The Facts and the Unknowns about Social Media – Is it Bad for You?

The less unknown fact is about 40% of the people in the world are using social media, not spending less than two hours daily. According to the reports are online tweeting, sharing, and updating on social media platforms. Notably, it is playing a more significant part in our lives, and this could bring a negative impact on our health, either mentally, emotionally, or even physically.

However, social media is essential when it comes to marketing. Social media marketing is a situation whereby we use social media sites and website design to promote our business’s products and services. Most of the social media site has their analytic tools which help them in enabling the companies to track down their progress, success and how they engage with the Ad campaigns the four ways through which marketing in social media can be done is through:

Using social media to market means the creation of the social hurdles and actively using them as a means of the communication channel to maintain contact or to attract customers. It allows users to create their individual profiles or business pages or any other group that is on the verge of developing a fan base for their product, services, or brand.

Some of the Unknown Facts about Social Media Marketing for eCommerce


Here are some of the unknown facts about social media marketing for eCommerce:

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1. Targeting the Exact Audience

Social Media Unknowns Facts - Point 1In marketing, social media is a very powerful tool because it ensures that your products get to the right audience. Before planning on the ways of marketing your products online, every marketer should know their audience. Ignoring social media is not a choice that any business person should be making because you can market your products on a daily basis. Also, social media creates Ads that aim at your audience by use of particular location, gender, level of education, interests, behavior, the devices, among other factors, to attract more clients. It helps in acquiring more fan-base and followers for the brand of your online stores.

Additionally, you can easily compare and filter out individuals who are engaging with your advertisements.  The creation of the correct content is crucial as it helps in targeting the right audience for your products. Or instance, Facebook is the largest social network that has over a billion users; you should not underestimate the issue of making excellent content since several people can read it.

2. The Difference between Tradition and Social Media Marketing

Social Media Unknowns Facts - Point 2The traditional marketing points out the method of marketing that is used by companies over many years, including portraying creative content on newspapers, TV, radio, billboards, and magazines.  Digital marketing is a situation where a business invests in building a site and advertising its products from social media platforms. This is social media marketing. The medial social platform, when incorporated with your business, helps in driving the audience to your site by utilizing good content. Traditional marketing is another costly affair when compared to digital since there is little or no chance of interaction between the mediums and the audience.

Moreover, it only focuses on sharing the information with individuals in a massive way without the surety that it will reach out to the correct audience. And because some on social media, some clients would be interested in reading different blogs, it is important to target the right audience who mainly focuses on your products or services. However, in rational marketing, it impossible to connect and communicate with your audience of the modern-day, which means it may be a problem targeting the primary audience.

3. The Lead Generation

Social Media Unknowns Facts - Point 3With a few clicks on social hurdles that can take you to the vast audience, the lead ads help you in running a lead generation enlightens on Facebook. The campaigns have a contact for the individuals who show interest in your product by placing the information, and their details allow the marketer to do the follow-ups in the future. Apart from the contacts that you get, it helps in diverting both the subscription and landing pages.

4. Re-targeting

Social Media Unknowns Facts - Point 4Re-targeting helps in enlarging your audience by aiming to remain close to the older audience.  Most of your website’s visitors, who are not ready during the time they show up, check what is available, and leave.  At this point, when they are later retargeted, it brings them back to the site with the aim of buying.

Positive Effects of Social Media


There are many positive effects of social media on us. Here we are listing the most important ones:

1. It Connects People

Point 1Being online gives us a chance to connect with different kinds of people across the world. It is the same way it provides business people the opportunity to sell their products across the globe since it acts as a means of communication. You are always in touch with other people through their statuses and pictures that make you feel like you are in the same place.

2. It Offers Everyone an Equal Voice

Point 2There are no conditions when you are supposed to publish through social media profiles, it is up to the platform’s owner to post anything, and anyone has the opportunity of viewing it.

3. It can Revolutionize your Business

Point 3Both the small and large companies have equal opportunities of speaking to people and sell out their particular products or services. However, it is best used by the companies that are in a position of purchasing ads.

4. Enhances Transparency

Point 4Customers can see the product which they are paying money for. With the opportunity of accessing every company and its workers through their insights, businesses need to be much more careful about what they say since it is public and easily accessible.

5. It is Educative

Point 5Social media offers access to educational opportunities that were not available before its existence. It is possible to learn how to do almost everything if you make use of the videos and the how-to articles. You can obtain all of this from the internet. They enhance so much new learning ways.

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6. Real-time News Updates

Point 6News content is always available on the social media hurdles on the daily happening around the globe. I like Twitter news as every time I log into it, I learn about issues that have occurred anywhere without having to wait for the scheduled TV programs for the news updates.

7. Customer Insights

Point 7Different brands are in a position to mold their products and services to the form in which people need. Better still, they can mold it into what they are looking for. It helps in narrowing the gap between a firm and its customers. The more the company’s brand interacts with their clients on the social media hurdles, the more likely they are able to learn new ways of targeting consumers with the correct products and services at the time of need.

Negative Effects of Social Media


There are also many negative effects of social media on us. We have written a more in-depth article on it and also provided many remedies. You can read it here. Here we are also listing the most important ones:

1. Misinformation

Point 1On social media, there is both real and fake news. It is possible to get fake news as a piece of real news. There are will always be people who aim at capitalizing on any distribution in which social media information. It is a very negative effect since the broader connection opens the system through the exploitation of their specific agendas.

2. Reduced Productivity

Point 2If not carefully used, social media can have awful impacts in terms of productivity. It is because people are using social media when they are supposed to be doing something different.

3. It is Addictive

Point 3The use of social media is very addictive, and it can be a problem. Research shows that the usage of social media increases the chances of depression when users can’t keep out of it. Depression is a crucial disadvantage that needs to be addressed. This is because some individuals are more susceptible to such situations. You need to talk to a depressed individual and addressed accordingly on the better usage of the social media platforms.

4. Cyber-bullying

Point 4Most probably, you have come across the term cyber-bullying. It is a situation where people become abuse through online channels, especially though sending unpleasant messages and insults. It is both a scary and miserable situation. This is because if you ever had a problem in person, he or she can gather other people to come against you from social media. Seemingly, people feel a bit bolder and opt to attack others while hiding behind their screens.

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Social Media Unknowns Facts - conclusion

Social media affects its users differently depending on the personal traits of individual or pre-existing conditions. This is not an unknown fact about social media. Excessive usage of anything including gambling, food, alcohol, and other modern age temptations is inadvisable. But it would be the verb wrong to conclude that social media is a bad thing since it offers us several benefits in our lives.

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