further choices related to colors and storage space, as always.

The interesting shapes

If you want to explore more options, other than the standard rectangular ones, there are flash drives:

  • Those are shaped like figurines.
  • Those also double up as pens or torches or LED lights and business cards.
  • Those look like silicone wristbands.
  • Those are premium products because they are fashioned with leather sleeves and so on.
  • Those are made with a wooden sleeve too.
So truly, the possibilities are virtually endless so all you have to do is browse to your heart’s content and pick up an interesting product and then make it even more unique by customizing it with your message or logo and so on.

Whether it is professional or novelty choices, you can get all of them when you look online.

USB Custom Flash Drives 2

Standard of USB

Flash drives have gone through different standards and today, the market is using 3.1 so when talking to your supplier, do find out what version it is or do you need a combination of different versions and so on.


The flash drive has evolved from rather humble beginnings to a device that can give you 1TB worth storage space. This decision needs to be made depending on your recipient. If it is a tech-heavy crowd that will use these gadgets extensively, then consider going in for higher storage flash drives.


Of course, you will have to think of your budget when you buy custom flash drives. Every aspect will have a cost attached to it. A lower version of USB will cost lesser than a 3.1 USB. A 128GB USB will obviously cost much lower than a 1TB cost USB and so on.

You will then have to factor in the cost of printing. Your supplier should be able to give you an exact price quote that details the kind of printing, the colors that will be used and so on when you are talking to him.

It would also be a good idea to check if the supplier can give you free design services and then show you the virtual product before going ahead and printing up the same.

USB Custom Flash Drives 3


Indubitably, choosing custom flash drives is a great way to promote your business so putting in a bit of thought and time into your decisions is a great idea.

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