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In professional writing, it rarely happens that emails, notes, and write-ups are perfect and have no glitches. For fixing up such issues, ‘eAngel’ is one such help at hand that can deliver outstanding results in the shortest time possible. A tool that’s not exactly a Grammar Nazi but helps achieve high quality and professional look for the final product is what eAngel.me is all about.

Brief Overview

eangle-logo-2A 24/7 service meant for desktops and smartphones, the eAngel proofreading, spelling, and grammar website ensures that all the emails inserted at the space provided is checked on time and also delivered. Naturally, the task becomes easier to accomplish when the work is selected and simply pasted at the space that gets checked in a jiffy, without having to undergo unnecessary hassles of seeing through every line.

The service works great for business people, besides assisting others like students and bloggers and particularly, dyslexics. The target lies in correcting spelling, grammar and eliminating misused words and sentences. However, the meaning stays the same. By implementing the use of this service, most users have actually improved on their language power, which is why resorting to this website for later use saw reduced errors. It must be understood that the service here is to enhance the overall quality of the write-up, accomplished by proofreading and not translating.

Vision and Purpose

Though there’s considerable improvement in the language skills of most who depend on the eAngel.me service, yet the vision is way beyond that and more towards the creation of clear channels of communication. It is not the variation in skills, abilities, countries and language differences that produce obstacles in accurate correspondence. The idea lies in moving beyond individual discrepancies and achieve stupendous prowess in correcting errors that often miss the eye. The bonus is that all these solutions are offered by the website at a cost-effective rate.

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Way to Use

eAngel.me is supported by all browsers and platforms. If there’s Gmail, that’s the best. However, users can download the browser extension from the website and then approve connectivity with Gmail or send a mail to fix[@]eangel[.]me from any browser or device to get started.

Once a new email is composed of the Gmail account, the next button in line is right beside the Send button. If an email needs to be sent for correction, users must press the button labeled as ‘Send with eAngel’ and not merely the ‘Send’ button.

Email Copywriting

Human Power

One of the most praiseworthy aspects of eAngel proofreading, spelling and grammar service is the presence of humans. They take the initiative of correcting the work. In other words, automated selling or grammar checkers are often found incapable of reaching a professional level of writing, no matter how advanced features have been incorporated. The site is of the firm belief that human power is irreplaceable. So each mail and write up is hence corrected by an expert team with meticulous understanding, a keen eye for details and precision. They are termed as angels.


Among the array of service that eAngel.me is known to render, some common ones are enlisted as under:

  • Online Paper Editing
  • Editing Paper
  • Proofreading Paper
  • Checking Grammar
  • Proofreading Essay
There are plenty of articles on the website that also highlights the other uses and services as provided by the website.

Privacy and Security


eAngel.me takes into account the need for maintaining optimum security and privacy of users. Personal details, recipients’ details and other attachments are usually not delved into by helpers working here, for that comes of no use when working on the subject. It is only the basic text of the mail or writes up that’s forwarded to proofreaders in order to ensure total privacy. Confidentiality matters and the site takes utmost care to protect the same.


The website offers free trial service, with which a minimum of emails can be sent, each of 500 words. However, upgrading is recommended, depending on the use for the price rates are interesting. The basic plan is meant for monthly use, with $5 per month. The advanced plan is available at $14 and the pro plan is priced at $34.

The pricing model is chiefly based on the requirements. For someone who needs minor corrections, less pay is guaranteed, owing to the plan selected.

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The Bottom Line


eAngel website is a much recommended one at a time when most proofreading, spelling, and grammar correction services falter owing to varied reasons. Overall, it’s a fairly good service provider and exploring further will definitely reveal why.

To know more visit eAngle.me

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